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Author: Limitations

WildStar [P2]

Posted by Limitations Thursday June 12 2014 at 3:12AM
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And so the space adventure continues...

So why do I continue to play Wildstar? Well, I talked I think somewhat highly of the game, even though I pointed out some bad things about it. It's a really well made game. Is there anything that sticks out that is almost unique to Wildstar? Well, I must say the game is more "comical" than other games. It does crack a lot of jokes, and pokes fun at things here and there, the game has given me a good chuckle a time or two. It kind of sends a vibe of ease. If the questing, or grinding whatever you want to call it stresses you out, hopefully the comical value of the game can help ease that!

One of the biggest problems I am struggling with with the newer MMORPGs, is the post max level content. I'll give a good example... For me at least, the leveling experience for FFXIV was amazing, I enjoyed everything about it. The story line was amazing, and I enjoyed pretty the much the whole ride through. The game does have a good end-game, and has a lot of content, but the gear grind sort of killed it for me. Some people will disagree and they are allowed to, but that's just how it felt for me.

I never had such a problem with say World Of Warcraft, I somewhat enjoyed the leveling content, the first couple of time through, then when I got to the end game content, raiding and PvP, it seemed like the game went up 10 notches, and just got into a whole new game it seemed, and I miss that feeling. Why do I bring all of this up? I'm hoping WildStar doesn't give me the FFXIV feeling, and gives me which is hard to say the World Of Warcraft feeling. So what do I want? I don't want a terrible end game is basically what I'm saying. I have tried my best not to watch end game raids/pvp streams or YouTube videos, I want to either keep it as a surprise. I have watched previews of them, and with how the telegraph system works, they seem to be a lot of fun.

Playing a tank, I am defiantly excited to see what the end game content has to offer. I'm having fun with the leveling experience as of right now, so I want to keep that momentum going and carry it to the later levels. So far, the questing, and grinding hasn't killed the vibes yet. I played a tank in the past games I've played, and I keep the tradition going, and with this telegraph system it has made more things defiantly more interesting to say the least.

Now of course, I can't keep this post full of "OMG AMAZING EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY" content, I do have another trending problem, and after doing some searching (I.E google). I am not the only one experiencing this issue. What is this issue? Desync. Mostly in combat. For some of you that don't know what Desync is. From the Path Of Exile Wiki:

Desync is a situation where the game client on your computer and the PoE server don't agree on what is happening in the game, specifically with the position of players and monsters. Obviously the server's decisions take precedence over the client, so a heavily desynced player may actually be standing next to monsters when they appear to be safe from the player's point of view. This is different from network lag (high latency), and desynced clients can still have low ping.

(PoE is an action RPG game, so there is a difference, but I'm giving you an example essentially, to hopefully better understand the issue. Due to my MASSIVE experience with PoE, I know Desync very well... Sadly).

So, there are times where my skills are not hitting, and I'm getting hit by mobs, and they deal so much damage, and the game isn't reading it on my side. I've died a couple of times to it, even when I don't die, and I feel that desync is happening, it's just very annoying. I'm positive other people have gotten this issue. If you have played PoE, you know the feeling as well.  So, it's becoming a problem with me, but since I'm so used to it, I can just power through it though. I wonder if Carbine/NC know about this issue. I feel they must know about the client optimization issues. Well... I hope they are at least since that is my biggest problem by far!

Enough of that though, in-game I am still leveling my stalker, and have done the first adventure a couple of times to get some of the mechanics down, and practice for the next ones. Due to the botting issue people are having with PvP, I have not dabbled into that. I have hopes they bring the huge ban hammer out, and take care of the majority, so I can fully take in the PvP experience. I was reading a post on Reddit, about how someone que'd for PvP, and the enemy team was all bots, 100% bots. So, I'm not going to take that risk myself. I want to enjoy it, and not be riddled with bots. Nah mean?

So, it's way past my bed time... Well, I'd like to get some sleep to be honest, Part 3, will be more about what I experienced in-game. Character, faction, and questing. Whatever I decide to put in I guess. Part 3 will likely be up this weekend, or during next week. I have a busy work schedule next week, so I'll try to post Part 3 as soon as I can get some time in. Thanks for reading!

If you want to talk about this post, or Wildstar in general, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SIrIsaacJewton Cheers!