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Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P7] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday April 30 2014 at 2:35PM
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And so we finish it...

Alas, Part 7, and the finish of this series. What a bumpy ride it as been, and sadly... A let down in the end. I've been over this many times, and it just fell short of what I expected, and what I needed. I got my month's worth of game play, and well... I can't ask for much more than that. Overall, a very decent experience, nothing new, or exciting. Yet, I feel like this game is missing some very crucial pieces, and hopefully they will find their place in the puzzle eventually. This game has gotten mixed reviews from a lot of websites, some with higher scores, some with mediocre scores. What do I say about all this? Well, who cares about my opinion, but... I think a lot of them hit some fair points, but I think this game deserves at least 6/10, if not a little more. I think if it wasn't plagued with what happened, it would have gotten a higher score from some people, or with more content?

I'll give my official score at the end of this post, but first... Let's talk about the overall experience I have gotten from this game. Since this is the final post, you can tell I will not be renewing my subscription to the game. Somehow I wish I didn't feel this need to not pay for the game, but to me it just doesn't merit the subscription price. That being said, maybe down the road, in a few months time it will be worthy of one, but as it stands, I don't think I should be paying 15$ to play the game in it's current state. I believe it's five days when the first month free ends, and let's see the aftermath of that. I'm excited to see what happens to the game. I won't be in-game of course to see what the playerbase is like, but I can read on the official forums and from word of mouth as well. So, either way i'll get some information. I truly feel that Zenimax could have done a way better job. Let's just hope they have a good direction and follow it completely.

Out of the game they are struggling. I have had some really bad experience with Customer Support, worse than Square Enix's support team, which is saying a lot! Though, it could improve in time, when things slow down and they are able to help more people out, and i'm talking about actually helping them... Not giving them false hope or information, nah mean? So, probably in due time all aspects of the game, inside and out will be fluid. I hope for the sake of current, and future subs it will.

I am saddened that I couldn't make it to "Late" game. It does suck, but I told myself in the beginning, that if I didn't feel at the end if the game didn't merit the sub, I would not renew it, and it just doesn't fill that roll. I assure you, if I felt like it did, I would not finish the series with this post, it would continue for a much longer series. As it doesn't, we will end it here, and will some solid notes. I will continue to watch the game, and maybe down the road, I will try the game out again, and then do something from there. However, I don't see that coming soon, but hey, they could surprise me in the end, who knows? It's been extremely fun role playing the game, and I think the three main things I will miss from this game is that, exploring, and crafting. Sure, I can role play any game, but this game just had something about it... That it was better for role playing. (Though, DDO had the best role playing... Ever).

I've been over the pros and cons to many times to re-write them here, probably because I'm a lazy bastard, and don't even want to copy and paste to waste your time, so we'll leave that, at that. It's been a very bumpy journey, and has more downs than up. Which is okay, it's just in the baby steps of the game, and I knew that coming into the game, but the plague of bugs just made it worse, and worse for me. My last days was mostly role playing, and chilling out with the guild(s). It was a calm last few days, and the whole month the game play has been somewhat non stressful. I took a casual approach to the game, and it paid off. I don't think I could play this game as hardcore as FFXIV (Even though some people say it's a total casual fest). As I took this approach is paid off more than I could ever believe.

I finished my quests, and reached level 40. (10 levels away from the max level). Had fun with my DragonKnight, and somewhat missed out of the fun people have with their Templars. But, the time has come for this game to end for me, and it does sadden me. Over-all, with everything I went through with this game, I would give this game a solid 7/10. I said before it deserves more than a 6, but not more than a 7. Thank you for reading the Elder Scrolls Online series from me, and hope you enjoyed each read. I will see you next time!

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