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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #28 To Our Forefathers(We Have Failed)

Posted by Limitations Tuesday April 13 2010 at 12:37PM
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I'm just going to go right ahead and say it... We have failed gaming, and gaming has failed us. I'll prepare for the flames, when i get done with this post. What do i mean by this? A year ago, i personally gave up on mmorpgs, developer's, publishers, the whole thing, because it kept failing me, and failing me. It gave me hopes, and crushed them down right as it got good. How? Expectations were not met, and i want a game that can live up too what it has told me. If it hasn't, i will say goodbye, and leave with a grin on my face. Honestly, i would. I wouldn't say i am disgusted with the market, i would rather say... I am very disappointed. Recent games, that i have played... Have really failed me... I will not say the names, because i do not want to harm the game's name, and the company, so i will keep it silent, until i can do it safely. Haha. Think back to a time, where you were truly happy with your mmorpg, i mean... Extremely happy, for those of you that can remember such a time, congratulations, pat yourselves on the back. For those of you who can't... Keep trying. You will eventually get there. Sadly for me, i wish i could forget the time where i was happy, because i can't go back there, why? Well, it would be the same yes, i would be happy... No, i wouldn't. It would be the same boring nature, that had me quit, it would just be a few months longer. Would i cherish those months? Possibly, but i think once it was over, i would regret, because it would be back to step one for me. Most of the games i play are not actual mmorpgs. (League Of Legends). They are room based games. For those of you who do not know, League of Legends, is A DOTA game. (Defense Of The Ancients). Why do i play it? I love that game, and for once, i can actually say LOVE. I've spent almost every hour, or every day i can playing that game, because it's intense, and at the same time... Pleasantly frustrating. It's a teamwork game, you actually have to have some smarts to win. Now, why can't i say i love an mmorpg? Because right now, none of em fit me. None of em fit my personality, and game style. "Oh, but you have not tried them all! Liar!" I've tried enough, to know, i will be let down again, so if your saying that in your mind. I don't mind, nor do i care, keep saying what you think. I touched on the subject of how gaming has failed us. How have we failed gaming? Read very close, this will get tricky, i hope to show you to the best of my ability, because even when i wrote this... I got myself lost. (Sad huh?). So, here we go.

Some of us need mmorpgs, some of us, just play to play. Hardcore, and casual if you want to say. Some of us are very in depth with our games, some of us just play just to waste time. Me? I play to win, depending on the game. With, league of legends, i play to win. I'm a hardcore player when it comes to that game, because i find that game my one true gaming love now. Some of us, give up way to early. Hence, we fail the game. "So, what... The game does not have feelings" True, but think of it as it did have feelings. Your level 5, your just beginning to get into the gaming world, suddenly you feel the deep grind set in, but your only level 5, how can that be!? OMG!? #Unistall. So, your level 5, you quit, before maybe... Finishing 5 quests? So, did you really give a chance? To some of us yes, to some of us no. For me, i must get to level 20-30, before i quit, unless it's really bad, then i let myself quit early. Heh. One of the greatest things i've seen today, when people flame  and hate... Is the "Clone" drama. "Omfg, wow clone, wow clone alert, stay away"  I want to strangle people who say that. So, what!? It's a clone of a game, which is very popular. Follow the trend right? I see clothing stores that clone each other, what if i went... "Omfg, you stole my clothing line, you bitch!" You know how many times i would hear that in school? Cloning is every where. We clone our heroes. Tv shows clone each other. It's just how it works. People will make, what people play the most, in this case, it would be... World Of Warcraft. Clones deserve a chance, even though they maybe identical, they will always have some differences, big or small. So, if your saying it's a clone... Get to level 30, then give your opinion, if not, shut the hell up. I don't wanna hear your mouth rant. So, if the game had feelings, and we quit at level 5, wouldn't it feel pretty low? You gave up on it, at such an early stage of the game. "Oh well, i hate the grind". Suck it up, we all do. I do, everyone does. Suck it up. (Harsh eh?).

I'm not saying all games have failed us. Some of us are very happy. Congrats to you, i love you for finding your love. If you feel like games have failed you, or you have failed a game. Keep trying, you will get there one of these days, maybe not now, but in the future you will. Trust me, i'm still waiting for an mmorpg to impress me. Until then, i am going to stick to League Of legends, and own some noobs up. Since, i am on the subject of LoL, if you are playing, or have any comments or questions. Leave a comment, or add me in-game at. Joshthenewt. It's a really fun game, i am highly addicted to it. Join me if you'd like, and i will shoot you some messages, and we will play some together.

Thank you for reading, comments and questions are welcomed! Blog #28! Exciting, almost to 30! Can't wait! Cheers!