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Author: Limitations

WildStar [P1]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday June 11 2014 at 2:12AM
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And our space adventure begins...

Alright, so it's been a long while since I've posted anything really... Been focusing on other things sadly, but with the WildStar release, I thought I would spend some time giving you all some insight on what I think about WildStar, the new sci-fi MMORPG by Carbine Studios, and published by NCSoft. Now, I've said previously that I was interested in this game in the slightest, but when Open Beta came around, and i played with it, I decided to pre order so I could participate in Early Access, which was really fun. As the servers filled up, and I eventually got in around 4:30 AM EST time, I played, and leveled a bunch of classes, until my body eventually told me it needed to sleep or kill myself essentially.

So, what does Wildstar bring to the table? Well, with it's Combat system that is pretty much a telegraphed system, a lot of dodging, and sadly spamming of your abilities. Something sadly I don't approve of, I don't like spamming abilities constantly, it's not a big turn off but it's something I defiantly dislike. Constantly dodging and avoiding enemy attacks is fun though, it makes combat different I think. I mean it's still tab targeting with a small twist to it. I've played every class to level 15, and the class I enjoy the most is Stalker, with being a tank, and tanking is pretty fun in this game, and a little difficult as well. With taunts being skill shots, you could say with the telegraph, sometimes you just miss, and I guess it's all part of the learning experience.

A lot of negativity from the game that comes from me is how the game runs. It's poorly optimized, and I constantly have lag issues, and massive frame rate drops. I also seem to crash a lot when doing adventures, or moving to a new zone. I sometimes just restart the client to make the game run smoother. It's really a hassle, and very frustrating. Comparing it to games like even ESO, the game ran more fluid, and FFXIV. I hope they can figure it out, and hopefully optimize the game better. With the amount of lag and frame rate drops, it's very hard to enjoy the game at a certain point in time.

With all that being said, does Wildstar bring anything new to the table? I sort of feel like the same as with FFXIV. It does everything really well, WildStar does have a very robust housing feature, and dungeons/adventures are really fun, which is why I say what it brings to the table is very well done, but I don't think it really brings anything NEW to the table, I could be totally wrong to some people, it's just how I feel so far with the impressions I am getting from the game. Does this game merit a subscription? I think for what it does, it doesn't need to go free to play, the game is thriving more than ESO I think, even though it hasn't even been a month yet since release, and only time will tell for WS, but I feel like it's still very popular, on my server at least, and  I hope that keeps up!

As for my server CareTaker, a PvE server, the community is more friendly than anything, which is a very good sign for me, I like an active helping community. There are some trolls, but for group quests, there is never a shortage, easy to find, and easy to do. Sometimes I feel this game is to easy at times, and sometimes I think it's challenging. The questing is fun, you can find random quests, and going to specific zones some people will "Call" you and give you some quests. It's still the same though, find this and kill it, or retrieve X items, and bring it back to me. I like the fact after some quests instead of going all the back to them, you can just "Call" them and turn the quest in, it's a nice little feature that I like.

First impressions of the game isn't bad, but here's the thing that really bothers me... I feel like other games are just better at the moment. Don't get me wrong I am really enjoying WildStar, and I can see myself playing it for a couple of months maybe more. Maybe given more time my opinion will change, and I will like the game more and more than say FFXIV, or SWTOR. Wildstar is currently the only game I am subbed to, with ESO time ran out, and I just want to focus on one MMORPG, which is of course Wildstar as you can tell.

I expect a lot of posts about this game, hopefully more than the others. I'm hoping with time, and with the first major patch the game gets more content, and more enjoyable, and hopefully optimized. God damn, that lag and FPS drops are annoying, and I have a high end PC as well. Just in case you were curious, so I don't think it's my side, it;s more server/client side. So, I hope that can be fixed, fingers crossed.

I also rolled on the Dominion side, I don't know why, but I didn't like the whole Exile concept, I enjoy the Dominion concept better, even though sometimes they are wacky, and full of egos. The story lines are quest cool, with "Episodic" quest lines, it keeps thing fresh, and I like reading the random lore you can find, and i even read the quests. Though, I do wish more of the quests had full voice acting instead of some. SWTOR really spoiled me with the really well done voice acting, with everyone being done as that. I'm sort of sad when I see non voice acted quest. God damn you SWTOR, you spoiled the crap out of me.

I'll go into more detail about what I've done in the game and what progress I have made. Until next time. Cheers!