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Author: Limitations

Journey Into Tyria [P1]

Posted by Limitations Monday March 24 2014 at 1:39AM
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So it begins....

I'm going to give you a little background on my Guild wars play through. I bought all the guild wars expansions, I was in love with the first one. I mean, really in love. I don't play it anymore, well because a lot of people moved on, to different games, and eventually Guild Wars 2. I have questioned Guild Wars 2 for a long time, a really long time. People have raved about it, and people have hated on it, just like any other game really. I've listened to countless YouTube reviews, countless articles on the game, and really I have never given the game a real good shot.

Why? Well, I mean other games just came along, and the whole living story thing erk'd me a little bit. I never really gave it a shot because well... I was afraid I wasted my money, and didn't touch it. Installed it, ran it once, and then had to go away for awhile, and never touched it. Shame on me I guess. So, you know... I still read the forums, and the updates, and Reddit here and there, and still the game interests me. A lot more people speak highly about it, than they do poorly. Which is always a good thing in my opinion. So, with playing the original Guild Wars, and all the expansions, so let's have ourselves another adventure here shall we? God, I have to much time on my hands lately.

So, I know about the living story, and the whole no holy trinity sort of deal. I've done my research. I've done my reading, and now I just need to get down to the game, and what it can offer me, and hopefully I will enjoy it. I mean hey, no subscription, sweet deal. I mean, I already bought it, nothing left to lose here. So, i've heard the combat is extremely well made, and the story line is iffy, some say it's cheesy, and some really like it, and I like story lines. They make me slow down the game, and really enjoy it for what it is. So, we got a game with good combat, and a story line, sounds good so far. I know i'm really late even starting this game, so I feel like i'm going to be at a disadvantage. Also, I know Guild Wars 2 is known for it's amazing PvP, i'm defiantly going to need to check that out! I'm more of a PvEr, so let's hope that works out for me to.

To be perfectly honest, I mean most games I have sort of an idea of what I am getting into, even through the YouTube videos, I still feel like I am going in blind, and even with playing the original Guild Wars. It makes me a little giddy here. I shouldn't really admit that, but here I am admitting it... I have problems, let's move on with it then. So, right now i'm expecting amazing PvP, and somewhat good PvE content. So two really good things to expect. Check! So for once, i'm asking you, the readers for some advice! What am I to expect when it comes to Guild Wars 2? Is there certain things I need to do? What classes/weapons do you think are really good? And what do you all think of the PvP/PvE content. Going in blind, I might be a little more interactive with you all. I know a lot of people have strong opinions of the game, so both are welcome. If you dislike the game, tell me why! Don't give me some silly reason though. If you really enjoy the game, please tell me why. I would love to know why, and what to expect down the road.

Also, I heard they are going to be updating the game with some really cool stuff in April, I haven't heard or read on it much, but I will and see what they are going to do with the game. I think it was stuff that wasn't along with the living story? I may be wrong. I mean, usually I am wrong, so it's nothing new there. Ha. So, once again, tell me what you go. I'd love to here, you can even tweet at me, @SirIsaacJewton. I've love to hear you all! Till next time. Cheers!