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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #51 Old Flames, Past Love.

Posted by Limitations Saturday June 8 2013 at 3:54AM
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Recently, I've been somewhat struggling to find a new mmorpg home. With all the news coming about the big content update for NWN, which after reading the released information about it, if they don't focus on balance, then it's going to be a end-game content update, which is fine. Down the road they should do some balance updates, and release a new server/shard. Looking at it in a different perspective, I can see why people are really getting frustrated at PWE/Cryptic. I hope for the best for that game, and I will keep my eye out on it for future updates. They really need to release some SOLID patch notes for anyone to be interested. With the way things are going with it, I'd rather see information be released upfront, then tease us with "This will be coming, along with this, STAY TUNED". Im hoping for a patch that doesn't have to do with the cash shop. I believe most of them contain either a bug fix, and or, a cash shop related update, I could be wrong. Thinking about all of this, and even delving into Rift a little bit, with it going free to play, I realized, I would rather pay monthly, then play a free to play mmorpg, whether it would be pay to win or not. I don't want the temptation of paying whatever the amount for a long lasting EXP potion, or increased drop rate potion, that would make me want to go into late game faster. After thinking about it long and hard, I finally renewed my subscription to World Of Warcraft. *Gasp* *Sigh*. Yeah, yeah. It wasn't LOTRO, or any other past Pay to play mmorpgs. I'll go into a little detail why I renewed this sub.

First off, I have lack of faith in the future of free to play mmos. Even though the content is free, they will nickel and dime you for a lot of things. Some companies are better than others, but I still find the concept pretty annoying to me, this coming from a gamer who has played a lot of free to play games. I wish I could say differently about it all, but after awhile, I gave into my hatred, and disgust with some models of free to play. With a lot of games going free to play, it makes me wonder why, personally I think because they are bleeding money, and they need a way to fix it, or by popular demand, or just because they think they should.  I'm not a business manager, nor do I own a company, so I can't say why they do, I can only think about what reasons they could possibly have. 

I'm also really tired of seeing patch notes, usually full of cash shop fixes, and/or additions. We get it, you put more fancy clothing, or fancy mounts into the game, woopie, but remember that game breaking bug? Isn't that just a tad more important, than another fancy mount hitting the cash shop? I don't know, but the answer seems pretty clear, to us it is, to them? Maybe not. I guess you can tell by now, I'm letting a lot of pent up frustration towards these games. I'm all for cosmetics and non pay to win systems, but bug fixes before more cash shop additions if you don't mind. I'm not into business, I don't know what goes down in the rooms of the company, but I'd like to think, the bugs, and players input are going in the chats on a daily basis.

I love trying out new games, and fiddling around with em, but most of have been free to play, and I am getting sick and tired of it all. I could have subbed to a different game, or even bought Guild Wars 2, but I went back to a game, I know I had fun with, that I truly enjoyed. My amazing guild still plays, and I logged on, for about six hours, and had a blast. I'm sure that blast will last for some time. I hope so at least, haha. I would defiantly like your input on the free to play market as it stands, and some one the games you play. Leave a comment, if you'd like. I always value reader's opinions. Cheers!

Blog #50 Judgement

Posted by Limitations Tuesday June 4 2013 at 12:37AM
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So, I have been gaming less than usual lately, but the times I have played are a little.. Lackluster. I've been trying new mmos and really haven't found anything great lately. Well, I really love Neverwinter, it's one of the best mmorpgs I have played since WoW, but due to all the problems with it, i've stepped aside from it, and let it all sink in, while I try to play other games. I picked up rift, and for the first couple of days I was really enjoying it, I like the style, and the look of the game. It went really well, but the community of the server I played on, wasn't... so great. Sexual talk in chat, and among other things a lot of hate going around. More so than I have seen in other games. It was off putting, sure I could ignore the chat, but the fact that went on, was kinda of disturbing to me. The gameplay was okay, I enjoyed it, I tried out many different classes, and I felt like it was a really well made game, just... Lacking what I needed in a game.

I really tried my best to really get into the game, and it just didn't work out as I intended. I don't think it was because I was trying to force myself to like it, the "awesome" factor wasn't there, so I just kinda gave up on it. Yeah, I didn't get to end game content, and that sucks, but I couldn't see myself getting to that point. I wanted to be immersed like I was in LOTRO. Very few games have done that for me, and sadly I cannot play LOTRO anymore, because I hit end-game, and the new expansions weren't my kind of thing sadly. All in all, Rift was a well made game, just not my style. I enjoyed the concept, and everything the game had to offer, but just didn't click with me.

Back to what I said before, Neverwinter really clicked with me, I played that game from morning to night. I loved the combat, and the community in the beginning, I made a lot of friends, and people I group with all the time. Ever since the whole AH/AD exploit, I turned my head away, because who wants that? Many other reasons. I have my doubts for PWE as a publisher. Cryptic I like, many of the developers there are really chill people, and intelligent in my opinion, others may differ. I have high hopes for the future of the game, many people don't. I think down the line things will be stable, and apparently there is a major patch coming. Maybe they could have done a better job of handling the exploit situation, but everyone will be different. I'm not in their shoes, and I don't even know if I could handle a situation like that, I probably would have a mental breakdown of epic proportions.

Having said these things, I think I am going to try Neverwinter again, and try to look past all the negative things said about the game, and hope for the best. The game has huge potential to be an AMAZING mmorpg. It started rough, and it's getting better. Still rough, but shaping up. It'll get there, like I said, I have high hopes for it, and I hope my judgement isn't lying to me this time.