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Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P1]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 13 2014 at 12:20AM
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And so it begins....

So, Elder Scrolls has been out, for two weeks now. I'll be completely honest, I sold out, and bought the imperial edition, so I could have the early access, and... Yes, the Imperial Race. Was it worth it? Well, that depends on who you ask, I just like having the the more expensive edition, just so I can say, oh yeah, I have that. Ego much? So, what do I think about this game so far? It's vastly improved since Beta. There is some major flaws in the game still though, and i'm talking about MAJOR flaws, at least to me. Though, despite those flaws which I will talk about later, i'm having fun. How much fun? Well, I don't think it's as fun as say FFXIV. Remember, these are my opinions. Why isn't it as fun? FFXIV is a very polished MMO, we can all agree on that. The story line is great, patch 2.2 came out, even though ESO has announced their first major content patch. Don't get me wrong, exploring and finding random quests, and just looting everything, and crafting plays a major role, it's just not... Polished? I find it kind of unfinished. Though, it has time to improve of course, lots of time. Will the player base be patient enough though? I think to an extent they will be, but... Do I have the patience? No.

That being said, let's talk about the bad. No auction house. I really hate that. Sure, there is guild trading, and you can join up to five guilds, and guilds are going fully for trading. I've seen a lot just for that, and that's cool, but... I don't want to join a guild just so I can get some items. Zone chat is filled with WTS, and WTB, and I think it's social, but I mean, we are spoiled, and damnit I want an auction house. I don't have much to trade, and I don't like spending my gold, but if I find a deal, i'll make it. There is a lot of bugs, falling forever, losing bank stuff, inventory stuff. This is the first game in awhile, where bugs have actually affected me. I don't like that, no one does, and I really hate these bugs. Probably the worst thing about ESO, is actually not about the game. It's the customer service. It's god damn awful. I've talked poorly about SE before, but Zenimax? They take it to a new level of incompetence. Maybe, they didn't expect the volume of needed CS, but god damn, I hate these people. Useless, i'm being harsh, because it's how I feel. I've gotten responses, that make me scratch my head, and lose IQ points, and i'm not a smart man to begin with, we all know this.

I've dealt with a lot of CS people, for a lot of different companies, but damn, Zenimax tops the charts. I get it, a lot of people are having problems, but when you actually respond to my emails/tickets. Give me a smart response. It's just awful, I cannot stress that enough. It's almost, ALMOST a deal breaker for me. It really is.

Okay, enough of the bad. I'll talk a little bit on the good things. Crafting, it's important, it actually makes good items. I enjoy doing it. Making items, that are better than drops, and quest rewards? Good. I like that. Exploring, I love it. Random quests, and just finding really cool spots, and skyshards. I cheat, and use an addon for finding them, but hey, it's easier! I've grouped more than most MMOs, and have had a lot of help killing harder mobs/bosses by random people. I don't talk to them sometimes, but they help, and sometimes they kill themselves on accident, and it's hilarious... To me! Questing, and even side quests have a really well made story lines, and voice acting is pretty good. I actually listen/read the quest, and get involved with it. Really minds me of SWTOR questing. I read every book/pages I find, even the longer ones, and some of em are really funny. There is more good stuff, but is little, and not worth mentioning.

Like I said before though, I really feel like ESO is not polished, and needs a lot of work. As for the subscription, vs free to play debate. I'll jab into that a little bit. Does this game merit a subscription as it stands now? No, it does not. It would be an amazing free to play game, top tier, and probably the most popular. It may top 100k subs, and maybe more, but I do not think the game will be able to strive off the sub model. Not the way it stands, not with all the bugs, and the problems the game has. I will not renew my subscription as it stands. I do not think it merits it, and it's not worth my money. I don't 'regret buying the game, I think a month's value is pretty good so far, but it doesn't have the longevity that I need for a game. It just doesn't, it's not worth my earned money.  Do I think it will convert to free to play? I think it should, and ZOS should think about this, in about 6-12 months it should really consider the switch. They will make more profit. I also think if they do convert to the model, they should either tier the game, or make it completely free to game, with a cash shop. Why?

I think the game could make it as a completely free to play game, like Rift, and what Trion is doing with AA, (I think, I didn't do much research on AA so far, apologies if I'm wrong). Will tiered work for it, as per say EQ2? Yes, I think it could work. I think most people would like the Rift model more. They should seriously consider this model. I think it was Angry Joe, who said this game would be way better as a free to play model game, and for once, I agree with the dude. It could work. I don't think the game was designed for the model, and maybe it was down the road. If the game lives off subs, congrats to them, but as it stands now, I will not renew my monthly sub, and move back to FFXIV. Just because it's polished.

Before my month is up, I will continually post about the game, until the sub is up. Leave a comment below if you wanna discuss this post, or tweet at me @SirIsaacJewton. Cheers!