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Author: Limitations

WildStar [P3]

Posted by Limitations Monday June 16 2014 at 3:32PM
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And so we continue...

Alas, I have some time before work to type this all out for you all to read. Hooray...

So, I'm having a couple of problems with WildStar lately, and it kinda sucks. Is it enough for me to stop playing? I guess you can tell me that when you read it. One of the biggest pros about Wildstar is that it feels like a complete game. It has all the stellar feature every AAA MMORPG should have. I.E Raids, Crafting, PvP, Etc etc. Whatever you think a AAA MMO should have, it has. (I should mention it's robust housing system, before I forget). So, as a complete and whole game, it does everything great. It's a lot like FFXIV, what it brings to the table it does amazingly, but there isn't anything new, except for their own quirks they put in. Sure, the game's combat system has the whole "Telegraph" system, which is new you could say, and it's fast paced, but it's still sort of the old tab targeting. Do I like it? Yes, it's fast paced, and a lot of action/dodging is involved, would I rather it have something else? No, because I think the combat flows with how the rest of the game is played. It makes dungeons, and raids very interesting.

So, as a complete and whole MMO, in the first month in, there is plenty of content to go through, so that's a huge plus. The game released, as a whole. Not to many missing pieces, and everything is put together well.... Except for the client optimization. Here is where my biggest complaint comes in, and I've seen many people on this site, and various other sites complain about this. They are planning you know of course, major updates in a timely manner. I would rather have smaller updates, and fixes with client optimization, then brand new content, that has the same problem with the older content. Now, I don't think de sync will ever be fully fixed, but with the constant lag spikes, and fps drops, I think they could do something about those... Right?

When I'm questing, it doesn't actually bother to me to much, until it gets REALLY bad, and I just want to restart my whole client, but when I get into dungeons, and raids... Then it becomes a huge problem. No one needs a tank that has huge FPS issues because of how the game actually runs. My computer is just fine. No problem running any top of the line games, but since the game is poorly optimized, that becomes a huge factor in my enjoyment. Who wants a laggy tank? I certainly wouldn't. It slows the pace down, and if I disconnect, they have to wait for another tank to arrive, or hopefully my client will load fast enough for me to come right back in. Either way, it slows everything down.

The problem hasn't gotten better since the launch, they have a some hot fixes, and things like that. There are still some buggy quests, and combat issues, which I hope for everyone's sake that they get fixed in a timely manner also. I'm no programmer, or anything, but I'm thinking to myself, "How hard will it be to optimize this client?" Is it their own game engine? I mean, there is many factors to think about when it comes to this subject, and I don't have the exact answer, but I'm stressing this fact because it's such a HUGE issue to me. 

On the other hand of course, I'm still enjoying the PvE content that the game offers, I do get burnt out now, and take a break and go do something else, until I want to play again. There are still the other classes to play, and other things to do that don't involve PvE. I did however dabble in the PvP aspect of the game, and I wasn't to impressed. I literally told myself, If I wanted this style of PvP, I'll just go play World Of Warcraft on my DK and stomp everyone. You know? There are games with better PvP out there, and some people will probably disagree with me, and that's okay. I was not impressed at all.

As for the quest hubs, and go here, and do that. I think i'm so used to it, that it doesn't bother me anymore. I mean killing X things does get old after awhile, but hey... Themepark is Themepark right? I did my research before buying this game, and fully knew what I was going to be playing. I expected all this, because the research. I mean, maybe to a lot of people 60$ for an MMO isn't a lot of money, but when you don't do your research before hand, and dropping that kind of money, and saying you thought it would be different. I'm sorry, but that's your mistake, and complaining on any website will just get you flamed. (I don't flame, but I do tell people I told you so).

So, we got everything down. I've ventured into what the game has to offer. Most of it I should say. I'm now getting into the end game content, and It's going pretty well. I don't want to have any REAL issues with how the end game plays out. I have enjoyed most of the leveling portion of the game. (Still have a little bit more to go with that). Extreme boredom hasn't kicked in yet, which is a good thing. So the end game is about to be kicked into high gear. Am I excited as I was maybe a week or two ago? Not really, because of how the game is running. Still excited though, in a lesser sense.

As a side note. I'm going to posting a Post Craglord blog on ESO. Basically it's going to be how is the game doing from my point of view. That will be up probably Thursday or Friday. Depending on how my weekend time will allow. Busy busy lately. It's going be slowing down finally, so that's always a good thing. More time to game. So, yes I have been playing some ESO as well. Hence the post patch blog that will be up. Another WS post will be up probably this weekend as well. Expect that as well!

If you would like to discuss WildStar with me, please leave a comment below or tweet @SirIsaacJewton I would love to hear from you all! Cheers! writes:
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