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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #49 The Gospel Is Back

Posted by Limitations Thursday May 30 2013 at 2:34AM
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Loooooong time no see. I'm too afraid to look when I last posted a blog, so I jumped right into writing one again. A lot of things have changed. I play to many games at the moment, trying to cut them down. Really trying to focus on one or two games. I'm really getting into RIFT at the moment. It's a solid mmorpg that has some lasting qualities.

I was really enjoying NWN as well, until all the drama started! It's a really fun game, ruined by bugs, exploits, and really deep down the community. A lot of hatred from fans, and players are going to PwE/Cryptic right now. I mean sure... The game was just released, and is still in the process of being updated and all the good stuff, but the core issue is... I really think the game is in the wrong hands. When I first found out about the game, I was super, super, SUPER stoked, then I learned about the publisher... I'm not trying to hate on PwE, but I do dislike their marketing. A lot of people say the game isn't Pay To Win, some say it is. I think it is... And I really hate to say that, because I enjoyed the game immensely. It just really is in the wrong hands.

I hope down the road, they will make everything better. I will keep my eyes out on the big updates coming too it. Also, the communication between the players and PWE is pretty horrible. Typical answers "Thank you for the feedback, etc etc". It was a huge game breaking bug, that I think they could have handled ten times better. I don't work for them, I don't know how hard it is to deal with that type of bug, but better communication would have been better than what they have now. Now, granted it is "Open" beta, the game is released, and you can buy items, with cash and etc. Bad stuff is bound to happen, but this... This was huge. The community begged and pleaded for something to be done, (As in a wipe), never happened. Instead they did a 7 hour roll back, which literally... I don't think did any good. As soon as the game breaking exploit surfaced I stopped logging on, and searched on. That is how I stumbled upon RIFT.

I heard the game was going Free to play in june, and I wanted to check it out before hand. The game is actually really solid. I prefer it over many of the past games I've played. I really like how the game was designed, and the whole "Rift" thing, it's really cool, and interactive. So far I have no complaints about the game, community has been great on my server, fluid combat, no lag, no fps issues, just wholesome fun. I missed that as well. I don't want my game to become a chore. There have been interviews on how the RIFT store will work once it goes free to play, but i'm hoping they will do justice and not make it pay to win, I have faith in Trion. They seem to be like a really level headed company, that wouldn't make a rookie mistake like hat. I'm trying various other games as well, but Rift has my attention for now. 

I hope to be posting more soon. It's been a long time, and I need something to do after I get done gaming. Might as well write about it... Cheeers!