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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #33 The Gospel's League Of Legends Review

Posted by Limitations Thursday June 17 2010 at 12:21AM
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Alright, well, as i said last post, i was making A League Of Legends review. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it, as this is my first official review of an mmorpg. (Techically, it's not a mmorpg, but you get the point). *Drum Roll*

1. Community: The community in LoL is well, different, in an enjoyable way. I love the community, and i also hate it, and you will know why, because actually, it's a joke. League Of Legends, is a DotA game. (Defense Of The Ancients). You have three different types of people. Fun, casual, hardcore. I typically hang with the hardcore, which means if you suck, you get flamed out. Why, do you i hang out with the hardcore? I'm a very hardcore player, and this is highly due to the community involved. I have a ton of friends, and we have blast playing, and sadly, a blast playing. Most of the people i meet, are very nice and casual, i do meet a few ragers, and flamers, but what game does not have it? It is enjoyable, i do have my bad days, usually on sundays, because of my distractions, but besides that... I love the community, i love the people who run the community, and it is a very enjoyable state. The bad side of the community, is pretty much the "Jerks" of the game. The people whom think, if you are not on your skill level, you should get the hell out, and unistall. For me, that is probably the only downfall for me. "But, there is a chat channel, people spam and shit". It's a chat channel. What is the main use for a chat channel? SPAM. I do not go into the channels, because most of the people i meet are in the actual game, and i do not get invited from people in chat channels, only from my friend's list. So, i don't have much to say on that, because i do not use the channels as much as other users. If i do, i will defiantly update you, but i don't think it's THAT important, do you? If, i were to actually grade the community of LoL, i will rate it an solid B+. Why not an A? There are some jerks out there, okay, it happens in every game, but i am an hardcore gamer, and remember, i take my community very seriously. B+

2. Graphics: I'm not really going into the graphics, as much as i should. Why? Graphics are not very important to me, but for readers some may be very important. The graphics are awesome to me. I enjoy playing the game, and not have eye sores after a few hours. It is a DotA game. The graphics are not high. It's an arena game, so i would not expect "Aion" like graphics. I like the graphics they do use, and on my setting(Max), i do have pleasure in watching the game, the animations, and others. Do i have problems with the graphics? No sir, i do not have one problem with them, i enjoy how they are as of now, if improvements come, let them, because i always enjoy improvements to graphics. Do they need it? I don't think so, some people do, i personally don't. I find it awesome as it is, and i don't think my opinion will change on that. I do know some people who quit the game because of graphics, i have a couple of words for them. (Videos, and screenshots kiddos). How would i grade LoL's graphics? A solid A. "Omfg, an A, wtf?" For what the game is, it has solid graphics, very few glitchs, and an enjoyable sight, and not an eye sore. A solid A, a high five for riot games. If you hate the graphics, or do not agree, post your opinion, i would love to discuss the issue with you. Remember, i do not take the graphics of my game's very seriously, but i do enjoy LoLs. A solid A.

3. Game-Play. This will probably be the longest portion of the review, due to this is the biggest part of the game. In League Of Legends, there are two main maps. Summoner's Rift. (A 5v5), and Twisted Treeline. (3v3). In all honestly, i do not play the 3v3 map as much as i should, because i find LoL mainly a 5v5 game. Why? I like bigger maps, and owning more players at once. In 3v3 there is a lot of team fights, but only gets so big, where as 5v5, there is a huge ganking phase, and lots of bigger, and better team fights. I have not played Twisted treeline, a lot, so i cannot say  what kind of phases there are, as much as i could with Summoner's rift. So, i will try to focus on Summoner's rift, as much as i can. In LoL, i play usually a melee dps, and caster. My main champions are as follows: Kennen, Akali, Garen, Jax. (In all honesty, Jax is no longer a played champ, but if my team needs him, i will play him). Now, inside the gameplay, it's kinda mixed. Since it's an arena game, you rely on your team a lot. If you have a horrible team, your probably going to fail. When you first starting the game, it is perfectly fine to lose, and learn from your mistakes, make some friends, and get better. Just like any other game. I'm at the max level, and when you get to level 30, you sort of expect a certain amount of skill from the random people you play. I know i do, or sometimes i start to think, how do they get to this level. Is that harsh of me? No, because i get sick of people, that should know better, do some of the stupidiest moves i have ever seen. Of course, i rage when i get a bad team, i want to win, i play to win. The game is still fun however, when your losing, because you still learn from your mistakes, or you hopefully do. You really do have to think in this game, a lot of theories and thoughts go into every single game i play. How should i take this guy out, should i push, should i gank, should i be ballsy. A whole bunch of things. Honestly, after a few games, i have to take a break, either i'm pissed off, or i'm just like... "Wow, did that really just happen" in a game in which we won. My longest 5v5 game has gone for 72 minutes. That was probably the best game i have ever had. It was a tight game throughout, we were winning, and then losing. It's just one of those games, where your on the edge of you seat, trying to figure out how to win. That is when i love the game the most. When game goes forever, and your just like... "What is our next move, what can we do, how can we do it". It's never dull to me. I play the same champion everyday, every match, and i never get bored. (I honestly, mean never). I do have my bad days, where i go on a losing streak, but it usually picks up after awhile. One of the biggest things i like in-side the game is the death recap. It help me learn from my mistakes. 1v1 fights, if i die, i defiantly do a recap, see how i got killed, and maybe prevent it from happen the next time around. Since this is an arena game, wherein they have a ton of champs, some people think some are OP. (Over powered). I have my opinion on this, but from what i have played. Every champion is good as you are. You can counter champions, whether it be with with physical defense, or magical defense. You can counter an enemy, and almost render them useless, if you are good enough, and you have a semi-decent team. In champion selection, you have the option of choosing, "Summoner Spells", ranging from you level, is what you can choose from. These are:

Exhaust, Ghost, Heal, Clarity, Smite, Flash, Revive, Foritfy, Cleanse, Clairvoyance, Teleport, Rally,

Masteries, Basically a skill tree. You get one point per level. (Max level is 30), at level 30, you will have of course, 30 points to spend. Most people follow a 21/9 build. For my dps for example is... 21/9/0. 21 points in offense, 9 points in defense, and 0 in support. Very simple, and easy to use. There really isn't much i can say about this, because of how self explanatory it actually is. I found it very use to easy, and very fun to mess around with it. You have unlimited respecs, so you can re-do them however much you want, whether your playing a new champ, or just wanna try something new. It's always fun. Very cool system to use, nothing new, but it is fun!

A big part of the game to me, is the "Rune System". The rune system is basically buffs, that serve passively. The runes are called.... Marks(red), Glyphs(Blue), Seals(Yellow), Quintesence(Purple/Black). Basically, they are very useful, when you hit 20+, because you can get the highest tier(Which is 3). My rune setup is as follows:

Dps Build: Armor Penetration, Dodge, Attack Speed, Reduced Death Timer, Cool Down Reduction. So basically, when i enter the game, i have all that pre-set. Example, with my runes i have 10% more attack speed, and 5.95% to dodge, right off the bat. Intense huh? Another example is my mage build.

Mage Build: Magic Penetration, Magic Regen, Cool Down, Ability Power, Reduced Death Timer. So, i'm set right off the back, as long as i am careful. I find the rune system very unique, and helpful, and it's fun to mess around with it. To get runes, you buy them with in-game currency, Influence Points(IP). It's nice, i spend a lot of time, trying to figure out the best use for my runes, and making my champ great right at the start. It is really complicated when you actually do the math, and such, but for newbies, they get the general idea right off the bat, and it's really nice. It doesn't make anyone over-powered, because everyone has this option... So it's not exclusive for people who pay, and who don't. Which is greatly apprechiated by a lot of players. By the way, you have two rune pages, (They do not add together), you use page one, and page two seperatly. If they combined the two, i would probably have a problem, because i would be so op'd beginning of the game. So, that is a little run through of the "Rune System"

Riot Games: They develope and publish the game. This is a company i can stand by, and say... "They go for what the players want". It's so true. I have talked to many riot employees, most post on the forums, and usually have witty, or serious things to say. I love the employees, and the atmosphere they put into the game. They try to polish it, and release new content, every two weeks, it could be skins, new champs, and soon enough, they will be releasing season one, which i am VERY excited for. I can't wait for that, i am sure it will be fantastic addition to the game. Do i have any complaints about riot games? No sir, i do not. They are fantastic group of people, sure they are a company, and they do things we don't know about, but it's not like it's bad or anything. I respect every employee they have, and i am really excited for what they will do to the game next. Riot keeps it exciting, and fun. I give you my word on that. I cannot say on CS(Customer Support), because i have no really have any billing, or techical problems. From what i have heard, they are fantastic at it, and they respond quickly. As for bugs and patch fixes, they do have their fair share of bugs, but they are rapidly fixing them, and i am really happy on how they do it. So, A+ for Riot Games, and how they run their company, and how they run league of legends. Props to them. Another cool thing is, Riot does "champion spotlights", where they give you gameplay tips on a certain champion, or when a champion is being released, a sneak peek video! Props!

Playing League Of Legends: I find how i play league of legends, very very very hardcore. I play this game constantly, and i never get bored. I mean it, i don't get bored. Playing it... Well, that is a different story. You have basically this... With match making, you can be in a pre-made(Basically a part of 2-5), or you can solo. I usually stick with my 5-man group, because we know each other, and how we play. It is sort of a gamble when you solo que, because you don't know who your gonna get. I do solo que sometimes, and i usually win. Because, i usually rally my group up, tell them where to go, how we should gank, whatever it is, i try to lead. In my 5-man group, we play a variety of champs. Usually two tanks, a range, a melee, and i usually play a range dps, or a mage. Though, i have been playing ranged dps for awhile now, because i find them hella fun. So, when you see our group, you have a good variety of champs, and we play champs your good at. When we try new champs, we usually play a practice round with each other. 3v2+bots. Try to figure out builds, how they play, how you should play them. Before we go into an actual game, and get slaughtered. Nothing is worse, when you play a new champion, you have no idea, what they do, how they work, if they have any stuns, etc. Of course, there are descriptions, but... I really don't read them, unless i need to know how much damage it will do to someone. So, like i said.... Usually i play in my group, and we play smart. We do have our dumb moments, where we do make mistakes, and get totally owned, but thats like every once in awhile, unless we are winning, and we get cocky... Which we have done before. Lol. I have a ton of fun, i play a variety of champions. Ranging from... Tank, Melee Dps, Range Dps, Healer, Mage, whatever i find fun, i play.

Final Thoughts: I love this game, i would reccomend it to any gamer, who likes intense fights, and on the edge of your seat combat. It is hella fun, and i will probably always love it. YES. I said LOVE. :D. So, it is very safe to say, it is a very fun game, and i am in love with this game. I don't have many complaints. Www. Check it out, it's free, it's fun, and you can add me in-game any time. IGN: Joshthenewt. You can contact me in-game and we can throw some matchs, you can ask some questions. I wouldn't mind at all!

I hope you all have enjoyed my League Of Legends review. I know, it may not be fully complete, but i think i did a fine job! Cheers!

Blog #32 I Am Abomination(Though, I am A Nice Guy)

Posted by Limitations Monday June 14 2010 at 9:43PM
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Well, i have not posted in awhile, so this is just a little update on my gaming life. I am currently still playing League Of Legends. Though, and it's still suprising to me, i am playing HoN(Heroes Of Newerth). I am enjoying both, but i do not think i am fully hooked unto HoN yet. I plan to be, i find it really fun, but i think because i played LoL first, i play that more? I don't know yet, but i am enjoying both. I am still writing the League Of Legends review, i know i said this one, but i have not finished it yet, it's almost completed, and i will reveal it soon. I've had some questions asked about my blog, and i think i will answer them now.
 So, if you asked these questions, i am glad to answer them, and i don't mind at all.

Why play LoL? It's fun, and it's a game that i find that i can be a very hardcore player, by no means i am a casual player. I play that game for hours, until i rage quit, but, i find that i am in a joyful mood when i play it, and i'm just really enjoying it. I encourage everyone to give it a try. It may not be for everyone, i didn't think i would like it at first, but i love it so much. Yes, i said LOVE.

Why are you playing HoN, after your post about it? My friend quit LoL, and he went to HoN, and he found it more hardcore, which i agree it is. So, he asked me to buy it, and play it. I was kind of off about it, but alas i gave in, and i am playing some non-stat games, and i am actually enjoying the variety of champions, and the mechanics, and how it differs from LoL. I cannot say i am enjoying it more than LoL, but it is growing. So, i am happy.

Why aren't you playing a real mmorpg? Simple, nothing is really good looking right now. I will wait till Lotro, goes free and try that, but i don't know if i will like it, or not, but whatever. I am enjoying the games i have right now. So, it's okay, i don't really mind yet.

So, that is a little update. Sorry it wasn't an official blog post, but hey, one will surely come soon enough. If you wanna try LoL, go to Add me in-game @ Joshthenewt, or Philosophical.

If you play HoN, and wanna throw a match down, add me @ Joshthenewt. I will not deny a friend request, high or low level. If you wanna just have fun, or wanna learn some basics, feel free to add me to both games, i will enjoy it, and i am sure you would too. :)


Blog #31 The Truth Hurts, But Denial's What Will Kill You.

Posted by Limitations Friday June 4 2010 at 7:41PM
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So, it's been awhile since i have been writing. I think, my league of legends habits are too blame for this. Doh! So, i guess you could say my topic of this post is in general, lying, and what the truth really is. A lot of people in the gaming industry, a big lie, is the concept of Free to play gaming. "You can play it for free, and have fun! But... You buy our items, and have more fun!" Yeah... That is a great concept isn't it? It is a money maker, but does it make US the players happy? No, not really. Now, league of legends has cash shop, and i am actually pretty happy with it, because i actually pay for champions in this game. I normally, never pay for anything in a free to play game, because i feel it is a rip off. In league of legends, the only items that you cannot obtain with in-game cash, is the bonus xp, and ip pots. Which i feel is very fair. It's not a bonus to in-game stats, it just helps you gain more of what you want. I have never bought these items, and i only buy champions, and skins in the game. I find it very fair, and balanced. I have spent 60$+ on LoL, and i don't plan to stop. In other games that have a cash shop, they often have buff items, the probably most popular items bought in cash shops are mounts, and experienced potions. Some games say... "You can find any item, in the game, you dont have to buy it". When you actually get into the game, and find that quest for that certain item, you find it damn near impossible to complete, or it takes days, so it frustrates you so much, so you give up and just it. Ever happened? Yeah, it blows does it not? I find it a huge complete lie. "Oh my god, he just said you could find it in-game". Yeah, but did he say it would be extremely hard? Yes, i am crying a little bit, but i mean seriously... Wouldn't you too? I am getting tired of standard free to play games.The standard free to play games, are sort of rip-offs of current popular pay to play games. I have no problem with that, they just went to make a buck, but should it be killing us the players, and giving us bad impressions, and making us rage? I think not. I hope we can find a game, either pay to play, or free to play, that actually listens to us. Some devs do, but they don't follow through. Will we ever see it happen? Maybe, if it does... I will pray that they will listen, and follow through. Don't get me wrong, developers are doing a fine job... Emphasis on fine. I did not say good, great, better, or anything. I said fine.

If we get lied too, how do we feel? When a developer lies to me, or lies to the community, i feel a little betrayed. "We will implement this, and it will be great!" Implemented... It's a horrible design. I look at it like this... If they say one thing, and it does another. I will personally rage in my head. I will probably never rage on the forums, or anything like that, because that will start a war, but in my head, my thoughts are like... "What the hell? Really?" Or a few more choice words. I don't feel like i can trust the industry, as much as i used too. I find that mmorpgs are very complex and more complicated then they should be. I don't feel like we should go back to our roots, but more like... Reinvent our roots, and make them more popular. We shield ourselves, with our "cool" features, and "high tech" graphics. I'm not looking for awesome graphics, i am looking for awesome gameplay. I want to go back to the day, where we had fun, we were addicted to an mmorpg, where we would have parties, stay up for days, and get a sugar high, and raid something. I have not had a raid in about a year, because i have not played a true mmorpg in so long. Maybe one day, we can have that again. Like i said... Re-invent our roots, don't go back to them, make the reality, but in a different light. I hope one day, some company realizes this, and goes back, and makes all of us happy. Err... I take that back, some of us, because all of us cannot be happy, there will always be haters, and there will always be fanbois. Am i silly to have these thoughts? I don't think so... But, am i the only one who thinks this? Defiantly not. I can name a few people who have the same exact thoughts... Only if they would speak up together, and just discuss...

One of my favorite bands... The Devil Wears Prada, is going to be on an upcoming tour, "The back to roots tour". They will be playing their old songs, and they probably won't be doing that for awhile. Why can't we have a game like that? Example... "Xero Online: The first official game, to go back to gaming roots" If they had that advertisement, and had the proof to back it up. You have me sold. I will pay for that game, but if they cant back it up, and it's just words. I will just rage. How do you all feel about this? Should we re-invent ourselves, and should we keep the pace we have right now? Will we leave in denial, or just keep lying to ourselves, and kept being lied too. Who knows? Maybe a day it will all change, and it will be like good old times... Who knows? Cheers!

My league of legends review will be the next blog. I am very excited for it!