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Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P3]

Posted by Limitations Friday April 18 2014 at 1:58AM
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And so the adventure continues...

Alright, so lately I have been ragging on this game to much, and I feel kind of bad, because i'm not being fair. It's kind of hard since you have such a strong opinion on a game. It feels odd writing a lot about this game, because it's sort of the hot subject right now, and hell i'm playing it, and since it's a hot subject, might as well give my two cents while i'm at it, I mean... That is what I do around here, or at least try to. I've made multiple characters now, one of each class, and yes... They are all Imperials. Since I have it, might as well use it. Am I right? I've seen a lot of DKs, and Templars, more than I have anything else for some reason. Maybe it's just me? Both are strong solo classes, I prefer my DK to anything else though, being a fire Sub Zero is pretty cool at times. Nah mean? I'm also going one hand and shield, typically because I like the look of it, and you can level up every weapon type, which is really neat. I don't plan on doing multiple ones, maybe I will later on, but i'm focused on one handed and shield at the moment. I like being a little more tanky. So, I sort of covered a little of what I know about end game content, and how people speak highly of it. I watched some YouTube videos and such, and it looked kind of neat, but it just depends on how the next two weeks go for me. I'm still up in the air about renewing the subscription.

I know a lot of people are just waiting for the Free to Play stage to come in for this game, and honestly... I think it will eventually, give it a year or so, maybe they will surprise us with good subscription numbers, and we'll all be shocked. I would rather have actual sub numbers than registered accounts. I want activate player numbers you know? A game could have over 10 million registered accounts, and only 200k of it active you know? I want them to be real with us, and if they are low numbers, own up to their mistakes, and say "Hey, we messed up, give us time to fix it". If that happened, and they made a statement like that, i'd give them props. Look what happened to FFXIV. If they want me as a continued subscriber, they gotta be honest and real with me.

The Official forums are a complete mess, and most of my discussion comes from Reddit, and various other sites. I feel like i'd end up on a different planet if I went through those forums. I think they should re-do those forums, maybe it'll take some time, but god damn would it be worth it. I love to forum lurk, I do it on here, hell I do it on TSW, FFXIV, WoW, and such, but those forums are just a complete mess. To have some actual discussion on the game, I talk in-game or on Reddit it seems to get the most out of everything I wanna talk about, rant or not. I feel like this game has so much to improve on, and it's on a time limit. What do I mean exactly?

I truly think a lot of people had high hopes for this game, and it was a huge let down. Either from the game play, the company, the bugs or whatever it may be. A lot of people feel like it crashed, and is still burning. Though, the launch was smoother than I expected. Better than most launches I have played through, the lasting effect of the game is still yet to be found. Speaking from the heart, I don't want this game to fail at all, I love Elder Scroll games. This game does feel like a Elder Scrolls game, it has a nice story line, and it's on the right track, they just have to add/improve a lot more things to the game. (Ahem, inventory space please). I could find so many more things to complain about, but I realized we are still in the first month, and let's see what they can fix.

Though, it seems the bugs are increasing. People are still losing bank inventory, and things of that nature. One person even reported that he lost all of his skills! Boy, that would just be so killer for me, I'd go ballistic, and call Customer Service ASAP, if you could ever get ahold of them of course. I feel really sorry for the people affected by this bugs, they are really killer. I do hope all of this gets resolved soon. For other people's sake you know? There has been a lot of talk about an Item Dupe recently, and maybe some of the readers could enlighten me on this? Much of what I know is the Reddit talk, and other forum talk about it. I'm curious on how big this problem is, or could become.

What would I like ZOS to do in the future? Well, we all know I want more inventory space, that's a given. Something I would like to see, even though it puts more themepark into the game, is more quests in starting areas. I know you can find quest, just about everywhere, which I have done, but I feel like there should be some that are closer together. Maybe, i'm just spoiled, from themepark linear games, but I dunno, I would just like to see more quests is all. Maybe i'm just not doing enough for my own fancy? Another thing I would like to see changed, or tweaked is monster experience. I think i'll get a lot of hate for this, but I feel like they should give some experience you know? I know you can build experience for your weapon/armor and stuff, but level experience as well would be nice.

A better trading system, a.k.a an auction house really needs to be implemented. I like the fact I can join multiple guilds, but there needs more than that for mass trading. Keep it, and add an auction house, I would be fine with that, I really would. Auction house, or something just more of it, I think they are going for hardcore social interaction, but some people just need an auction house, or just damn prefer it. Sometimes I'm not going to be social, and just want to look up what I wanna buy. Though, chewing down people in price is sometimes worth it all. Heh. I also feel like they could smooth out the combat animations, a little bit. I seem to stop moving every once in awhile while in combat, and still able to be hit. It's really annoying, and I'm not the only one experiencing it either it seems!

I'm still waiting for this game to WOW me, it has impressed me, but i'm not blown off my chair or anything. We will see what happens in the weeks to come. I would love to hear from you all, leave a comment if you wanna discuss this post, or drop me a tweet @SirIsaacJewton. Cheers! writes:
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