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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #31 The Truth Hurts, But Denial's What Will Kill You.

Posted by Limitations Friday June 4 2010 at 7:41PM
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So, it's been awhile since i have been writing. I think, my league of legends habits are too blame for this. Doh! So, i guess you could say my topic of this post is in general, lying, and what the truth really is. A lot of people in the gaming industry, a big lie, is the concept of Free to play gaming. "You can play it for free, and have fun! But... You buy our items, and have more fun!" Yeah... That is a great concept isn't it? It is a money maker, but does it make US the players happy? No, not really. Now, league of legends has cash shop, and i am actually pretty happy with it, because i actually pay for champions in this game. I normally, never pay for anything in a free to play game, because i feel it is a rip off. In league of legends, the only items that you cannot obtain with in-game cash, is the bonus xp, and ip pots. Which i feel is very fair. It's not a bonus to in-game stats, it just helps you gain more of what you want. I have never bought these items, and i only buy champions, and skins in the game. I find it very fair, and balanced. I have spent 60$+ on LoL, and i don't plan to stop. In other games that have a cash shop, they often have buff items, the probably most popular items bought in cash shops are mounts, and experienced potions. Some games say... "You can find any item, in the game, you dont have to buy it". When you actually get into the game, and find that quest for that certain item, you find it damn near impossible to complete, or it takes days, so it frustrates you so much, so you give up and just it. Ever happened? Yeah, it blows does it not? I find it a huge complete lie. "Oh my god, he just said you could find it in-game". Yeah, but did he say it would be extremely hard? Yes, i am crying a little bit, but i mean seriously... Wouldn't you too? I am getting tired of standard free to play games.The standard free to play games, are sort of rip-offs of current popular pay to play games. I have no problem with that, they just went to make a buck, but should it be killing us the players, and giving us bad impressions, and making us rage? I think not. I hope we can find a game, either pay to play, or free to play, that actually listens to us. Some devs do, but they don't follow through. Will we ever see it happen? Maybe, if it does... I will pray that they will listen, and follow through. Don't get me wrong, developers are doing a fine job... Emphasis on fine. I did not say good, great, better, or anything. I said fine.

If we get lied too, how do we feel? When a developer lies to me, or lies to the community, i feel a little betrayed. "We will implement this, and it will be great!" Implemented... It's a horrible design. I look at it like this... If they say one thing, and it does another. I will personally rage in my head. I will probably never rage on the forums, or anything like that, because that will start a war, but in my head, my thoughts are like... "What the hell? Really?" Or a few more choice words. I don't feel like i can trust the industry, as much as i used too. I find that mmorpgs are very complex and more complicated then they should be. I don't feel like we should go back to our roots, but more like... Reinvent our roots, and make them more popular. We shield ourselves, with our "cool" features, and "high tech" graphics. I'm not looking for awesome graphics, i am looking for awesome gameplay. I want to go back to the day, where we had fun, we were addicted to an mmorpg, where we would have parties, stay up for days, and get a sugar high, and raid something. I have not had a raid in about a year, because i have not played a true mmorpg in so long. Maybe one day, we can have that again. Like i said... Re-invent our roots, don't go back to them, make the reality, but in a different light. I hope one day, some company realizes this, and goes back, and makes all of us happy. Err... I take that back, some of us, because all of us cannot be happy, there will always be haters, and there will always be fanbois. Am i silly to have these thoughts? I don't think so... But, am i the only one who thinks this? Defiantly not. I can name a few people who have the same exact thoughts... Only if they would speak up together, and just discuss...

One of my favorite bands... The Devil Wears Prada, is going to be on an upcoming tour, "The back to roots tour". They will be playing their old songs, and they probably won't be doing that for awhile. Why can't we have a game like that? Example... "Xero Online: The first official game, to go back to gaming roots" If they had that advertisement, and had the proof to back it up. You have me sold. I will pay for that game, but if they cant back it up, and it's just words. I will just rage. How do you all feel about this? Should we re-invent ourselves, and should we keep the pace we have right now? Will we leave in denial, or just keep lying to ourselves, and kept being lied too. Who knows? Maybe a day it will all change, and it will be like good old times... Who knows? Cheers!

My league of legends review will be the next blog. I am very excited for it!