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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #32 I Am Abomination(Though, I am A Nice Guy)

Posted by Limitations Monday June 14 2010 at 9:43PM
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Well, i have not posted in awhile, so this is just a little update on my gaming life. I am currently still playing League Of Legends. Though, and it's still suprising to me, i am playing HoN(Heroes Of Newerth). I am enjoying both, but i do not think i am fully hooked unto HoN yet. I plan to be, i find it really fun, but i think because i played LoL first, i play that more? I don't know yet, but i am enjoying both. I am still writing the League Of Legends review, i know i said this one, but i have not finished it yet, it's almost completed, and i will reveal it soon. I've had some questions asked about my blog, and i think i will answer them now.
 So, if you asked these questions, i am glad to answer them, and i don't mind at all.

Why play LoL? It's fun, and it's a game that i find that i can be a very hardcore player, by no means i am a casual player. I play that game for hours, until i rage quit, but, i find that i am in a joyful mood when i play it, and i'm just really enjoying it. I encourage everyone to give it a try. It may not be for everyone, i didn't think i would like it at first, but i love it so much. Yes, i said LOVE.

Why are you playing HoN, after your post about it? My friend quit LoL, and he went to HoN, and he found it more hardcore, which i agree it is. So, he asked me to buy it, and play it. I was kind of off about it, but alas i gave in, and i am playing some non-stat games, and i am actually enjoying the variety of champions, and the mechanics, and how it differs from LoL. I cannot say i am enjoying it more than LoL, but it is growing. So, i am happy.

Why aren't you playing a real mmorpg? Simple, nothing is really good looking right now. I will wait till Lotro, goes free and try that, but i don't know if i will like it, or not, but whatever. I am enjoying the games i have right now. So, it's okay, i don't really mind yet.

So, that is a little update. Sorry it wasn't an official blog post, but hey, one will surely come soon enough. If you wanna try LoL, go to Add me in-game @ Joshthenewt, or Philosophical.

If you play HoN, and wanna throw a match down, add me @ Joshthenewt. I will not deny a friend request, high or low level. If you wanna just have fun, or wanna learn some basics, feel free to add me to both games, i will enjoy it, and i am sure you would too. :)