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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

It's A Rough Road [P7]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 19 2015 at 12:16AM
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I’ve been thinking a lot about how to spice things up, what should be done to improve my writing style and experience. I’m kind of worried I’m becoming bland, and everyone will get bored. I’ve been doing this for a long time, it’s a known fact, I’ve been doing this before I started “publishing” on, with my own blog. (Gaming Gospel). I’ve written about plenty of games, there is enough to make a list, but I am too lazy to write it all out. Sorry!

I’ve even re-reviewed games like I am currently doing with Wildstar. I feel kind of empty lately, sort of hollowed out of writing.

I’ve been thinking about it really, and I’ve been writing all this time, and really haven’t found my clique yet. I’ve evolved my own writing style, even started talking about console games, and even that didn’t really click with me enough to warrant me to like write all about it, or review more console games. (Evolve, GTA, Etc). I don’t talk much about Mobas, or TCG games, because that’s just not my thing to write about, people do it better than me, and I know that so I let that one just go.

I sort of just stuck with the whole MMO thing, and I guess that’s just my thing you know? The problem with that is, as I have stated before I switch way too many times. We all know that’s a huge flaw about me and my whole MMO experience, but you know, that’s just who I am I guess. I’ve been trying harder to stick with a game, but it’s kind of hard to stick just to one you know? I really, really, REALLY wish I didn’t have this problem, but I do. I’ve been thinking this past couple of weeks while on vacation and such to remedy this problem to more a better situation for myself, and for the readers.

It’s kind of stupid in a way to write about a game so much then just stop all the sudden. (Sort of like all my past series). It’s stupid because maybe someone is really into that series, then they go “Wait, what… He’s writing about this game now? What happened to this game?” If someone has said that, I am truly sorry. If you have, please tweet me the game @SirIsaacJewton and I will see what I can do about extending that series some more.

It’s not from laziness or anything I can promise you that, I just keep switching, and switching… I talked about a remedy, and while I was in vacation in Seattle I didn’t get to play a lot of games, I was just spending time with my family, and really enjoying that but in the downtime, I often wondered “What games do I want to play?” Of course the games I review I want to play, but like it’s not a “Want want”. I know that’s confusing but I hope you understand it haha. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about what I really want to play, and if I would enjoy talking about it.

Because I’ve been so on and off about talking, and some games I just said “Nah, people don’t like this” and quit, or just did not find the need/want to talk about it more. There has been one game that keeps coming back to me as wanting to write more. I have written about it before, but if I started it back up, I would just completely forget that I have written about it before and just start anew. That just makes more sense to me, you know? I know that kinds of defeating the purpose of talking about it before, but yeah…
I’ll name the game at the end of the post, because I wanted to actually focus on something else. As you see with the new Wildstar posts, I’ve been trying out a new writing style. At least for the re-reviews. I’ve been taking parts of the games that have improved, or that I want to talk about it and talk about them.

Usually three parts at a time. I think that ends up better for everyone involved because it’s more structured and there is a less chance that I will go off-topic and I can just focus on those three things instead of just doing whatever comes off the top of my head. I can get the things I am going to talk about (The three parts) and then I can talk about whatever I want to end it, you know? Don’t give up on me people, I’ll get everything perfect, just give me some time.
You’d think I would have fixed the whole problem by now eh? I would think that as well, but it’s just not reality.

Well, I told you what game it was that has been always wanted to write more about, it’s almost like it’s calling me to write about it, but… Yeah. The game is actually: Guild Wars 2! Yeah, I don’t think anyone was expecting that name eh? No? I thought so! :P

What’s so special about the game, and why does it matter to me? A little background with my relationship with the game. I bought the game, and dabbled with it a little bit, and just really never took off. I went back to the game after a while and then I progressed further into the game, and the same thing happened. How the game is built, and how many great things the game offers is why it still sort of “haunts” me that I haven’t talked about it more. I keep wanting to pursue it more, and then I’m just like “Eh.” I guess that’s a bad attitude to have about it, but I can’t really help it at this point.

I think I will just take my time with the Wildstar thing, and then just wait for Guild Wars 2 afterwards. I’m really committed to my time in Wildstar, and I don’t want to take any focus away I have on it right now. I’m just super impressed with the game right now, which is why I haven’t put it down so far. Although, I am sure down the road I will find things that I don’t like, but that’s all part of the process. I will keep doing the format for Wildstar, and if I like it enough, I will use the same format for Guild Wars 2. With of course having a unique name for it. I just gotta have a unique name for it. If you are a long-time reader you know that for a fact.

To wrap it all up, I just want to thank you all once again for the views and the overwhelming support through the years. I will continue to write about Wildstar, and when it’s time for me, I will start the Guild Wars 2 posts. So you will want to stay tuned for that, I will probably update the status on everything when I write part 8 of this series. Thanks so much again everyone! If you enjoyed this post, and would like to talk about it, leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton

Wildstar: It's Alive Cupcakes![P1]

Posted by Limitations Monday April 13 2015 at 10:41PM
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Huh, it’s been awhile hasn’t it, well in general? So, I have taken a pause of most other things, even finishing the last part of “It’s A Rough Road” series. My two friends, have been begging me to try Wildstar again, even saying they would pay for my monthly sub just to try it out to again! Insane right? They have been nagging me for a couple of days, and I have had some conversations with Tony Rey, and you know I did the whole “Wildstar: Revisited” series, which didn’t really turn out well. Not in my standards at least. I touched on a majority of things I didn’t like, and I really hit the game hard. I’m so sad I did, but I promised you all honesty, and that’s what I delivered.

There is nothing wrong with good ol’ honestly am I right? Now, I’m going to take a new approach to this, and it’s going to be out of nowhere, and completely different than what I have done before. This will be the first test of my new writing style I have been drafting for awhile now, and I guess this would be a good time to implement it, and test the waters. Before I get into the actual new stuff, I would like to give you all a little recap on what’s been going on in the past with Wildstar and I.

Let’s just start from the beginning… I pre purchased the game a couple of days before the game was actually released. The hype around the game, and the YouTube videos I watched really attracted me to the game, even though some people really tore into the graphical style of the game, while for me it really attracted me. The whole “WoW Clone” debate settled in, like a lot of games. I believe I touched on it before, but now I’m not going to touch it. The game had a rocky launch, just like a lot of games, and then when I finally played… It went… Rocky.

You can read my previous posts which I will link at the end for the full details.

I played for a few months, unsubbed, and then waited a while then came back, and the same issues still arose. I will also link these posts at the end so you can get a better picture of what happened, and what went down. So, what about the third try? Is the third try the charm it needs? Has enough time passed for the game to become what it’s meant to be, and what it should have been at launch? Let’s find out together. In this first part, I’m going to out-line three things that I wanted to improve, and talk about them. That’s going to continue until I’m all done, and then I will just generally talk about the game/adventures. I hope that sounds pleasing to read.

Graphical Lag/De-sync:

Oh man, this one will be a doozy to write. Now, I have upgraded my PC since last playing the game, so I took my brother’s PC who had similar specs to my old computer, and ran the game, and was so surprised. Time has done this game so much good. The game no longer lags, and seems pretty optimized. Being pleased with this, I tried it on my computer (The Upgraded one), and also was pleasantly surprised. The game literally has done leaps and bounds in optimization. I applaud Carbine for doing this, and optimizing the game which it should have been at launch..

(You will hear me say which it should have been at launch, a lot) I’ve gone through a ton of scenarios, and mimicked what I did in the past to find the lag, and only found the lag in certain situations, that would never happen unless I forced it to happen. Combat seems so fluid now, and literally everything seems to flow together perfectly. It was almost to the point where I was asking myself: “Am I playing the same game?”. Is everything perfect though? Well, even though optimization seemed to be fixed, and the lag subsided, there was a few quirks I found, but none of them really ruined the experience of the game, and combat for me. Speaking of combat, that is the next thing I will be talking about.

Combat: I spoke of desync, and in the previous post I linked a site that would define that way better than I could, has it improved? Honestly, I have only really played about six hours so far, though I played multiple characters, the desync wasn’t there as much. I had instances of mobs teleporting, but I think that was my connection, rather what the game was reading. Though, there was one instance that mobs were not taking damage, and then all the sudden they were dead. I was not lagging at this point, but it wasn’t really nothing to be annoyed about since it didn’t happen every other time. It happened about twice in my six hours of game time.

I digged Wildstar’s combat since the start, but I did complain a lot about the problems that arose while doing combat, or just other tasks. Those seem to be gone for the most part, and I can finally enjoy combat the way I want it to be. Animations were smooth, on my Esper, Warrior, and Stalker. Carbine has done a wonderful job with optimizing this, and making it what it was meant to be in the beginning.

The third thing I wanted to speak about is Population:

Now, we know all know Wildstar hasn’t had the best of press, well.. Ever. (I’m sorry Carbine.) Now, I am playing the game now when the 10 day free trial was announced, and yes… Even if you aren’t a new player, you can try the game out now, and see how it has improved, just like I am. Now, this hasn’t improved as vastly as let’s say Optimization, or whatever. I did see a few players on my way of questing, but it’s not as many as I would like have hoped to see. Forums, subreddits, are all popular, and some have the whole doom and gloom scenarios still, but there are multiple people coming back, asking returning questions and such.

I would definitely recommend coming back, if you are a past player, or if you are a new player and just hesitant to try it. It has vastly improved, though it has taken a long time, it has gotten to the point where it could become my daily MMO. I wouldn’t take my word for that just yet though, I have said that in the past about many games, and time will definitely tell with this game. I have not hit one of the main towns on my Faction’s side yet, and I am hoping for a higher population of people. Mega-servers have helped, and this review will be done on the PvE mega-server and not the PvP one. (Lack of population on the PvP one). I will touch back on population down the road, this is just really my first observations, and I will go into more detail when I get to higher levels, and such.

Here’s where things become interesting. We have seen many games over the course of time, that started with a pay to play model, and either go free to play, or buy to play. Most recently would be Elder Scrolls Online, which recently went buy to play, with optional subscription services, ESO Plus. This game had more subscriptions than Wildstar, and well honestly seemed to be fairing way better. (Sorry, once again Carbine). We all thought Wildstar would be the first one to go this route, well aren’t we way wrong here? Is this a problem though? Financial reports have been released, and the public has seen it on multiple websites, and they all say well… Wildstar isn’t doing so hot. Although, awhile ago, well… November of last year, an interview with Product Director Mike Donatelli said NCSoft is committed and sees a future in the game. I think people who have played the game, can clearly see the potential the game has, so I think it’s safe to say that I find some truth in that.

To add to this, I tweeted to the awesome Tony Rey asking this “Another one if you don't mind... I want the game to succeed does NCSoft see a future??” He responded with this: “Of course, they are extremely supportive”. Thanks Tony Rey! Tony is seriously an awesome dude, and I believe him when he stated that, we all should.

To wrap this all up. I look forward to seeing the many, many changes of the game current and future. The game is shaping up really nicely. I know this is mostly based off the six hours I have played, but the problems, the main ones that hurt me the most, seemed to have gone away. It seems Carbine knows what they are doing, and all they really needed was time. The argument of course can be made about how this is how it should have been from the beginning, I agree, but it’s better late than never. For those who will nag me for coming back and talking about this game… I feel yah, but please just deal with it. As always, Thanks for reading, and see you next time cupcakes. If you liked this post, or want to discuss Wildstar, please leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton. Special thanks to @TonyRey for being awesome.