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Author: Limitations

Blog #48 Commitment Issues

Posted by Limitations Thursday May 31 2012 at 10:18PM
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So, last post I talked about my retirement from LoL. So, now the search begins for a new game. This isn't a blog about "Give me a game to play" I've been searching around, and i'm trying out Aion for the time being (Tried it in the past, never got a good grab on it). So it's now unto try #2. I've always had trouble committing to games. Keeping it longer than let's say... 6 months. World of Warcraft back in the day lasted around two years... Ever since then I haven't found a keeper. I have played many, many pay to play, and free to play mmorpgs, not one has kept me busy longer than six months. Why? I guess it's really personal issues. High standards, to many standards? Who knows? LOTRO kept me entertained for a span of two years. I lost grip of it many times, and i've talked about mythos before, and it's lost it's touch with me.

So, I guess my plan is to force myself to really give a game a shot. Don't really judge off it's cover. Get to a certain level, find a good guild, and build some sort of bond to the game. (Nerdy eh?). It's really got to be that way with me. I give up to quickly, and I just forget the game, and let it sit and collect dust. Back in the day for me it was WoW, and one other game. Hellgate: London. Boy did I play the crap out of the game... Then T3 got a hold of it, and I don't wanna pay a small fee to play after act 3. I think that is plain silly. I could, but I find it extremely silly for me to have to pay to advance to a certain point... I guess I am strange like that. I like the fact that NCSoft, with Aion, and Lineage II have embraced "Truly Free" Which I think is a wonderful idea. (Cause it's free duh). The ability to play the whole entire game for free, is a wonderful idea and brings lot of new, and old people back. Sure, if HG:L didn't have that one slight barrier I would be playing the crap out of that game too, no joke, but like I said i'm strange like that.

So, basically i'm going to try to experience Aion a little more, and see how that goes, and hopefully it clicks with me... I don't like spending my time searching for a game, I just really need to buckle down and find a game, and stick with it like a champ. I mean, I played LoL, and WoW for two years each, how hard could it be right? I keep telling myself to embrace a new game such as Aion and hope for the very best. I really do want something to keep me busy, raiding, grouping and having fun with a guild (A family type one). I have very high hopes for Aion, i'm ready to pick a server and start up my first character. Probably doing that right after I publish this. I hope when you read this, I won't be the only one with this type of issue, I don't really wanna be the only one haha. Thanks for reading, until next time! Cheers!