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Author: Limitations

Why I'm Quitting League Of Legends

Posted by Limitations Monday May 5 2014 at 3:02PM
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I think it’s been a long time coming, playing the game since it’s release, and spending a ton of cash on it. More than 5,000 games played, and it’s just… Yeah, the time has finally come. I’d thought I would give a little insight on why I am quitting the game entirely. First off, I love the game, plain and simple but the fact of what it’s turning into for me, is just bad.

I play the game to have fun, and I used to be a huge rager, i’ll admit it, I would call people out of the silliest of things. I turned over a new leaf, and rarely do that now. Yet, now I see more and more of it. It’s sad. I played a game to have fun, and all I get is trash talk, and how my champion sucks, etc. That’s not fun. Yeah, the game has a report function, but… I mean, he’s going to continue to rage. Maybe I should report him, but it’s just my attitude after that game was just so crappy, that I didn’t even want to bother. I started to leave games because I got so sick and tired of being raged at. It’s not fun. I know it’s a MOBA, and League has been known to have a down right bad community at times, and there are so really nice people out there, but what I have seen lately it’s just getting to be a poor excuse. I’m not going to play a game just to be yelled at, just because I called “MIA” a little late.

I like watching the game more than playing it actually. I find it a really relaxing to watch people, and to watch LCS. I’d rather watch LCS, than play the damn game. I spend most of my time now watching streamers, not just for tricks and tips, just because I would rather watch them than play. Sad huh? I’ve been thinking about this for such a long time now, it’s consumed my gaming life since it’s birth, and I rarely play anything else, (Besides FFXIV). I get up, the first thing I play, after eating and working out is League, then more League, until I’m ready to either burst into rage, or just boredom, and go do something else. It used to be that I could play all day, ignore the ragers, and just generally have fun. Now it’s just like… Really? Every game it seems, (Not really) that I get more and more leavers, ragers, etc. It’s just not fun. I can look past it all, but now it’s just getting sickening.

I’ve played over 5,000 games! Spent over 700$ on this game, skins, bundles, champions, whatever. It’s been such a cool ride along the way though. I’ve met some amazing people, Riot has some of the coolest employees I have ever met. They are really expanding the E-sport scene, and all of that jazz. I do have some issues with Riot’s balancing team, but we can all overlook that at times, and just play the damn game, and ban certain champions that are deemed broken, or “OP”. I can look past the game play issues I have, and the balancing problems, but when it gets down to the point, it’s just the community, and how it goes in-game.

No one needs to be raged at, people are sometimes still learning, and make mistakes. I mean damn, I went through it, we all did. We all had different learning curves. Admit it, we all sucked at one point. We got better as time went on though, and our champion pool expanded, our knowledge of the game expanded. Just because one person doesn’t know what we know, we shouldn’t rage at him, and call him nasty things. Remember it’s an actual person playing, not a computer. That person you are raging at, has feelings. Some may brush it off, but there are people who will sometimes become sad of what you said to them. That’s why I stopped raging, I had that realization.

I think time has really caught up with me. I’ve played the game so long now, I think it’s just time for me to move on, maybe to a different MOBA, maybe not. Who knows right now. I still play Dota 2 occasionally, I tried smite, and other games. I am looking forward to Blizzard’s MOBA. It looks somewhat promising. League has just grown old with me, and tiring. A chore would be how I put it now. I usually use that term with MMOs, but I guess I can apply it to league. My era of League of Legends is ending sadly. It’s been one hell of a ride though.