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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

It's A Rough Road [P5]

Posted by Limitations Thursday March 5 2015 at 8:46PM
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Phew, ready for another long read? Well, I hope so because it’s about to happen. Welcome… To part 5!

So I’ve been thinking a lot recently about exactly I want to happen in the future, more important the next couple of months. It’s nice to have goals and plans and such right? What exactly do I want to happen to the “Gaming Gospel”. I’ve worked on the past couple of months to get where I am, and where I am going. I’m sometimes stressed out, but the majority of the time I am relaxed when writing and really enjoy myself. That’s exactly what I want to do when writing or streaming enjoy myself.

It’s never really been about how many people view my stuff or anything like that… I’m certainly not trying to earn money from this, it’s just me writing about what I’m playing, and how I am playing it. The past is already taken care, well because it’s in the past… I’m writing this in the present, so what about the future of it all? Will I still be writing or streaming? Will I still be enjoying my time writing for you all? There is a lot of variables to be in play, we all know that. Everything in life has multiple variables, and multiple outcomes to what we choose. Every action has a reaction.

If my current predictions are correct, and we go with this hypothetical, what games will I be playing later this year? While we are on that subject, I never really talk about what games I am excited for in the future, upcoming releases and such. (Goes back to the whole hype this). I’ll share what intrigues me, and I’ll even tell you some of the games I’ve backed. (I know, I promised myself I wouldn’t, but I did). What games have I backed? Two games I have backed and currently playing. The Repopulation, and Shroud of The Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. Why? I really like the design of The Repopulation, and second one… It’s Richard Garriot. What else could I need? Well, there is more… But you get the main point.

Wait a minute… Didn’t I make a post about Early Access, and Kick-starters? I can remember one vaguely… (Just kidding). True I did, and the mistakes I made back then, I think are not made now. I enjoy both games a lot, I will admit though The Repopulation is making great progress and is becoming more and more complete by the day it seems even. Okay, back to the main point. I’m not covering these games now, because they are still in alpha states. For sure I will be talking about them more when they are soon to be released and post release I assure you of that. I have a lot of reasons why I’m not doing it now, but I do not want to discuss that. That’s defiantly for a much later time.

So we got the future covered, unless it drastically changes. Well… We have a slight part of it covered we could say. What else could we do in the future? Well, there is the not so distant future of streaming, but I’m always curious on if I should open my own website. Make it more of my brand, than just posting it on the WordPress, and MMORPG.Com sites. Would that do me any good, besides take my money? I’m not sure of that yet, but it’s defiantly something I am highly considering. I have been for awhile, but since I am taking this all more seriously… It’s become more and more of “I want to”.

Let’s talk about present times. I’ve gotten titles down, unique writing style, and overall covering more games. Great! It’s a new year, and some new games are on the horizon. The Secret World is coming nicely, Destiny is still fun, Hearthstone is still amazing as always… Sadly, I still feel like I’m missing something. A piece to the puzzle that needs to be completed, if not it haunts me. I’m very tired of searching for this piece really. It comes back to the point of, “Oh man, I miss X game, or I miss Y game”. It makes the hole filled for a couple of days, weeks, or even months by slowly goes away. Best way to describe this problem, is with of course… SWTOR.

“Well damn, you keep talking about it, play it already!”. Uh sure, I guess I could, but like… It never seems to complete me. Okay, it has like everything I want in a game, well almost everything… It’s highly fun, It’s Star Wars, and what else could I want? I often wonder if I just picked the wrong server at times, or the wrong class. Because I can enjoy it a lot, but them I’m just like eh… Whatever. The instances are fun, I never really dabbled to much into PvP, and almost got to late game. I did role playing, I got involved with my character… What more could I do?

Oh, right… I know the problem. I read Reddit, I read the Official Forums, every single gosh darn complaint, and it makes me go away. “Bugs haven’t been fixed, slow content, more cash shop than fixes.” Now, it’s good for people to voice their opinions about such things, but it does weigh on players like myself who read this and go… “Is this really happening?” I’m not sure, but it makes me not want to launch the game. I wonder if there is a fix for that? Well, I could obviously not read Reddit or the forums, but It’s like an addiction to me… I read forums of games I don’t even play! God, help me please.

Let’s do a hypothetical here shall we? I update and launch the game, and make a Sith Pureblood character, and name it whatever I want, and then play and play, and get tempted to read the forums. I get depressed reading the forums, already paid my subscription and feel like no longer playing, and cannot get a refund, because I feel stupid. What can I do? Well, I could always just keep playing and just do what I need to do to have fun, right? Honestly right now, I could play SWTOR, and probably have a blast with it… There is no shame in that correct?

So… If we are talking about the future, what happens to the two games I just mentioned? Will the same thing happen to them? I can honestly say I hope not. Out of those two, I look forward to the most is: The Repopulation. Even in it’s Alpha state it’s already a blast to play, and improving rather nicely. I defiantly am watching this game very carefully, and reading all the patch notes, and stuff like that. I hope it amounts to everything I hope it to be.

Honestly there is something I hate about myself, well I hate about my gaming habits. I compare a lot of things. I compare things that should not be compared. I do it for a couple of reasons, but I sincerely hate when I do it. It’s not fair to myself, or the game I am currently playing. We all compare games to other games, it’s just a known thing we do. If this game has better PvP than this game, or better PvE, crafting, whatever it may be, we compare. Sadly, I take it to a whole new level. If the game doesn’t have better this, or equal to that I slam it for it. Most of the time I try to be fair and balanced, and not slam, or praise anything to much. Though I do not write it like that, I often think of it inside my head.

I can make no promises that I won’t do that to future games, but I am trying my best not to. I have done very well with The Repopulation. The game keeps me wanting to come back for more, and yes I’ll say it again… It’s still in Alpha stages. A lot of things will be added, changed, removed or whatever. What it comes down to is the game being fun. Which it is. Anyways… That does it for Part 5. Part 6 will be coming up next week. Part 6 will be more personal than the rest. I hope you have enjoyed the series so far, I know I have!

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