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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

The Future!

Posted by Limitations Thursday May 5 2016 at 2:14AM
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Yo! It’s that time again… I’ve been thinking a lot recently how I have let myself down and more importantly you all down. I think I am taking on way too much, or thinking I am. Too many unfinished articles, and too much to do, at least in my head. So, what remedies do I need to take to resolve this issue? Well, I thought long and hard about it, and I am going to do this… There will be only one game being reviewed at a time, instead of me playing multiple games, and writing multiple articles and trying to get it all done at once, it hasn’t happened yet, and will probably never happen knowing me. Yes, I suck, go ahead and say it (please don’t) and I am going to make longer posts and shorter series. Instead of having 7 posts about a series, it will longer ones condensed into 3 post, if that makes sense. It’ll kind of make me feel like I am doing less work, but in reality it’ll be the same length… I think that will work better for me and for you. I’ll have to work on sizing and spacing to make it not seem so much like a wall of text… Still working on that stuff.

Since there has been no set schedule for streaming yet, since my now full-time job is taking a lot of that time up, I will be setting days where I stream myself playing the game, and making review content, so you can sort of see what goes down through my perspective. You will see my play the game, then I will explain what I do for the writing part and I will talk out what I am talking about, and why I think it will be more relevant to the post. I think that’ll be a cool thing to do, and hopefully people will watch that, but honestly I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t…

I’m going to set myself a schedule for each post and a date for when to post it, and then I will give myself time to write each longer post, and set them apart decently enough to where, you can read the first part, and then not get lost in the second part because I took so long and you forgot. Pacing myself and allowing myself to less constricted is a thing I definitely need. It’s funny you know, I’m not getting paid for this, nor do I have any deadlines, but I set myself for that kind of failure you know? It’s funny and sad at the same time, you can laugh if you want, I won’t judge. I take this thing seriously, and maybe too seriously at times and it allows myself to fail and feel worse about myself, so I think with these set changes it will help me just relax and take this casually, and not as hardcore as my mind is…

I have done so many “series” and just have let them out to dry really… World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, The Division, The Repopulation, and many others. That is why I have been thinking about all these things to do, so I am not overwhelmed, and have all these unfinished projects. It’s a sad reality when I look into my Google Drive folders… I will not start another “series” until the previous one is fully complete, whether it would be 3 post, or 6 posts, it needs to be fully complete before I start a new one, so no confusions happen, there isn’t people asking me “When you going to finish X, and why haven’t you done Y in awhile” instead it will just be one at a time until completion, and no messy endings or anything. Since doing this, I have come up with a little time-line to show you all what is to come next.

The next “series” that will come to “The Gaming Gospel” will be Black Desert Online, and I have tweeted it out, that I will be doing a very in-depth review of the game. There has been some back and forths about the game, and it’s my time now to go in-depth and give you my opinions on the game from start to finish. Since I am a tad late, and there has been some content updates to the game, I will just go from a new character, till well, you’ll see… Since it will be in-depth, I will be covering all the aspects I find in the game, and that are out there, which is a lot, so be prepared for a lot of text and a lot of talking on the streams. I’ve been putting this one off for awhile, and letting everything settle before I march into the game…After that we will be doing a game near and dear to my heart, and I will announce that when I finish Black Desert Online.

I think in closing all of this will bring content back to the Gospel in a timely manner, and allow me to do what I want as well, without getting overly stressed. I know I will probably get made fun of because of how serious I take this blog, but this is what I do you know? I play vidya games and talk about it, and I love doing it. Two of my favorite things combined, what more could I possibly ask for you know? In closing, I just want to thank you for all the views over the years, it has truly kept me going. I look forward to this new chapter of the blog, and I think will overall work out for the better. I also wanted to put this out there…

I have noticed there are “Contributors” on the blogs now, maybe it’s been there for awhile, but I was wondering if anyone would like to join the Gaming Gospel. It’d be something fun, we could collaborate and such, and it would be a cool thing. I just thought about it recently as well, and I thought I’d be pretty open to it, since I see a lot of nice/cool bloggers on the site nowadays.

As for Black Desert Online, to the people that read this, which server would you recommend the most for me to play on? Any particular guilds I should look for on said server? Let me know, I would love some more input before I delve into the vast world that is BDO. Any advice/input is welcome, thanks! As always, if you want to talk about this blog, or anything gaming related, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton, you can also catch my gaming adventures and see how the blog is put together over at Cheers! writes:
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