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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

The Secret World [P2]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday May 7 2014 at 8:18PM
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And so our dark adventure continues...

It's been a very awesome past couple of days in TSW. Doing a lot of main story quests, side quests, and etc. It's been fun! I've been doing a ton of theory crafting, which I mentioned before I love. I settled on Shotgun/Pistol. It's better to focus on just two weapons, than 3 or 4. You will be doing a lot of repeating if you do more than just two. Trust, me I've done tried it before, and it took me more time than I was willing to put in! I like how the game makes me think, and look for clues. Which sometimes involve googling the answer. I admit it, I try my best before I do give in to the google power. I promise! I love how the quests take time, and just really make you so involved in the story. I read the quests, and look for clues. High and low. Some quests require you not to be in the world of the living. (Spoiler alert?). I love how quests are repeatable after a certain time. Quests have cool downs, which is really cool. Not enough SP, or AP? Grind a quest that gives you a lot of it, and go from there. I've done it, so I could have an easier time with advancing in the game.

I'm actually grinding some points before I venture on to the next area, and I don't mind, because I find something new and exciting to do. Though, I am having some trouble with the game's combat mechanics. I.E Glancing, and things of that nature. Which is really just damage modifiers in my opinion, and how damage works, which is cool. I have to think about how to fix that... Which has proven a little difficult for me. Google/Wiki's have helped, but now it's just more of me upgrading my gear and making sure I am ready to hit the next area without me doing literally 0 damage. Lol (Okay, not literally, but you get my point). It's proven rather tough, but I'll get through it.

Since this game is 2 years old now, and there is a lot of content to go through, it's going to be rather fun going through it all eventually, and with Issue 9 coming up soon, it'll be even more fun. Goal is to get to Issue 5 within 3 months time. Probably won't happen, but I am going to do my best. So, how am I going to accomplish this goal? Well, it's going to be a rough road, with lots of theory crafting, (Which is awesome), and smooth, smooth dedication. So, I'll be dedicating most of my time to this game, and with setting this goal, it will be awesome! Hard, but awesome! I do realize this will be a tough goal to finish but let's see how it goes.

Though, I am not going to rush this at all, I'm going to explore, and investigate, and do everything the game throws at me, which is another reason why I think this goal won't work, because the game has SO much to do. SO many quests, and the first dungeon, Polaris, I will run a couple of times just for the awesome l00tz.

As you may have noticed, I have really changed my writing style the past couple of months, re-doing titles for the blogs, and etc. I really like how my style has evolved, and I hope you all do too! I think it's a little more easier to read, and a lot more information is getting out! As my adventure continues, I will post more about my ability build. and how my items are getting better. When I do Polaris, I will talk about what went on there, and the main story quests. I will try not to give any spoilers out for people who are behind in the quests. I'm going to try my best to bring you the best content for The Secret World. If I fail, I am sorry, but I am doing my best, and improving my writing style every day! I'll post the next one around Monday, I leave for Vacation on Tuesday! If it's not Monday, it will be around Saturday when I get back from Vacation, just visiting some family. I don't think I'll have enough time to post while i'm there.

If you wanna discuss this post, or The Secret World, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SIrIsaacJewton until next time! Cheers!

Why I'm Quitting League Of Legends

Posted by Limitations Monday May 5 2014 at 3:02PM
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I think it’s been a long time coming, playing the game since it’s release, and spending a ton of cash on it. More than 5,000 games played, and it’s just… Yeah, the time has finally come. I’d thought I would give a little insight on why I am quitting the game entirely. First off, I love the game, plain and simple but the fact of what it’s turning into for me, is just bad.

I play the game to have fun, and I used to be a huge rager, i’ll admit it, I would call people out of the silliest of things. I turned over a new leaf, and rarely do that now. Yet, now I see more and more of it. It’s sad. I played a game to have fun, and all I get is trash talk, and how my champion sucks, etc. That’s not fun. Yeah, the game has a report function, but… I mean, he’s going to continue to rage. Maybe I should report him, but it’s just my attitude after that game was just so crappy, that I didn’t even want to bother. I started to leave games because I got so sick and tired of being raged at. It’s not fun. I know it’s a MOBA, and League has been known to have a down right bad community at times, and there are so really nice people out there, but what I have seen lately it’s just getting to be a poor excuse. I’m not going to play a game just to be yelled at, just because I called “MIA” a little late.

I like watching the game more than playing it actually. I find it a really relaxing to watch people, and to watch LCS. I’d rather watch LCS, than play the damn game. I spend most of my time now watching streamers, not just for tricks and tips, just because I would rather watch them than play. Sad huh? I’ve been thinking about this for such a long time now, it’s consumed my gaming life since it’s birth, and I rarely play anything else, (Besides FFXIV). I get up, the first thing I play, after eating and working out is League, then more League, until I’m ready to either burst into rage, or just boredom, and go do something else. It used to be that I could play all day, ignore the ragers, and just generally have fun. Now it’s just like… Really? Every game it seems, (Not really) that I get more and more leavers, ragers, etc. It’s just not fun. I can look past it all, but now it’s just getting sickening.

I’ve played over 5,000 games! Spent over 700$ on this game, skins, bundles, champions, whatever. It’s been such a cool ride along the way though. I’ve met some amazing people, Riot has some of the coolest employees I have ever met. They are really expanding the E-sport scene, and all of that jazz. I do have some issues with Riot’s balancing team, but we can all overlook that at times, and just play the damn game, and ban certain champions that are deemed broken, or “OP”. I can look past the game play issues I have, and the balancing problems, but when it gets down to the point, it’s just the community, and how it goes in-game.

No one needs to be raged at, people are sometimes still learning, and make mistakes. I mean damn, I went through it, we all did. We all had different learning curves. Admit it, we all sucked at one point. We got better as time went on though, and our champion pool expanded, our knowledge of the game expanded. Just because one person doesn’t know what we know, we shouldn’t rage at him, and call him nasty things. Remember it’s an actual person playing, not a computer. That person you are raging at, has feelings. Some may brush it off, but there are people who will sometimes become sad of what you said to them. That’s why I stopped raging, I had that realization.

I think time has really caught up with me. I’ve played the game so long now, I think it’s just time for me to move on, maybe to a different MOBA, maybe not. Who knows right now. I still play Dota 2 occasionally, I tried smite, and other games. I am looking forward to Blizzard’s MOBA. It looks somewhat promising. League has just grown old with me, and tiring. A chore would be how I put it now. I usually use that term with MMOs, but I guess I can apply it to league. My era of League of Legends is ending sadly. It’s been one hell of a ride though.

The Secret World [P1]

Posted by Limitations Friday May 2 2014 at 11:16PM
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And so it begins...

Ah, The Secret World, a buy to play MMORPG made, and published by Funcom. You know Funcom from Anarchy Online, and Age Of Conan. So, what's so cool about The Secret World? Well, it's not a fantasy MMORPG, it's based on a modern setting, which is actually really refreshing, even though the game came out in 2012. It's one of the few games that offers more open game play. There is no set classes, you chose your skills with weapons. Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Fist, Sword, Hammer, Chaos, Blood, Elemental, and Pistol. There is a lot of mixing and matching as well, so theory crafters like myself will love this game. I can think all day of builds to do in this game, and just have fun with it. Though, more work well together than others. The game looks fantastic, and plays really smooth. Overall, it's a blast to play, and i'm looking forward to writing it for you guys. In this first post, i'm just going to talk a little about the game, and what I like about it, before I jump into game play and other things in the second post. Just a little background though, I have played this game since 2012, played it a little bit in 2013, and coming back to it now in 2014, and a lot has changed since then. I believe they have come up with 8 big updates, which they call "Issues", so we are currently looking forward to Issue 9.

Where this game really shines is the story line, and questing. To me, this game has the best story line. Voice acting is superb, and it just really drags you into the game, and it's just a great thing. I should note this game is buy to play, and has a cash shop. The cash shop does sell start weapons, even though I have them, because I purchased a starter pack, it does not break the game in any shape or form. So, when if your new and you see that, don't be alarmed. It's not that big of a deal. What I like about the game, and the cash shop, you don't need to rush into buying Issues straight off the bat, you can wait, and see if you want to play the game in a later stage, and then purchase the Issues, which are rather cheap. Their prices are pretty good, better than some games I should add.

So, we got great story telling, awesome quests. I might add the investigation quests actually do require a lot of thinking (And a lot of googling). They range from easy difficulty to extremely hard and thought provoking. I like the challenge, it's unique, and i have to use my brain to figure out stuff. There is three factions in the game, Illuminati, Templars, and Dragon. I currently have a Templar, and Illuminati. I don't like the Dragon faction, I don't know why personally, it's just meh. All three of them have an intro video, which is really cool, and can help you determine what faction you wish to side with. What you choose is up to you, and each of them have their pros and cons to me. I like the idea of Templars, and Illuminati, hence why I chose one of each. Sounds cool so far eh? Well, not everything in this game is great. There is a few things, and only a few things that I dislike about the game.

Combat is one of the things I dislike about the game, it's very boring and bland, but I can overlook this because of how smooth the game is, and other game play aspects over take the bland and boring combat system. There is a LFG tool in the game, but it's pretty bad, most people spam chat for dungeon grouping, or quests that actually require more than one person to do, even if you have a good solo build. A lot of complaints come from the difficulty scaling from the first zone to the next. Yes, it has made me rage quit before, because it scales so hard, but there is things to work around, which I will probably get around in later posts. I'd rather give you all some more information than go straight into what I can do in later posts. Nah mean? So if you like fun combat, this is probably not the game for you, but you can overlook it by the other amazing features this game has to offer. I feel like i'm making this game out to be the very best, I am merely giving my personal opinion is all.

I've talked about writing this game in the past, and I think it's finally time to get around it. Even though there is newer MMORPGs out right now, this game is really taken my interesting, and there is a ton of things to talk about really. So you can maybe expect, one or two posts a week if i'm free to write more than usual. It's going to be a fun ride, I can promise you that. Stay tuned for the next post about The Secret World.

If you'd like to discuss this post, or TSW in general, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!