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Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P4]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 20 2014 at 10:18PM
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And so we continue....

Holy moly, how rough has it been for ESO lately? Well, extremely, with duping bugs, Zenimax having to takw down guild banks, and etc. What is this world coming to? Yes, it's new, but it's like, holy cow, get your act together. Now it's hard, and it's Zenimax's first MMO, and I shouldn't try to make excuses for them, but it just needs to be said. What can they do to resolve this? I'm not sure, I don't know what is on their end, and honestly I wanna know what goes behind the scenes, they need to be real with us. People's complaints are valid, and need to be addressed pronto. I'm no PR specialist, but they need to do some damage control, and be like "Listen, we have some bumps to go over, and it's been terrible so far, but bare with us, please". They shouldn't beg for forgiveness, but be real with us, and gives us some relief on what's going on. If that's even possible now.

Besides all that, i've been playing some multiple characters now, trying to still feel out what I like the most, which is probably still DragonKnight, just because, you know? I think because of how I like the game play, I can really look beyond all the bugs and such, barely but I can. I really feel like Zenimax, was not ready for any of this. I think they expected some problems, but at this level? No, I don't think they did. I don't think I would either, I mean a dupe bug? I actually didn't see this coming, I saw all the gold spammers, and some glitches/bugs, but a dupe bug is pretty extreme if I do say so myself. I'm able to write so much about this game, because of all the issues it has, and it really let's me get some stress off because of this game.

I recently was able to talk to one of my good friends who plays this game a lot, and has quit other games because of this game, and I sat down with him, and had a good debate about this game. We both made solid points, about pros and cons, and eventually he wore me down with some great facts. Because he plays the game more than I do, he has some solid points about later in the game, which I haven't reached yet. He did say this, which I completely agree with, level 1-11, is completely garbage. His words, not mine. He said "It's really hard to get past the starting areas, and those levels, but afterwards, and completing the first area, you really unlock the true game, and it becomes fun". I agree with him 100%. I really do dislike the beginning of the game, which usually I don't, because it gives you somewhat of a feel for the game, the beginning of the game does not do any justice for how the game really plays out.

So if you can get past those levels, and those of you who disagree with me, props to you. The game really takes off, I got through them but just looting everything, and exploring! We also talked about you know, leveling, pvp, everything about the game really, it was a really good discussion, and it shed some new light on the game. Now, can I experience what he has? No, because it's different from everyone, but I can look at it from a different perspective now for sure. He hasn't really tried pvp he said, and he really likes the PvE aspect more than anything, coming from games like Skyrim, and Oblivion. Those games are the big reasons he is playing this game, it has the name Elder Scrolls with it. In many ways it does play like an ES game, which is a really good thing, and they really need to expand on that! If they do, I think a lot of players will stick around, and more players will come in.

I'm really curious about the numbers after the first month. How many people bought the game, how many people are still subbed, etc. I don't think they will release the numbers, due to the fact of how the game is going, but... Here is to hope that they give us some sort of number, pertaining to the information I just spoke about. Throw us a bone here please. So with all the issues, and bugs, and etc, I really think the game still has a glimmer of hope to shine, and bring some hope to the player base. Now, it's just up to Zenimax, and how they handle it from here on how the game is going to do. People are liking it, some people aren't, it's about 50/50 with the people I have talked to right now.

One of the guilds I am in is a heavy role playing guild, and I have dabbled into that a little bit, and I must say, with the Lore, and story line, etc, I find the game really fun to role play. Having a huge DnD background, pen and paper, being a player, and a veteran Dungeon Master it's a whole lot of funny, I encourage people to try it at least once. Maybe even a light RP guild would be good, as mine is heavy it's more extreme and fun. I'd say because of my PnP DnD background, I have more fun with it, because I can get heavily involved in it.

Before I end this, I want to touch on a how they come improve this game a little. What do they have to do? Multiple things, and I have already touched on it a little bit, but I wanted to expand on one key issue I have right now. I feel like there is a little lack of quests. Yes, you explore and find random ones, and there are some where NPCs come to you begging for help. I'm not talking about adding quest hubs or anything, just give me some more. I feel like they are spread out to much sometimes, and I feel bad for people without horses, because the travel time, if there isn't a way point can be a big hassle, and can get aggravating. That's one thing I would really like to see is more quests, please?

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