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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #48 Commitment Issues

Posted by Limitations Thursday May 31 2012 at 10:18PM
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So, last post I talked about my retirement from LoL. So, now the search begins for a new game. This isn't a blog about "Give me a game to play" I've been searching around, and i'm trying out Aion for the time being (Tried it in the past, never got a good grab on it). So it's now unto try #2. I've always had trouble committing to games. Keeping it longer than let's say... 6 months. World of Warcraft back in the day lasted around two years... Ever since then I haven't found a keeper. I have played many, many pay to play, and free to play mmorpgs, not one has kept me busy longer than six months. Why? I guess it's really personal issues. High standards, to many standards? Who knows? LOTRO kept me entertained for a span of two years. I lost grip of it many times, and i've talked about mythos before, and it's lost it's touch with me.

So, I guess my plan is to force myself to really give a game a shot. Don't really judge off it's cover. Get to a certain level, find a good guild, and build some sort of bond to the game. (Nerdy eh?). It's really got to be that way with me. I give up to quickly, and I just forget the game, and let it sit and collect dust. Back in the day for me it was WoW, and one other game. Hellgate: London. Boy did I play the crap out of the game... Then T3 got a hold of it, and I don't wanna pay a small fee to play after act 3. I think that is plain silly. I could, but I find it extremely silly for me to have to pay to advance to a certain point... I guess I am strange like that. I like the fact that NCSoft, with Aion, and Lineage II have embraced "Truly Free" Which I think is a wonderful idea. (Cause it's free duh). The ability to play the whole entire game for free, is a wonderful idea and brings lot of new, and old people back. Sure, if HG:L didn't have that one slight barrier I would be playing the crap out of that game too, no joke, but like I said i'm strange like that.

So, basically i'm going to try to experience Aion a little more, and see how that goes, and hopefully it clicks with me... I don't like spending my time searching for a game, I just really need to buckle down and find a game, and stick with it like a champ. I mean, I played LoL, and WoW for two years each, how hard could it be right? I keep telling myself to embrace a new game such as Aion and hope for the very best. I really do want something to keep me busy, raiding, grouping and having fun with a guild (A family type one). I have very high hopes for Aion, i'm ready to pick a server and start up my first character. Probably doing that right after I publish this. I hope when you read this, I won't be the only one with this type of issue, I don't really wanna be the only one haha. Thanks for reading, until next time! Cheers!

Blog #47 Retiring from League of Legends

Posted by Limitations Monday May 28 2012 at 6:16PM
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After 2800 League of Legends games, it is finally time to say good bye to the game. There are many, many reasons why I am retiring LoL, and I really want to express my feelings towards the game, the pros and cons of it. I started out in closed beta, and have played till this day. It was my third MoBA game, (I played DoTa, and HoN). In the beginning I was so addicted, and spent so much money on the game. (The final number is around 300$). I supported the makers (Riot Games), and found many good friends along the way... Sadly after the last couple of months I have grown old of the game, and have not found winning to be that awesome as it used to be. 

I was mainly a top laner, or mid. I loved my solo lanes, occasionally I played the ricer, and destroyed bot lane with my ezreal, and ashe. I won a lot, and lost a lot, but in the end it was the same old thing over.. and over, and it hit me a couple months ago. I asked myself why do I keep playing this game? Because of the money I invested in it? Friends? Community? What? I realized that I play because I was so addicted to it. I wanted to kick the addiction, and slowly but surely I did, but it wasn't because I felt like I should, the game turned sour for me, and I couldn't take it anymore. Trolls, broken champions, the raging, the sadness, everything BAD about the game struck me hard. I took a look back at my win/loss history, my friends list, (half of them I didn't know). I played some games today before calling it quits for good, and I was trolled over and over again. 

I witnessed for what has happened for two years, just trolling after trolling. Throwing games, raging, and mindless players who think they are extremely good. Every other champion Riot seems to be releasing is either OP as ever, or really under powered. Mind you (Karma), and (Darius) the recent one. Karma wasn't strong, or is she strong now when she was released. Darius is feared and mostly banned in the game, first week he is out. A buddy of mine got a penta against a full pre-made. (He isn't that good).

I don't mind some imbalances, but it gets old fast... I've played HoN, and the community there is full of trolls, but LoL, since I have played more of it, is really really bad. (HoN is still worse). The number of times where some little things will set people off. I'm talking about tiny things that will set people off. Saying "GG" after first blood, and small other things. People have rage quit for the small reasons, que dodged because the roll they didn't get. Picked "useless" champions to get other people to dodge. I've seen it all, and then some. It really wears you down, and gets you to realize, what the hell is going on here? Why haven't I noticed this before?

There are a lot of good things about this game, and I have really focused on the bad parts, but this is mainly a post about why I have quit League of Legends. After spending a ton of money, and meeting a lot of good friends, I finally say good bye to the game. I cannot take it anymore, which is hard to say because I was so addicted, and have had so much fun with the game. It has gotten to be too much, and I fear it will never end.