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Author: Limitations

It's A Rough Road [P4]

Posted by Limitations Monday March 2 2015 at 12:35AM
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Part 3 was meant to be the end of this personal series of blogs, but… I decided to go against that original thought and let you all in some more on sort of the behind the scenes type of thing. I’ve talked about personal things before, but not on why exactly I write, how it comes to be, and future plans.

I think someday I will take screenshots of this notebook I have, of all the ideas and thoughts that go in before I even start typing things up. Some may read this stuff and say “Dear God man, It’s just a blog, don’t take it so seriously.” True, but like… If I’m putting this much time and effort into something, that has grown a lot since the beginning, I want to take it seriously and such. I take this “Hobby” of mine seriously.

I think what really got me into this whole thing, and got me to take it seriously is when I first did my LOTRO series. I kept talking in my head about all the stuff I could talk about, what I would say about it, and it sort of evolved from there, you could say. I started getting Unique titles for the games I would play, instead of like SWTOR [P1], it would be May The Force Be With You, Always [P1]. I took the [P1, P2] thing from a YouTuber who did their let’s plays like that. It seemed really cool to me, but sorry bud… I stole it. There’s shame…

 When I first started every blog post would be a name of a poem I have wrote. They didn’t really make sense, but they spoke true to what exactly it was about. Some of the names came from my favorite songs from bands. I think one I took from a band named “Miss May I”. I told myself “I should come up with my own stuff”. In college, I always have to have a unique title for the papers I am writing, even if it is for Psych. They have to have some unique name to it, because then I know it’s mine. Of course I wrote it, but I want the teacher to know as well. “Oh God, Unique title, it must be Josh again”. Yeah. that’s me.

Alright, so I got the style down, I got names down, and now it all comes down to my content right? I think I used to be a very boring writer, there wasn’t much of my personality in it. I strictly wrote about the game, but didn’t really add any personal touches to it, which therefore it wasn’t really my piece of work. Sure, it was my thoughts and ideas but… It felt empty to me in a sense. I think this is where my love for SWTOR came into a deep, deep love. (… I’m sorry)

I really was involved with that game you know? I think it’s because of the nature of the game, and the immense story-line the game had. There I was able to add more personal connections to the game, and such. For previous readers, I think you know exactly what I am talking about. Here is where a real problem begins with me. I think this will be a longer than usual post, so please bare with me here. A lot of cool topics are about to be discussed, and explain in the best way I can. I sort of already explained my game jumping, and why I end a series so abruptly, or I don’t follow through with a certain series to the extent I told you all I was going to.

You could portray me as a liar in a sense I guess, but really… I’ll explain what I am doing, and what I am thinking the whole time. Probably the best examples would be Destiny, and probably Wildstar. I’ll first start with Destiny, and why I haven’t written/finished Part 7. I’ve been streaming the game every night practically, and just having a joy of it. I’ve streamed the raid, and other stuff, which I told you all I would do. So, where is part 7, 8, 9, 10. Knowing my writing pattern, thats where I probably would be right now if I continued on. (I still plan to write). There are some drafts for 7 floating around here in Google Drive somewhere, I promise. Other games came out, and my priority switched to focus on The Secret World, World Of Warcraft, and etc.

So when my priority of things switch, I sort of take everything I was doing, and put it on a full halt, and wait patiently for myself to bring myself to write about it again. Lazy? You could say, but I dunno, that’s just how I am right now… Sort of always been like that.

Example 2: The Wildstar Syndrome. Oh man… I feel so bad about saying all the stuff I am going to say, but to explain it in the best way I can, it has to be said. I did Wildstar, and then Wildstar:Revisited. What exactly happened here? I’m not going to tell you everything that happened to Wildstar, you can either Google it, or read them in the series. Essentially what happened was, I thought Wildstar was going to be my game for years to come.

Okay, that’s my first problem right there, I assumed way to much. The problems the game had, graphically, and everything. I have a pretty good PC, and I was getting 10-15 FPS, even in dead zones. Cool eh? No. God, I had such high hopes for this game, I really did. I might even email Carbine one day and say “Hey, can I have a free 24 hour trial to see how the game is.” I want that game to succeed so badly… And it hasn’t announced changes for a change of payment yet.

Then I did the revisited posts, and the story continues from there… I’m not sure if I ever did a final post to the revisited series… I may have. Another case of the blogs just stop there, and never continue on. I’ll touch on something else before wrapping this all up…

I always try to predict how long a series will be, and I think that hurts me more than it does pretty much anything else, when I say it’ll go on for about 7, and then ends at 3, it’s completely like “What the crap happened, man.” I don’t know… There is a lot to think about. Too much one could say…

Anyways, thanks for reading this… I hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton Cheers!