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Author: Limitations

Return To Tamriel [P1]

Posted by Limitations Friday June 12 2015 at 2:26AM
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Elder Scrolls Online, buy to play? No way! Heck yeah man, it’s been official for awhile now, and with the console versions available now, It’s no better time to talk about what’s been going down in the world of Tamriel! A lot has happened to be exact, and even though the game did switch to buy to play method, I still have an active subscription. I have seen in recent times the population skyrocket, even more than before. Of course, when any game changes their payment model, you see massive shifts in popularity, but it has remained steady, and overall a decent amount of people have joined in!

One of the biggest fears of this game going this method, is the amount of “trolls” will be in zone chats, and stuff like that. There are a few more than usual, nothing the mute function can’t fix, but they are still there and annoying. With how the game’s atmosphere is, a lot of the newer folks are really nice, and the community is as helpful as ever for the newcomers. I’ve personally helped a few people, and it’s really nice to see people asking questions and getting good answers, and not someone saying “Just Google it.“

In all reality though, the community is still as awesome as always, and I hope it continues to be that way for a long time to come. I think the majority of the time I am talking to my multiple guilds. (I have 3, but two of them are for trading purposes.) It’s a feature that I was hesitant about, but as the game grew on me, so did this unusual feature. I know this is sounding more of a re-review but I’ll get to what I am actually doing in a moment, promise. I’m just happy to see the community still thrive and be as generous as it was in launch.

Alright, so my mage got to veteran ranks, and I wanted to really try something new. Nightblade was my last choice of all the four classes, but I decided to give it a shot, and I was super surprised on how much I am enjoying the class. I am currently dual wielding, and doing a dual magicka and stamina build. I haven’t tried PvP with the class yet, as I am wanting to just do PvE at the moment. I am reading all the quests, and doing more of the mage’s guild and fighter’s guild than before. I did explore a lot on my mage, but this time I am really just taking it all in.

I’m also doing more PvP, and exploring crafting more and more. I didn’t really craft much, or find a use for it on the first go around, but this time, I’m taking the game as I would Skyrim, or the Witcher and just feel the whole game. Sounds cheesy and what not, but I’m doing the things I wish I did the first play through. I honestly know where this character is heading, and what I want him to do, which is fairly uncommon for me since most of the time I wing it, unless it’s more open I.E Path Of Exile, or a more sandbox like game.

Most of my preparation went into skill guides and such, trying to figure out what would be best, but then I thought this is Elder Scrolls, everything can work out in the end. I mean, I say that but knowing me I could screw up a character easily, don’t judge me. I know I talked somewhat about RPing in the game before, and I must say the RP guild I was in the previous posts have grown so much, and it’s gotten to be a lot more fun with more serious people joining in.

I actually love RPing in this game, especially with people who take it seriously, involve lore and everything. I know that makes me a huge nerd, and a huge lore nerd but it’s seriously so much fun. I recommend you at least try light RP to give it a try, it makes the game so much more fun! To fully enjoy RP, you have to try you know? I can’t half ass RP, because then it’s just not fair to the other people giving it 100%, at least that is how I feel. I have a question for people who have RP in this game, or various other games. Do you take it as seriously as I am talking about, or do you just take it lightly? I’m very curious about it.

For those of you who have tried Elder Scrolls Online since the buy to play, and for those of you who have returned as well… What are your thoughts on the game? Positive? Negative? Let me know in the comment section please! I’m really enjoying the game all over again thanks to my Nightblade! If you are returning, or just joining in, I really recommend you find a nice guild to join, even multiple ones, they make the game so much better. Community is just an important part of this game to me.

If you play the PC version, and would like some tips/advice in-game, please add me in-game @IsaacJewton, I will be playing on my NB the majority of the time under the name “Consume The Meek”. If you enjoyed this post, and would like to discuss it, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!