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Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P2]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday April 16 2014 at 12:50AM
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And so we continue....

So, last post I hit hard on Zenimax. I mean, I was really harsh, with a lot of valid reasons. Issues, many, many people like me are experiencing, sadly. So, if we look past all of this, and look at the actual game, we can delve a little deeper into it. I was lacking on the game play last post, and I want to take a little more time explaining what I liked about the game.

I would like to expand on crafting just a tad more. I never like crafting in any game, besides maybe, World Of Warcraft, just because it was easy. I'm spoiled remember? ESO really took crafting, and made it into a masterpiece, at least in my book. I made better items, than what quests gave me. I made meals that increased my health and stamina by a LOT. So, it was good. I found the stuff I needed while exploring/questing, so I didn't have to go out of my way to find the materials I needed for what I was going to make. I really like that, I didn't have to yonder so far away from my actual objective to get what I need. Time saving, is amazing. Along with that, I really did enjoy crafting. I mean, it didn't feel like a chore, I was excited when I could make new stuff, fancy shiny new things are always good on my book.

Combat was fluid to me at least. A lot of dodging, and blocking, and smacking faces. I always enjoy smacking people in the face, who wouldn't? I feel like ranged combat is more fun though, spells/arrows are just cool in first person view, as well as in third person. Personal preference, but I like third person more than first person. Always have, probably always will. So, combat was a plus for me. I think a lot of other people have enjoyed the combat as well, it didn't make questing boring, and it kept things interesting, where I had to move around a lot, and not just sit there, and just smash buttons.

This wouldn't be a normal post if I also didn't talk about the negatives of the game, which are plenty, more so than the pros. I have a bigger list than last time, but I won't talk about them all, I will talk about the ones I have a stronger opinion on, and go into a little detail on why it bothers me, and why it should be better/fixed.

Inventory space. I like how they can show you by items, and such. Equipment, etc, etc. I think it could have been made better, 60 slots isn't enough for me, and you can upgrade it, but... It's just not enough for a person who loots everything, and doesn't sell very often, maybe that's my own problem but hell I don't like it. I mean yes, we have a bank, but hell.... I like things in my inventory, just so I can look at it every now and then... Does that make me odd? You can upgrade it, but I would rather have like a weight system, rather than I can only carry 60 items. I hope they do something about this in the future, sooner or later.

PvP. Now, i'm more of a PvE kind of person, but I enjoy a good PvP game every now and then, so when I hit level 10, I decided to check it out. Was I impressed? I was a little confused at first, but followed some guidelines, and listened to directions in chat, so I got into it by doing that, but it wasn't.... what I thought you would feel, I really didn't see a heat on the moment sort of thing. A lot of AOE heal spam, and running away it seemed. Not my kind of thing, I touched it a few times, and then just chose to go back to PvE content. I feel like it is a decent RvRvR system, but it's just not for me. A lot of people were in where I was playing but no heat of the moment, no blood rushing, just... Meh. I don't think I need to go further into this subject.

There are a vast amounts of bugs going around, and I am not sure how fast they are getting fixed. Rarely, have I had games just shut down on me, or stop during a loading screen, and force me to close it down. I mean, not that it happens ALL the time, but when it does, he seems to have frequently after that. I haven't had to reinstall the game or anything, but the frustration comes in. Overall, what I thought about the launch was it went pretty smooth for me, but then the bugs kicked in, and sort of went downhill. The fact that I am still playing the game is because I want to play at least for a full month, for just talk value it seems now.

Yes, I am enjoying the PvE side of the game, and finding, and crafting, and what not. Though, I can play Skyrim or any ES game for that fact and do that, and not be required to pay a monthly sub.  I mean, I could go on and on about  why I don't think I should pay a monthly fee for this game. I do prefer a sub model, I have said that in the past, I like paying for a quality game, that produces quality content. I am okay with that. Though I still feel like I am not getting my money's worth out of this product yet, and for the record... I am continually playing this game, daily. I want to get my month's worth first, and go from there.  Not a likely renewal for me so far, and I don't see that changing at all from what I seen.

I do want to get to end game content though. I have heard really good things about it, and it makes me want to continue to play more than a month, if needed to reach there. So i'm a little confused on what to do. Money isn't a problem, it's just a principle thing really. I doubt I will hit end game during my first months play, because of how my play style is with this game. I have a lot of buddies that actually play this game, that are taking a break from FFXIV, and WoW to play this game, and talking to them they have a completely different opinion on what i have on the game. It's kinda interesting hearing them talk to highly of the game, and listen to them talk about what they love about it.

It does seem like some people are taking the bugs in stride like I am, and having the mentality of "Bugs happen in every game". Which I agree 100%, but it seems they are more vicious in this game than any other MMO I have played. Yes, it's still new, but can they recover from this? I wonder if Zenimax is listening to all the naysayers, surely they are listening to the praise, but I am curious on what they think about all the negativity. I'm also curious to see if Zenimax has the potential to make this game more vast than it already is. Since they already announced their first content patch, I will be watching this patch, and the next few down the road as well to see what they add, and fix.

If you want to discuss this with me, leave a comment below, or tweet at me @SirIsaacJewton Part 3 will be up next week. Cheers!