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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Elder Scrolls Online [P7] [Final]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday April 30 2014 at 3:35PM
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And so we finish it...

Alas, Part 7, and the finish of this series. What a bumpy ride it as been, and sadly... A let down in the end. I've been over this many times, and it just fell short of what I expected, and what I needed. I got my month's worth of game play, and well... I can't ask for much more than that. Overall, a very decent experience, nothing new, or exciting. Yet, I feel like this game is missing some very crucial pieces, and hopefully they will find their place in the puzzle eventually. This game has gotten mixed reviews from a lot of websites, some with higher scores, some with mediocre scores. What do I say about all this? Well, who cares about my opinion, but... I think a lot of them hit some fair points, but I think this game deserves at least 6/10, if not a little more. I think if it wasn't plagued with what happened, it would have gotten a higher score from some people, or with more content?

I'll give my official score at the end of this post, but first... Let's talk about the overall experience I have gotten from this game. Since this is the final post, you can tell I will not be renewing my subscription to the game. Somehow I wish I didn't feel this need to not pay for the game, but to me it just doesn't merit the subscription price. That being said, maybe down the road, in a few months time it will be worthy of one, but as it stands, I don't think I should be paying 15$ to play the game in it's current state. I believe it's five days when the first month free ends, and let's see the aftermath of that. I'm excited to see what happens to the game. I won't be in-game of course to see what the playerbase is like, but I can read on the official forums and from word of mouth as well. So, either way i'll get some information. I truly feel that Zenimax could have done a way better job. Let's just hope they have a good direction and follow it completely.

Out of the game they are struggling. I have had some really bad experience with Customer Support, worse than Square Enix's support team, which is saying a lot! Though, it could improve in time, when things slow down and they are able to help more people out, and i'm talking about actually helping them... Not giving them false hope or information, nah mean? So, probably in due time all aspects of the game, inside and out will be fluid. I hope for the sake of current, and future subs it will.

I am saddened that I couldn't make it to "Late" game. It does suck, but I told myself in the beginning, that if I didn't feel at the end if the game didn't merit the sub, I would not renew it, and it just doesn't fill that roll. I assure you, if I felt like it did, I would not finish the series with this post, it would continue for a much longer series. As it doesn't, we will end it here, and will some solid notes. I will continue to watch the game, and maybe down the road, I will try the game out again, and then do something from there. However, I don't see that coming soon, but hey, they could surprise me in the end, who knows? It's been extremely fun role playing the game, and I think the three main things I will miss from this game is that, exploring, and crafting. Sure, I can role play any game, but this game just had something about it... That it was better for role playing. (Though, DDO had the best role playing... Ever).

I've been over the pros and cons to many times to re-write them here, probably because I'm a lazy bastard, and don't even want to copy and paste to waste your time, so we'll leave that, at that. It's been a very bumpy journey, and has more downs than up. Which is okay, it's just in the baby steps of the game, and I knew that coming into the game, but the plague of bugs just made it worse, and worse for me. My last days was mostly role playing, and chilling out with the guild(s). It was a calm last few days, and the whole month the game play has been somewhat non stressful. I took a casual approach to the game, and it paid off. I don't think I could play this game as hardcore as FFXIV (Even though some people say it's a total casual fest). As I took this approach is paid off more than I could ever believe.

I finished my quests, and reached level 40. (10 levels away from the max level). Had fun with my DragonKnight, and somewhat missed out of the fun people have with their Templars. But, the time has come for this game to end for me, and it does sadden me. Over-all, with everything I went through with this game, I would give this game a solid 7/10. I said before it deserves more than a 6, but not more than a 7. Thank you for reading the Elder Scrolls Online series from me, and hope you enjoyed each read. I will see you next time!

If you would like to discuss this post, or this series, leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Elder Scrolls Online [P6]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 27 2014 at 2:13AM
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Our Journey continues further...

Well, it's been a pretty lousy weekend so far for Elder Scrolls Online. I've joined the five guilds you can, (Maximum). Trading more, and meeting new people. It's still extremely annoying for me not to have an auction house. So, with the first month almost being over, what is that going to mean for the game? A lot. How many people are gonna ditch after it's up, how many people have already ditched. Who plans on staying around just a little longer to see where it ends up down the road. I have endless questions about the first month for them. With Matt's first State of The Game, they talked about what they really need to be fixing, and how they plan on doing so. I must say, the launch was running smoothly for the first couple of days, little to no DCs, or infinite screens. Now those are hitting me like crazy. Massive FPS issues, constant freezing, and of course crashing. It seemed to hit me all at once, you know? I was actually so fed up with it yesterday, that I just Alt F4 out'd and just said "Peace". That's how aggravating it was for me. Just so annoying. I feel awful for the people who have went through this from the start. Like I said in previous posts, I tend to not actually get the worst of bugs, if I do, they aren't the main ones, just smaller bugs.

Gold spammers are not just a constant problem for me now. I'm usually pretty calm about the spam, easily to ignore them, but when there is a ton of them in chat? Please, god... Shoot me in the fact. There was one point where I quit trying to ready other things going on. I know you can switch tabs, but... I dislike doing that. My own thing, sorry. I don't want to spend 5 minutes ignoring every gold spammer, when 100x more are going to pop up. I mean, when FFXIV had it pretty bad, but it's been pretty calmed down. I play on one the most populated servers as well! I hope they get this all cleared up, and just find an absolute fix for it. It needs to be fixed, and I'd rather than fix it and when they apply the fix it actually work, rather than roll it out ASAP. Going back to the main focus of this post, was that the first month is going to end soon, and what does that mean for me personally?

Sadly, I don't think I will renew my subscription to this game. I won't bore you with the reasons like I have in the past, but yeah, I literally think that i'm not going to renew the sub. Why do I say sadly? I think deep down I had extremely high hopes for this game, even though I didn't want to admit it or anything. I was on the fence about this game a lot actually, but deep deep down, I wanted this game to be that one MMO that I could call home. (I already do that with FFXIV). Even though FFXIV is my main MMORPG, if Elder Scrolls Online was the game I had hoped for, it would have been shelved, and this one would have become the "Home" per say. I've been over what I feel like needs to be done. People are still talking about, well it's going free to play within 6 months to a year. I still stand by my statement that this game should consider free to play. If they do consider it, and chose not to, that's fine by them. I'd rather them really consider it, and say no, than just be out right about it, and be like "Hey, we believe in this model, and we are going to stick with it". If they say that, and their numbers start to dwindle... They could be in some very deep trouble.

I do not want to say this game was a failure, but deep down because of my high hopes, it was a let down. That's a better word for it. Let down. Why? It just all that has happened in the first month. They were slandered with what they are currently going through now. Exploits, Gold Spammers, etc. Yes, every MMORPG goes through this. FFXIV had a terrible launch, and took awhile to recover from. (Damn those servers). Every game has this launch issue, every game did, believe it or not. I think generally people feel like it's such a huge IP that they expected a better production out of it, and more anticipation of what is to come. Future games like Wild Star can look at this, and learn from it. Well, any game could really, but since Wild Star is still on people's radar, it seems like they could learn from this.

It's sad it didn't live up to my expectations, but I will still play though the end of my first month subscription. I suspect a few more posts, maybe two or more before I end this series.

Game play wise, I'm still enjoying crafting, and the story line, and of course adventure time! I'm still getting used to all the combat animations, some are more sloppy than others, but once you get it down, you just get used to it you know? Some of the animations are extremely clunky, and I dislike it, but they do absurd amounts of damage, so I use it anyways while I close my eyes. Shots fired captain! Just speaking my mind here, that's all. I am glad I have been writing all this content about this game, it gets a lot of my chest, and it actually brings some stuff to talk about! Which is always a good thing. I can go on forever and forever, but for the sake of your eyes, I try not to. Plus, I like writing in these type of part series. I'm used to now. Defiantly like it better than my old writing method. I'm growing up CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Though in all honesty, does have a window of opportunity to grow, and blossom, before other AAA titles are bound to be released. I.E Wild Star. I try not to compare them to each other, because they are different, but they are star titles, and with Elder Scrolls Online already released (Duh). I wonder have WildStar will do with the subscription model as well, and how well their launch/first month will go. I have no pre-ordered, or done anything with WS as of yet, still waiting for the dark to get closer, and do some more research on the game. I do suspect that I will get it just to do a review series on it. You know?

Well, if you enjoyed this post, and would like to talk about it. Leave a comment below, or tweet me at @SirIsaacJewton CHEERS!

Elder Scrolls Online [P5]

Posted by Limitations Thursday April 24 2014 at 1:02AM
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Our adventure continues...

So, Matt Firor, posted the first state of the game, and it detailed a bunch of stuff. Fighting gold spammers, bug fixes, and etc. I'm glad Matt posted this, and talked about it all. Maybe it's a sign of relief for some people, others... Didn't take it that well. When I read it, I was pleased of what was said, and they are doing their best to resolve everything. What does this mean for the future of the game? The last thing Matt said in the address was "We're working on fixing problems, We're combatting black market gold farmers, and we have a hefty new patch coming shortly. ESO is already an awesome game, and it will only get better from here. Thanks for your patience and support, and I'll see you in Tamriel." I agree ESO is an awesome game, and i'm glad they believe they can make it better, with patches coming, and etc. It looks bright for the game.

On the other hand though... It could get a lot worse from here. I don't think they will rid of gold spammers 100%, I would say around 40-60% they could do away with, because it's just a massive problem with the game right now, along with the numerous bugs, and etc. I don't want any more harm to come to this game. A lot of popular reviewers/websites have already done their job, and gave the game a score. Angry Joe I believe was a 5/10. Deserved? Some may think so, I don't like doing the whole number thing. It's still way to early for me to give a such a review like that, i'm still doing the work in progress thing here. I'm better that way. With how this launch is going, and etc. I'm not sure how the game is doing in terms of numbers. It's harder to feel it out when it's one mega server you know? I'm not sure how I like the whole mega server idea. I mean, there is a lot of chat going on, social things etc.

I'm used to you know multiple servers/realms whatever you want to call them. Most of the time I play on the higher populated servers, because I have an idea of what it's like. However, I haven't put much thought into the whole mega server infrastructure, but I have no problem meeting people, grouping and making friends, so with that being said it's okay. I think deep down i'd still prefer multiple servers, but hell... I'm not going to complain. When I have a hard time finding groups, and things like that... I'll start complaining. If the game somehow becomes a ghost town, a mega server idea will crash and burn hard. It's not a ghost town, so let's not worry about that right now shall we?

Shockingly, I've put a lot of time into the game recently, and it's improving what I think of the game overall. I've put a hold on FFXIV, and other games to play this one. So the game overall is getting better for me. I can actually play the game for about 3-4 hours before wanting to get off, before it was after a few quests, or something small like that. So improving on the time I play is really good, i'm not getting bored or anything. It's just more of the lines of... I wanna play League of Legends now or go watch Netflix. At least it's not like I would have more fun watching random cat videos on YouTube. It's not on par on how much I could spend time on like FFXIV or anything, nor do I think it ever will, but hell... I'm enjoying the hours I am spending on it right now.

I was reading somewhere and someone said this "It seems like people have forgotten how to have fun in MMOs". I can apply this to any game i am talking about but since it's ESO we are talking about right now, i'd like to expand on this just a little bit. When I read that it made me think a little, I think it's kind of true. A lot of people just don't have fun with their games anymore. It's more of a chore, or a second job to them. I have once felt like that before, and I made a list of things I could do to enjoy the game more, and cross off the ones that didn't affect anything, and did the things that made the game seem like less of a chore. With ESO, I actually have more than the usual amount of things I can do, besides the normal stuff. (Story line, questing, crafting, etc).

The #1 thing I do to get away from the normal, is role playing. I'm doing it more and more now, and it's a lot of fun. I talked about it in the last post, but actually taking charge in role playing has made it a lot more fun. I even do it while questing, and etc to make it even more fun! I do admit... I have died because I have been typing to much... I'm not a failure, I just got to into character, there is a huge difference people. Exploring is another one that is pretty huge for me. I sometimes just go as far as I want to see the land, and take it all in. I then Teleport to where my quest is, and go back to square one. The list goes on, which I don't want to bore you with, but you get the general idea here. You have to do what you need to do to have fun in any game. Single player, multiplayer, or MMO. It may take longer than others, but in the end it was defiantly worth it for me, and I am having 100x more fun than usual.

So what else will ESO have to tell me? Hopefully a lot more, considering i'm not to far into the game right now. Taking as much sweet time as I want/need to. I really don't want to rush anything, just like I didn't rush an ES game really. I will treat this one no differently. So with that being said, I think i'm going to play a little bit more before I go to bed. Just get some questing done, and some crafting done.

I must say I really enjoy writing this series, and as I'm playing the game, there is a lot more to talk about as time goes on. If you wanna discuss this post, leave a comment below, or tweet me at @SirIsaacJewton

Elder Scrolls Online [P4]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 20 2014 at 10:18PM
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And so we continue....

Holy moly, how rough has it been for ESO lately? Well, extremely, with duping bugs, Zenimax having to takw down guild banks, and etc. What is this world coming to? Yes, it's new, but it's like, holy cow, get your act together. Now it's hard, and it's Zenimax's first MMO, and I shouldn't try to make excuses for them, but it just needs to be said. What can they do to resolve this? I'm not sure, I don't know what is on their end, and honestly I wanna know what goes behind the scenes, they need to be real with us. People's complaints are valid, and need to be addressed pronto. I'm no PR specialist, but they need to do some damage control, and be like "Listen, we have some bumps to go over, and it's been terrible so far, but bare with us, please". They shouldn't beg for forgiveness, but be real with us, and gives us some relief on what's going on. If that's even possible now.

Besides all that, i've been playing some multiple characters now, trying to still feel out what I like the most, which is probably still DragonKnight, just because, you know? I think because of how I like the game play, I can really look beyond all the bugs and such, barely but I can. I really feel like Zenimax, was not ready for any of this. I think they expected some problems, but at this level? No, I don't think they did. I don't think I would either, I mean a dupe bug? I actually didn't see this coming, I saw all the gold spammers, and some glitches/bugs, but a dupe bug is pretty extreme if I do say so myself. I'm able to write so much about this game, because of all the issues it has, and it really let's me get some stress off because of this game.

I recently was able to talk to one of my good friends who plays this game a lot, and has quit other games because of this game, and I sat down with him, and had a good debate about this game. We both made solid points, about pros and cons, and eventually he wore me down with some great facts. Because he plays the game more than I do, he has some solid points about later in the game, which I haven't reached yet. He did say this, which I completely agree with, level 1-11, is completely garbage. His words, not mine. He said "It's really hard to get past the starting areas, and those levels, but afterwards, and completing the first area, you really unlock the true game, and it becomes fun". I agree with him 100%. I really do dislike the beginning of the game, which usually I don't, because it gives you somewhat of a feel for the game, the beginning of the game does not do any justice for how the game really plays out.

So if you can get past those levels, and those of you who disagree with me, props to you. The game really takes off, I got through them but just looting everything, and exploring! We also talked about you know, leveling, pvp, everything about the game really, it was a really good discussion, and it shed some new light on the game. Now, can I experience what he has? No, because it's different from everyone, but I can look at it from a different perspective now for sure. He hasn't really tried pvp he said, and he really likes the PvE aspect more than anything, coming from games like Skyrim, and Oblivion. Those games are the big reasons he is playing this game, it has the name Elder Scrolls with it. In many ways it does play like an ES game, which is a really good thing, and they really need to expand on that! If they do, I think a lot of players will stick around, and more players will come in.

I'm really curious about the numbers after the first month. How many people bought the game, how many people are still subbed, etc. I don't think they will release the numbers, due to the fact of how the game is going, but... Here is to hope that they give us some sort of number, pertaining to the information I just spoke about. Throw us a bone here please. So with all the issues, and bugs, and etc, I really think the game still has a glimmer of hope to shine, and bring some hope to the player base. Now, it's just up to Zenimax, and how they handle it from here on how the game is going to do. People are liking it, some people aren't, it's about 50/50 with the people I have talked to right now.

One of the guilds I am in is a heavy role playing guild, and I have dabbled into that a little bit, and I must say, with the Lore, and story line, etc, I find the game really fun to role play. Having a huge DnD background, pen and paper, being a player, and a veteran Dungeon Master it's a whole lot of funny, I encourage people to try it at least once. Maybe even a light RP guild would be good, as mine is heavy it's more extreme and fun. I'd say because of my PnP DnD background, I have more fun with it, because I can get heavily involved in it.

Before I end this, I want to touch on a how they come improve this game a little. What do they have to do? Multiple things, and I have already touched on it a little bit, but I wanted to expand on one key issue I have right now. I feel like there is a little lack of quests. Yes, you explore and find random ones, and there are some where NPCs come to you begging for help. I'm not talking about adding quest hubs or anything, just give me some more. I feel like they are spread out to much sometimes, and I feel bad for people without horses, because the travel time, if there isn't a way point can be a big hassle, and can get aggravating. That's one thing I would really like to see is more quests, please?

Leave a comment below if you'd like to discuss this post, or send me a tweet @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!

Elder Scrolls Online [P3]

Posted by Limitations Friday April 18 2014 at 2:58AM
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And so the adventure continues...

Alright, so lately I have been ragging on this game to much, and I feel kind of bad, because i'm not being fair. It's kind of hard since you have such a strong opinion on a game. It feels odd writing a lot about this game, because it's sort of the hot subject right now, and hell i'm playing it, and since it's a hot subject, might as well give my two cents while i'm at it, I mean... That is what I do around here, or at least try to. I've made multiple characters now, one of each class, and yes... They are all Imperials. Since I have it, might as well use it. Am I right? I've seen a lot of DKs, and Templars, more than I have anything else for some reason. Maybe it's just me? Both are strong solo classes, I prefer my DK to anything else though, being a fire Sub Zero is pretty cool at times. Nah mean? I'm also going one hand and shield, typically because I like the look of it, and you can level up every weapon type, which is really neat. I don't plan on doing multiple ones, maybe I will later on, but i'm focused on one handed and shield at the moment. I like being a little more tanky. So, I sort of covered a little of what I know about end game content, and how people speak highly of it. I watched some YouTube videos and such, and it looked kind of neat, but it just depends on how the next two weeks go for me. I'm still up in the air about renewing the subscription.

I know a lot of people are just waiting for the Free to Play stage to come in for this game, and honestly... I think it will eventually, give it a year or so, maybe they will surprise us with good subscription numbers, and we'll all be shocked. I would rather have actual sub numbers than registered accounts. I want activate player numbers you know? A game could have over 10 million registered accounts, and only 200k of it active you know? I want them to be real with us, and if they are low numbers, own up to their mistakes, and say "Hey, we messed up, give us time to fix it". If that happened, and they made a statement like that, i'd give them props. Look what happened to FFXIV. If they want me as a continued subscriber, they gotta be honest and real with me.

The Official forums are a complete mess, and most of my discussion comes from Reddit, and various other sites. I feel like i'd end up on a different planet if I went through those forums. I think they should re-do those forums, maybe it'll take some time, but god damn would it be worth it. I love to forum lurk, I do it on here, hell I do it on TSW, FFXIV, WoW, and such, but those forums are just a complete mess. To have some actual discussion on the game, I talk in-game or on Reddit it seems to get the most out of everything I wanna talk about, rant or not. I feel like this game has so much to improve on, and it's on a time limit. What do I mean exactly?

I truly think a lot of people had high hopes for this game, and it was a huge let down. Either from the game play, the company, the bugs or whatever it may be. A lot of people feel like it crashed, and is still burning. Though, the launch was smoother than I expected. Better than most launches I have played through, the lasting effect of the game is still yet to be found. Speaking from the heart, I don't want this game to fail at all, I love Elder Scroll games. This game does feel like a Elder Scrolls game, it has a nice story line, and it's on the right track, they just have to add/improve a lot more things to the game. (Ahem, inventory space please). I could find so many more things to complain about, but I realized we are still in the first month, and let's see what they can fix.

Though, it seems the bugs are increasing. People are still losing bank inventory, and things of that nature. One person even reported that he lost all of his skills! Boy, that would just be so killer for me, I'd go ballistic, and call Customer Service ASAP, if you could ever get ahold of them of course. I feel really sorry for the people affected by this bugs, they are really killer. I do hope all of this gets resolved soon. For other people's sake you know? There has been a lot of talk about an Item Dupe recently, and maybe some of the readers could enlighten me on this? Much of what I know is the Reddit talk, and other forum talk about it. I'm curious on how big this problem is, or could become.

What would I like ZOS to do in the future? Well, we all know I want more inventory space, that's a given. Something I would like to see, even though it puts more themepark into the game, is more quests in starting areas. I know you can find quest, just about everywhere, which I have done, but I feel like there should be some that are closer together. Maybe, i'm just spoiled, from themepark linear games, but I dunno, I would just like to see more quests is all. Maybe i'm just not doing enough for my own fancy? Another thing I would like to see changed, or tweaked is monster experience. I think i'll get a lot of hate for this, but I feel like they should give some experience you know? I know you can build experience for your weapon/armor and stuff, but level experience as well would be nice.

A better trading system, a.k.a an auction house really needs to be implemented. I like the fact I can join multiple guilds, but there needs more than that for mass trading. Keep it, and add an auction house, I would be fine with that, I really would. Auction house, or something just more of it, I think they are going for hardcore social interaction, but some people just need an auction house, or just damn prefer it. Sometimes I'm not going to be social, and just want to look up what I wanna buy. Though, chewing down people in price is sometimes worth it all. Heh. I also feel like they could smooth out the combat animations, a little bit. I seem to stop moving every once in awhile while in combat, and still able to be hit. It's really annoying, and I'm not the only one experiencing it either it seems!

I'm still waiting for this game to WOW me, it has impressed me, but i'm not blown off my chair or anything. We will see what happens in the weeks to come. I would love to hear from you all, leave a comment if you wanna discuss this post, or drop me a tweet @SirIsaacJewton. Cheers!

Elder Scrolls Online [P2]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday April 16 2014 at 12:50AM
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And so we continue....

So, last post I hit hard on Zenimax. I mean, I was really harsh, with a lot of valid reasons. Issues, many, many people like me are experiencing, sadly. So, if we look past all of this, and look at the actual game, we can delve a little deeper into it. I was lacking on the game play last post, and I want to take a little more time explaining what I liked about the game.

I would like to expand on crafting just a tad more. I never like crafting in any game, besides maybe, World Of Warcraft, just because it was easy. I'm spoiled remember? ESO really took crafting, and made it into a masterpiece, at least in my book. I made better items, than what quests gave me. I made meals that increased my health and stamina by a LOT. So, it was good. I found the stuff I needed while exploring/questing, so I didn't have to go out of my way to find the materials I needed for what I was going to make. I really like that, I didn't have to yonder so far away from my actual objective to get what I need. Time saving, is amazing. Along with that, I really did enjoy crafting. I mean, it didn't feel like a chore, I was excited when I could make new stuff, fancy shiny new things are always good on my book.

Combat was fluid to me at least. A lot of dodging, and blocking, and smacking faces. I always enjoy smacking people in the face, who wouldn't? I feel like ranged combat is more fun though, spells/arrows are just cool in first person view, as well as in third person. Personal preference, but I like third person more than first person. Always have, probably always will. So, combat was a plus for me. I think a lot of other people have enjoyed the combat as well, it didn't make questing boring, and it kept things interesting, where I had to move around a lot, and not just sit there, and just smash buttons.

This wouldn't be a normal post if I also didn't talk about the negatives of the game, which are plenty, more so than the pros. I have a bigger list than last time, but I won't talk about them all, I will talk about the ones I have a stronger opinion on, and go into a little detail on why it bothers me, and why it should be better/fixed.

Inventory space. I like how they can show you by items, and such. Equipment, etc, etc. I think it could have been made better, 60 slots isn't enough for me, and you can upgrade it, but... It's just not enough for a person who loots everything, and doesn't sell very often, maybe that's my own problem but hell I don't like it. I mean yes, we have a bank, but hell.... I like things in my inventory, just so I can look at it every now and then... Does that make me odd? You can upgrade it, but I would rather have like a weight system, rather than I can only carry 60 items. I hope they do something about this in the future, sooner or later.

PvP. Now, i'm more of a PvE kind of person, but I enjoy a good PvP game every now and then, so when I hit level 10, I decided to check it out. Was I impressed? I was a little confused at first, but followed some guidelines, and listened to directions in chat, so I got into it by doing that, but it wasn't.... what I thought you would feel, I really didn't see a heat on the moment sort of thing. A lot of AOE heal spam, and running away it seemed. Not my kind of thing, I touched it a few times, and then just chose to go back to PvE content. I feel like it is a decent RvRvR system, but it's just not for me. A lot of people were in where I was playing but no heat of the moment, no blood rushing, just... Meh. I don't think I need to go further into this subject.

There are a vast amounts of bugs going around, and I am not sure how fast they are getting fixed. Rarely, have I had games just shut down on me, or stop during a loading screen, and force me to close it down. I mean, not that it happens ALL the time, but when it does, he seems to have frequently after that. I haven't had to reinstall the game or anything, but the frustration comes in. Overall, what I thought about the launch was it went pretty smooth for me, but then the bugs kicked in, and sort of went downhill. The fact that I am still playing the game is because I want to play at least for a full month, for just talk value it seems now.

Yes, I am enjoying the PvE side of the game, and finding, and crafting, and what not. Though, I can play Skyrim or any ES game for that fact and do that, and not be required to pay a monthly sub.  I mean, I could go on and on about  why I don't think I should pay a monthly fee for this game. I do prefer a sub model, I have said that in the past, I like paying for a quality game, that produces quality content. I am okay with that. Though I still feel like I am not getting my money's worth out of this product yet, and for the record... I am continually playing this game, daily. I want to get my month's worth first, and go from there.  Not a likely renewal for me so far, and I don't see that changing at all from what I seen.

I do want to get to end game content though. I have heard really good things about it, and it makes me want to continue to play more than a month, if needed to reach there. So i'm a little confused on what to do. Money isn't a problem, it's just a principle thing really. I doubt I will hit end game during my first months play, because of how my play style is with this game. I have a lot of buddies that actually play this game, that are taking a break from FFXIV, and WoW to play this game, and talking to them they have a completely different opinion on what i have on the game. It's kinda interesting hearing them talk to highly of the game, and listen to them talk about what they love about it.

It does seem like some people are taking the bugs in stride like I am, and having the mentality of "Bugs happen in every game". Which I agree 100%, but it seems they are more vicious in this game than any other MMO I have played. Yes, it's still new, but can they recover from this? I wonder if Zenimax is listening to all the naysayers, surely they are listening to the praise, but I am curious on what they think about all the negativity. I'm also curious to see if Zenimax has the potential to make this game more vast than it already is. Since they already announced their first content patch, I will be watching this patch, and the next few down the road as well to see what they add, and fix.

If you want to discuss this with me, leave a comment below, or tweet at me @SirIsaacJewton Part 3 will be up next week. Cheers!

Elder Scrolls Online [P1]

Posted by Limitations Sunday April 13 2014 at 1:20AM
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And so it begins....

So, Elder Scrolls has been out, for two weeks now. I'll be completely honest, I sold out, and bought the imperial edition, so I could have the early access, and... Yes, the Imperial Race. Was it worth it? Well, that depends on who you ask, I just like having the the more expensive edition, just so I can say, oh yeah, I have that. Ego much? So, what do I think about this game so far? It's vastly improved since Beta. There is some major flaws in the game still though, and i'm talking about MAJOR flaws, at least to me. Though, despite those flaws which I will talk about later, i'm having fun. How much fun? Well, I don't think it's as fun as say FFXIV. Remember, these are my opinions. Why isn't it as fun? FFXIV is a very polished MMO, we can all agree on that. The story line is great, patch 2.2 came out, even though ESO has announced their first major content patch. Don't get me wrong, exploring and finding random quests, and just looting everything, and crafting plays a major role, it's just not... Polished? I find it kind of unfinished. Though, it has time to improve of course, lots of time. Will the player base be patient enough though? I think to an extent they will be, but... Do I have the patience? No.

That being said, let's talk about the bad. No auction house. I really hate that. Sure, there is guild trading, and you can join up to five guilds, and guilds are going fully for trading. I've seen a lot just for that, and that's cool, but... I don't want to join a guild just so I can get some items. Zone chat is filled with WTS, and WTB, and I think it's social, but I mean, we are spoiled, and damnit I want an auction house. I don't have much to trade, and I don't like spending my gold, but if I find a deal, i'll make it. There is a lot of bugs, falling forever, losing bank stuff, inventory stuff. This is the first game in awhile, where bugs have actually affected me. I don't like that, no one does, and I really hate these bugs. Probably the worst thing about ESO, is actually not about the game. It's the customer service. It's god damn awful. I've talked poorly about SE before, but Zenimax? They take it to a new level of incompetence. Maybe, they didn't expect the volume of needed CS, but god damn, I hate these people. Useless, i'm being harsh, because it's how I feel. I've gotten responses, that make me scratch my head, and lose IQ points, and i'm not a smart man to begin with, we all know this.

I've dealt with a lot of CS people, for a lot of different companies, but damn, Zenimax tops the charts. I get it, a lot of people are having problems, but when you actually respond to my emails/tickets. Give me a smart response. It's just awful, I cannot stress that enough. It's almost, ALMOST a deal breaker for me. It really is.

Okay, enough of the bad. I'll talk a little bit on the good things. Crafting, it's important, it actually makes good items. I enjoy doing it. Making items, that are better than drops, and quest rewards? Good. I like that. Exploring, I love it. Random quests, and just finding really cool spots, and skyshards. I cheat, and use an addon for finding them, but hey, it's easier! I've grouped more than most MMOs, and have had a lot of help killing harder mobs/bosses by random people. I don't talk to them sometimes, but they help, and sometimes they kill themselves on accident, and it's hilarious... To me! Questing, and even side quests have a really well made story lines, and voice acting is pretty good. I actually listen/read the quest, and get involved with it. Really minds me of SWTOR questing. I read every book/pages I find, even the longer ones, and some of em are really funny. There is more good stuff, but is little, and not worth mentioning.

Like I said before though, I really feel like ESO is not polished, and needs a lot of work. As for the subscription, vs free to play debate. I'll jab into that a little bit. Does this game merit a subscription as it stands now? No, it does not. It would be an amazing free to play game, top tier, and probably the most popular. It may top 100k subs, and maybe more, but I do not think the game will be able to strive off the sub model. Not the way it stands, not with all the bugs, and the problems the game has. I will not renew my subscription as it stands. I do not think it merits it, and it's not worth my money. I don't 'regret buying the game, I think a month's value is pretty good so far, but it doesn't have the longevity that I need for a game. It just doesn't, it's not worth my earned money.  Do I think it will convert to free to play? I think it should, and ZOS should think about this, in about 6-12 months it should really consider the switch. They will make more profit. I also think if they do convert to the model, they should either tier the game, or make it completely free to game, with a cash shop. Why?

I think the game could make it as a completely free to play game, like Rift, and what Trion is doing with AA, (I think, I didn't do much research on AA so far, apologies if I'm wrong). Will tiered work for it, as per say EQ2? Yes, I think it could work. I think most people would like the Rift model more. They should seriously consider this model. I think it was Angry Joe, who said this game would be way better as a free to play model game, and for once, I agree with the dude. It could work. I don't think the game was designed for the model, and maybe it was down the road. If the game lives off subs, congrats to them, but as it stands now, I will not renew my monthly sub, and move back to FFXIV. Just because it's polished.

Before my month is up, I will continually post about the game, until the sub is up. Leave a comment below if you wanna discuss this post, or tweet at me @SirIsaacJewton. Cheers!