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Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P6]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 27 2014 at 2:13AM
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Our Journey continues further...

Well, it's been a pretty lousy weekend so far for Elder Scrolls Online. I've joined the five guilds you can, (Maximum). Trading more, and meeting new people. It's still extremely annoying for me not to have an auction house. So, with the first month almost being over, what is that going to mean for the game? A lot. How many people are gonna ditch after it's up, how many people have already ditched. Who plans on staying around just a little longer to see where it ends up down the road. I have endless questions about the first month for them. With Matt's first State of The Game, they talked about what they really need to be fixing, and how they plan on doing so. I must say, the launch was running smoothly for the first couple of days, little to no DCs, or infinite screens. Now those are hitting me like crazy. Massive FPS issues, constant freezing, and of course crashing. It seemed to hit me all at once, you know? I was actually so fed up with it yesterday, that I just Alt F4 out'd and just said "Peace". That's how aggravating it was for me. Just so annoying. I feel awful for the people who have went through this from the start. Like I said in previous posts, I tend to not actually get the worst of bugs, if I do, they aren't the main ones, just smaller bugs.

Gold spammers are not just a constant problem for me now. I'm usually pretty calm about the spam, easily to ignore them, but when there is a ton of them in chat? Please, god... Shoot me in the fact. There was one point where I quit trying to ready other things going on. I know you can switch tabs, but... I dislike doing that. My own thing, sorry. I don't want to spend 5 minutes ignoring every gold spammer, when 100x more are going to pop up. I mean, when FFXIV had it pretty bad, but it's been pretty calmed down. I play on one the most populated servers as well! I hope they get this all cleared up, and just find an absolute fix for it. It needs to be fixed, and I'd rather than fix it and when they apply the fix it actually work, rather than roll it out ASAP. Going back to the main focus of this post, was that the first month is going to end soon, and what does that mean for me personally?

Sadly, I don't think I will renew my subscription to this game. I won't bore you with the reasons like I have in the past, but yeah, I literally think that i'm not going to renew the sub. Why do I say sadly? I think deep down I had extremely high hopes for this game, even though I didn't want to admit it or anything. I was on the fence about this game a lot actually, but deep deep down, I wanted this game to be that one MMO that I could call home. (I already do that with FFXIV). Even though FFXIV is my main MMORPG, if Elder Scrolls Online was the game I had hoped for, it would have been shelved, and this one would have become the "Home" per say. I've been over what I feel like needs to be done. People are still talking about, well it's going free to play within 6 months to a year. I still stand by my statement that this game should consider free to play. If they do consider it, and chose not to, that's fine by them. I'd rather them really consider it, and say no, than just be out right about it, and be like "Hey, we believe in this model, and we are going to stick with it". If they say that, and their numbers start to dwindle... They could be in some very deep trouble.

I do not want to say this game was a failure, but deep down because of my high hopes, it was a let down. That's a better word for it. Let down. Why? It just all that has happened in the first month. They were slandered with what they are currently going through now. Exploits, Gold Spammers, etc. Yes, every MMORPG goes through this. FFXIV had a terrible launch, and took awhile to recover from. (Damn those servers). Every game has this launch issue, every game did, believe it or not. I think generally people feel like it's such a huge IP that they expected a better production out of it, and more anticipation of what is to come. Future games like Wild Star can look at this, and learn from it. Well, any game could really, but since Wild Star is still on people's radar, it seems like they could learn from this.

It's sad it didn't live up to my expectations, but I will still play though the end of my first month subscription. I suspect a few more posts, maybe two or more before I end this series.

Game play wise, I'm still enjoying crafting, and the story line, and of course adventure time! I'm still getting used to all the combat animations, some are more sloppy than others, but once you get it down, you just get used to it you know? Some of the animations are extremely clunky, and I dislike it, but they do absurd amounts of damage, so I use it anyways while I close my eyes. Shots fired captain! Just speaking my mind here, that's all. I am glad I have been writing all this content about this game, it gets a lot of my chest, and it actually brings some stuff to talk about! Which is always a good thing. I can go on forever and forever, but for the sake of your eyes, I try not to. Plus, I like writing in these type of part series. I'm used to now. Defiantly like it better than my old writing method. I'm growing up CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Though in all honesty, does have a window of opportunity to grow, and blossom, before other AAA titles are bound to be released. I.E Wild Star. I try not to compare them to each other, because they are different, but they are star titles, and with Elder Scrolls Online already released (Duh). I wonder have WildStar will do with the subscription model as well, and how well their launch/first month will go. I have no pre-ordered, or done anything with WS as of yet, still waiting for the dark to get closer, and do some more research on the game. I do suspect that I will get it just to do a review series on it. You know?

Well, if you enjoyed this post, and would like to talk about it. Leave a comment below, or tweet me at @SirIsaacJewton CHEERS!