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Author: Limitations

The Division[P1]

Posted by Limitations Tuesday March 29 2016 at 3:02PM
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It’s great to be back. For the return, I thought we review a game that I have already put over 50 hours into, and those 50 hours have been pure fun. You can already tell the game if you have read the title, but the game we will be reviewing is Tom Clancy’s: The Division. A 3rd person “MMOFPS” I will use the term MMO lightly though for this review. If you play it, and would like to call it a full fledge MMORPG, be my guest. All in perspective I guess. I stated in a previous post that I was not interested in getting this game at all, but as time came closer to the release, it came to my attention that it could possibly scratch that itch. I ended up purchasing the “Gold Edition” just because I really thought it would scratch that itch, and I think so far my purchase has well paid off.

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Destiny and other MMOFPS (Technically TPS) out there. I can see why a lot of people would draw from there, and so will I since I played both a lot, and I mean a lot. Before I begin, I would like to state that I play The Division on the PC, and not on consoles. I have found very few graphical bugs/errors, and overall really enjoy my performance. I get constant 60 fps, even when there is a lot of fighting, nading, and explosions going around. Overall, really really happy with the performance so far. There are a lot of audio errors that I get though, only when I alt-tab, and alt-tab back into the game. It’s an odd thing, and the general fix is to play it in “fake” full screen mode. Fixed that issue straight up. I don’t know if other PC players have audio issues, with lagging audio, or audio not even appearing for the mission. Audio even overlaps when I find an audio-recording or something like that. Not the worst thing to happen, like I said, I found the fix for it, so all good!

Let’s start off with the good for a change! For this, I’ll just do an numerical order. The order does not mean what I like the most or anything like that. It really just is whatever pops in my head first. So, let’s begin on what we love/like about The Division:

1. Gameplay: I love shooters. I always have and always will. This game is no different. I love how the game looks, feels, and plays out. The quests are pretty generic, find this, rescue this person, and kill people. The game plays in a modern world feel, so that is different about the quests really. Every MMO has these types of quests, and this is no different. Do I wish for something new and innovative with questing? Sure, but I’m not getting it here and I am okay with that. The game just flows smoothly. The animations are really nice, sound effects are great. It just adds to the atmosphere to the game, which I get to later in the post. Hit markers seem to be on point at least for me. I did all the quests on normal for starters, and replayed them on Hard afterwards. Hard isn’t like to much of a step further in difficulty. It’s really when you get to challenging at least for me it steps it up a notch

2. Performance: I talked about this in the beginning, but I would really like to go into detail about this a little more. I honestly didn’t suspect the game to run as well as it does. Everything thing is pretty much maxed out. It runs at a constant 60 FPS. Animations are all smooth. The only hinder in performance I see as of right now is when you go to “Appearance” you can get a greyed out model of yourself, and sometimes it doesn’t angle you correctly. You sort of just have to move around to fix that. Not sure if intentional, or an actual bug. The angle, not the greyed out appearance. There are a few kinks that need to worked out. Some due with the crouching/cover mechanic. Sometimes doesn’t always do what I tell it to do, or will go to the wrong cover site. It’s slightly annoying, more troublesome in Challenging mode, because it often gets me killed, but thank goodness for revives right? Overall, I am in love with the performance in the game. I have yet to try it on a machine worse than mine, which I will eventually get to and post the results in a future post. We’ll just have to wait and see for that one.

3. Atmosphere: For those of you who don’t know, The Division plays in modern setting of New York. To sum the plot up, during Black Friday in New York, a disease was transmitted and all hell broke loose. I will not spoil the story for you or anything like that. What Ubisoft did really well is creating an atmosphere and telling a unique story. I’ve found cellphone recordings of people talking about eating dogs because they are hungry, or why a certain person did this, or that. I really loved the Missing Persons quest in the game. Each one had some sort of unique background to it, and most of them were pleasant to do. I really, really love the Atmosphere and vibe the game gives. It makes me scared to go out next Black Friday I will tell you what though! Please, no diseases.

We’ll keep each list small for now, so I can have more content for the next post. Don’t want to give it all away right now. I know, I know I am selfish, but I hope you can forgive me. So, let’s go into the things I dislike about the game! Shall we begin? This list will probably feature more bugs than features, but I’ll leave the key dislike last, since I am selfish.

1. Bugs: There are some I have already talked about like the audio bug, which I found a fix for. There is the cover bug which I already talked about as well, but let’s talk about the more bigger ones that impact my game play more than those two. Let’s start off with the Daily Mission bug. There are some daily missions that will not start. No matter how many times you reset it, change the difficulty it will not start. This is definitely a very annoying one because I can’t get my Phoenix credits to make my gear. It just doesn’t happen to me. I was trying to find a group for one last night, and not even five different groups could get it start. Most annoying thing in my life. I just said screw it, and went to bed.

I don’t know if it’s just PC players that experience it, or if console players experience this bug as well. If you play game on console, and experience this bug, let me know in the comments below. I’m really too lazy to google if it’s PC only, ha.

There is also a reloading issue I have found with one of my shotguns, it tells me I have more rounds than I do. It got me killed one time in a challenging mission because I thought I had reloaded enough to kill him, apparently not. RIP. That issue only happens with shotguns as well. It’s a curious bug that’s for sure.

2. Community: This goes along with the next part as well. There is a lot of Chinese spam in the PC chat, it’s really annoying when you are doing a mission and all you see in chat are Chinese symbols. Usually I don’t care as much because of the ignore feature, but when you are looking for specifics when doing a daily mission and all you see is spam, and your LFG chat is being taken away by that spam, it gets annoying as hell. All you can really do is ignore it with the ignore function, or pretend it’s not there. Both of them work, but it gets old and annoying quick. Speaking about chat, there is more of a troll community than a helpful community. I haven’t dared asked for help, I have just googled most of my questions or have used Reddit. There have been people that have asked questions and got them answered, but I feel like that was a one and a million thing. I know that’s a horrible outlook on it, but eh that is just how I feel about it. That brings us to the third and final point of dislikes for this post…

3. The Dark Zone: Ah yes, open pvp, who doesn’t love that? DZ has a love hate relationship with me right now. I love the aspect of it, but then again we have the community that we have right now… Groups taking down solo players, trolls taking out newer players, and camping spawns. There have been complaints about hackers, but personally I haven’t ran into any hackers yet. I don’t know what would be more annoying though a hacker or a group of people just killing randomly. The loot system within the DZ isn’t the greatest. I rarely have found upgrades, and I am just happy when I kill bosses for phoenix credit. I hope they continue to improve upon the Dark Zone and make it better. The first update did a lot of good I think, and I hope Ubi keeps on rolling with the good patches.

I hope you all don’t mind my babbling at times. There is a lot to talk about and my fingers can only go so long. I know, I suck at times just bare with me please. In the next post I will go through the various weapons in the game, and how I like them and sometimes dislike them. There is a lot of things The Division does right, and some stuff they do wrong. I’ll go into further details about them as time goes on, I promise! I will also be streaming my adventures as well.

I would like to say before I end this post I want to tell you all, if you are a PC player and want somebody to do runs with or The Dark zone with, hit me up on the game at IsaacJewton is my username on Ubisoft. I would love to play with you guys and even chat with you all about the game. Please feel free to add me, I won’t bite, or kill you I swear. Anyways, thank you as always for reading! If you have any questions or comments about this post or the game, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton

If you can catch my adventures on my twitch channel over at

Thanks again for your continuous support! Cheers!