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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #30 Wesley Snipes V.S Edward Cullen

Posted by Limitations Saturday May 15 2010 at 1:16PM
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Have you ever said... "My game is better than yours" or "This game is better than that". If you have, please never do it again. I am so sick of it. I'll share a little story, like i always do. In my previous posts, i have stated that i am currently playing League Of Legends, while my friend Jon, is playing HoN(Heroes Of Newerth). Two DoTa, games, that are different. One has a cash shop(LoL), and HoN is B2p. For the record, LoL, is the only game i have spent money on in a cash shop. Proud to say.  He stated that his game was better than mine. I have my opinions, which i will share later. He said, it required more skill, and more focus. I don't know if that is true, i have only played a few games of HoN, were as i have played over a 1,000 with LoL. Am i going to be biase? You will find out soon enough. In my time with HoN, i have learned that it does require a lot of skill, and focus. I will admit to that, it is a fun game, do not get me wrong. Though, it does have a lot of bugs, and so does LoL, i would say about the same amount. I didn't like HoN, for a couple of reasons. 1. The community. They were a bunch of skill pricks, which i mean by that is... If you didn't have a lot of skill, or you sucked. It was your own fault. I love DotA, and DotA games. When i first started playing LoL, i had a lot of help with builds, what champs i would like, etc etc. I had a very good first impression. HoN, i didn't... So, that was a huge turn off for me. HoN does have a variety of champions, i will not lie, though LoL does also, and Riot Games(Developer of LoL), keeps popping out champions, and forcing me to buy them, because they are so god damn sexy. (What i mean by force is, i want them so bad... So bad). When i got into a game with HoN, i was sort of overwhelmed, the maps were a little wierd, and the lag was horrid, though it did fix itself after awhile. I got first blood, and then died a couple of times after. Not on purpose, by all means. I was flamed for it, because i died about three times. Which isn't bad, because i was new, i didn't know the champion i was playing very well, and DO NOT mention LoL, in HoN, i think you may get hacked or worse, murdered. Lol.

So, i had a semi good game, but bad experience with the community, if you have read my previous posts, i am HUGE about communities. So, after my first game, i chose to play another, failed even more, and got flamed. Okay, now i rage hardcore in LoL, i mean... Hardcore raging. So, i know where they are coming from, but i never... EVER do it too newbies. I give them some help, and maybe some help with there builds, depending if i have played that champion or not. Now, if im playing with my friends, on vent, i will rage to them, because they probably know better by now. So, i have shared my dealing with HoN, now i will share my dealings with LoL. In LoL, i have played over 1,000 games. Probably over 1,000 hours. That is how dedicated i am too it right now. Every new champion they bring out, i buy. With real cash. Why? Even though they have the option of spending in-game points, i like getting them asap. My choice, i will continue to do it. Is that a bad thing? No, because Riot Games is amazing, and i will continue to support them. I usually play every day, for long periods of time, because I enjoy it that much. I have some good experiences with the community. There is only one bug that got me in the beginning. (Health potion pot). Finally it's fixed, and i can finally buy my glorious HP Pot,  and get some more first bloods. Besides that, nothing has really got me down about the game. When the servers are offline, i make the sad panda face, but i play as soon as i can. I have a lot of friends, whom invite me to their games, and i have a blast with them. I play a vartiety of champs, usually i play the new ones more, like i am now. I usually don't get flamed for doing poorly in a match, but i usually do good, which seems to be working out just fine. I love the people, i have met. Will i ever give HoN another try? Possibly, but not for awhile. I am currently thinking about buying it though, since i do have the cash, but i don't know if i will or not.

Why am i not playing any real MMORPGS? Because, they cannot keep my attention, and i am enjoying my time with LoL. Will i play an mmorpg soon? Probably not. When i do though, i will defiantly let you all know, and i will defiantly give out some reviews. I am currently writing an LoL review for and it should be posted soon. As for my blog name for today, if you could, comment on who you would think would win. Wesley Snipes(Blade), or Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. I hope  you have enjoyed this read.

If you do play League Of Legends, and want to play with yours truly, add me in-game, at Joshthenewt, and we will defiantly throw a few down. Even if your new.


Blog #29 If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn

Posted by Limitations Tuesday May 4 2010 at 11:26PM
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Let me start off with a very quick question. What happened? I mean, what happened to our happiness in gaming? Okay, don't get me wrong, some of us are happy, some of us are just... "Content" Currently, and sadly, i am not playing a mmorpg. I have quit all my current mmorpgs to relax, and play League Of Legends, like i said in my previous posts. Why did i quit them all? Well, i played three mmorpgs, and i just found them very... Bland? Honestly, i can't get over the fact that i was stuck playing three different mmorpgs, and in which all of them had the very same class. For me, it was like this... "Okay, playing my first one... Playing my mage. Second game... Oh... Another mage" Yeh, i love mage classes, so i guess you could say it's my fault for picking the same class, but whatever, you get my point right? A long time ago, i was happy with mmorpgs, until well... I hit high standards, has that ever happened to you? You play a game, then move unto, in your opinion a better game, and you can't find something better, yet you get bored of that game, and your left with those standards? Yeah, happened to me about a year ago, and it hasn't changed. I may be shallow, but no mmorpg to date hits my standards. I'm looking forward to what the year has to brings, but no, nothing on the market pleases me. "Oh, but you haven't tried every mmorpg in existence!" Yeah, true, i haven't. I have played a majority of them, and i can't stand em. Sorry to say, but i can't. Why can't I? It's the same thing, i get stuck in a repetive nature, which i can't break free of, and i get bored, and just i find myself wasting my time, when i should be having fun instead, you know? People have asked me a ton of questions on my play style, what games i do like, what games i don't. I was asked, to post a list of the games i played recently, and am playing currently, here you go, hope your happy!

Current Games: League Of Legends.

Recent Games: Allods Online, City Of Heroes, Guild Wars, Rakion,World Of Warcraft(Gasp), Aika Online, EvE Online. My list could go on, but i don't think there would be enough room in this blog. Lol.

So, you get a pretty decent idea, of what i play, and what i like. I'm pretty much an over-all guy. I like pretty much everything, but it just depends on what the game has to offer. Most people, most of my friends that is, go off the looks of the game, which i am against, and they do flame for that, but my choice. Why do i go with what is in the game? Gameplay will keep me going for a long time, graphics, are okay, i guess. It just depends on what genre it is. If it's a fantasy type game, i would expect it, too look like World Of Warcraft(How could I?), but it's true, most games do. If it's sci-fi genre, i do expect the graphics to be somewhat impressive, to go with the genre. Okay, so i'm gettin a little big confusing on ths blog. I apologize, it is 2AM, and i am tired, but i felt like writing tonight. Anyways, sorry. I will do better. On my list, of course... Is World Of Warcraft. I think every gamer should play at least once. Every one talks about, it is defiantly not for everyone, but even I suggest everyone should try it out, just to see what it look likes, feels like, and what a lot of people find happiness in. I was introduced to WoW from my uncle, which i believe he still plays till this day, i bought it, played it for a year, and i found some good in it, but like a lot of people, it got boring. It did, and i quit eventually. It was hard, a lot of people say it was. Why? Of course, it's the addiction to the game. Which i will be very honest it was an addiction for awhile. I won't release the reasons i quit the game, in fear of being laughed at. (Use your imagination people). I experienced it once, and i never went back. I'm sort of glad i never went back, because i knew the same thing would happen after a month or two. It's the same old thing for me in WoW, even with new characters, new races, or whatever. You are still doing the same thing, just... A tad different?

You know, through my years of playing, i have noticed one big thing in gaming. The people. I've said countless times, people make or break the game, for small and large communities. On the flip side, i have seem some amazing people. Helpful, funny, or just plain great at the game. I love those type of people, as long as they don't have an ego. Lol. The helpful people, are just awesome, and it should be self explanatory why they are, but i find now, that there are very few of them out there, but when you find them, you should remember them, because for me... They are becoming very rare, and that is a sad, but true story. The funny people, well... Also self explanatory. I sometimes hate hardcore gamers, who are out there to win, and kill, not to have fun, if you know what i mean. The funny people, that make me piss my pants, i will never forget, because that is where some of the best memories are for me. Pissing my pants, and laughing my ass off till my ribs hurt. Who doesn't like that? For the people who are great at the game, i applaud you, if you don't have an ego. If you do, well... I just don't like you. The people who are great at the game, usually have some pointers, that usually are very helpful. In my current game, League Of Legends, i have been playing a new champion, who my friend is very good at, and he let me watch him play, and just see how that champ really works when used properly. I don't think without that video, i would be as good as i am now with that champion. Friendship is important, even in gaming. I know, i am getting all cutesy, but it's true, don't you all agree? Friends make the game for me. In league of legends, my friends list is so full, it doesn't even work properly. (Not the developer's fault, i think i just broke the limit). Well, to tell the truth... I am a very hardcore gamer, in League Of Legends. I thought it would just be a casual game, but i play that game..  6-7 hours a day. It's amazing, and i don't plan on stopin anytime soon. (Ah, love. It was meant to be).

Since, i have gotten my point out in this blog, and just chatted a little bit. Someone emailed me a question, about why my blog names are so wierd. I think i should answer that, because it's true. I am a poet. All my poem names, have the same names as my blogs. My poetry, is free style, and very different. So, i try to make up some very funny, unusual, and different names. Because, thats who i am. I am different, and i like it. Yes, it doesn't have to do with gaming, but i don't care. People will read(And hopefully love it), and that's that.

Cheers! DaKurlzz!