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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Official Rift Review

Posted by Limitations Monday March 31 2014 at 12:02AM
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It's time for me to "Officially" review a game, and the first one I have chosen to review is Rift, By Trion Worlds.


Rift was first released as a pay to play game, and has adapted the free to play model. No Tricks, No Trials, No Traps. I believe the stick to that, the free to play model does not limit game play, areas, zones, pvp, etc. Some may call it truly free to play, and some say it's one of the best free to play models out there right now. I tend to agree with that. It is a wonderful free to play game. Top tier, if there is a tier of Free to play games, Rift is defiantly up there! But is everything about Rift good? You are about to get some insight of Rift, the good, the great, and the terrible. This review is going to be brutally honest, and hold nothing back. That's not how I do it here. So, I have laid out the first thing about Rift for you. It is truly free to play. So, nothing to lose right with playing it! There is always an upside to that. 


Graphics: I ran Rift on the maximum settings, and the game looks great. Is it the best out here? No, but it does look really good, and somewhat detailed. I thought the look of the game, and the world around it, was really pretty. Though the one thing the game does lack in graphics, is optimization. The game itself is poorly optimized. I would lag for no reason, and the animations would as well. It mostly during big Rifts, or something like that. I wish Trion would optimize it, it would run a lot smoother for other people, and many, many people have complained about this issue as well. If you can get past that, the game looks great. I think some of the Animations are really stellar. I don't think it will make your jaw drop, but it will impress you nonetheless. It's not the flashiest, or the best, but it has some eye candy moments, hell every game does I think. 

Game Play: This is where I am sort of hit or miss with the game. A lot people, and when I say a lot, I mean most of the people who talk, or play Rift, will call it a "WoW" Clone. I'm going to totally avoid saying that, but the game doesn't add anything new to the Genre. I mean, I have fun playing the game, doing quests, doing crafting, etc. Typical MMO stuff. The game doesn't add anything new, but what it does have, it does pretty well. They do have the "Rift" system, which is pretty fun. Random events, and you get some sweet stuff to go along with it. Though, that can get very boring after awhile. But that is what happens with most games, you do the same thing over again, and it gets boring. It's bound to happen. To that effect though, like I said, what it has, it does well. The classes are really fun, and unique. A healing Rogue? I'll take it. I would like to say this, with all the classes, and souls are available. There is a lot of fun things you can do within the game, class wise. I think this is one of the game's strong points. It's many classes. 3 races per faction, and there is only two factions. A lot of people are used to a lot more races being available. So I would like to see the game add a new race. Trion does continue to add new classes/ souls. Along with new crafting classes. 


Storm Legion, added a really cool feature to the game. Dimensions. It's basically player owned part of the game. You build, and add what you want to it. Think of it as housing sort of. I have dabbled a little into this, and I found it fun. It can be very annoying to get into, and the quests involving it really bored me, but I guess in the end, the reward of what you can do is really cool. Housing was never really big with me, but I did dabble into it, and it was worth mentioning in the Review, because it is a cool feature. 


To add to the classes, I like how you can change the souls on the fly. Even the website mentions that. Six Races, and 36 souls. So you can see how many things you can do with that. The game does have a good Holy Trinity i'd like to believe. For a free to play game, the game offers a ton of stuff to do. 


Social: This is where Rift really doesn't shine for me. The community in this game, is extremely toxic. A new forum policy was even put in place by Trion, because it go so toxic. Inside the game, it can be hit or miss, but most of the time in chat, in the server I played on, level 1-29 chat was spammed with curse words, making fun of people, and racism. Now, you get this in every game, free to play or sub, but the amount I saw in this game, was astounding. The ignore feature was used a lot in this game. Though, find a good guild, and make some friends, and that sort of goes away. With a general chat spammed like that, and the amount of people that talked like that, was just so off putting. It kinda sickened me the way people talked. I mean, they were making fun of people with Down Syndrome. I mean, seriously? Like I said, ignore feature was used to the max. Sadly. At least on my server. It was also a PvP server, I don't know if you want to delve into that, because of the type of server it was, but it was bad. The server I played on was Seastone. 


PvP: Another bad thing I found about Rift. The pvp was unbalanced, and bland to say the least. I found myself just wanting to leave in the middle of the matches, and just go do something different. I like PvP, I was huge into it in other games, but Rift's pvp, was just to say the least bad. After my first few sessions with it, i just dropped it completely, and didn't touch it again. My opinion. Some people I talked in the game, really spoke highly of it, and enjoyed it. But, I didn't. I played multiple classes in PvP, and just didn't click with me, I wasn't bad at it, I just felt like it was highly imbalanced. So, PvP wasn't a thing for me in this game. Now, why did I play on a PvP Server? Who doesn't like excitement right? I did the same thing in World Of Warcraft... I mean, who doesn't like getting ganked, and then returning the favor later in the game? Am I right here?


PvE: I guess this could go along with Game Play, but I think this is where the game truly shines. I had a blast in the PvE Aspect of the game. Raids, Dungeons, Rifts, and overall questing. Yes, it does have quest hubs, and go here, kill X things, and return to me. Like I said, it doesn't add really anything new to the Genre, but I found myself questing for a few hours, and the time went by, and I didn't really get bored, thank the lord for that. I get bored easily, people know this. I mean, yes, I did get burnt out after awhile, but who wouldn't. I didn't want to treat the whole game as a Hardcore experience. I casually played the game, into late game, and enjoyed the journey. Though the story line is poorly done, it makes up for it in other aspects. Rifts was fun, but can be boring after just following them for awhile. The game has a lot to enjoy, a lot of zones, and dungeons. Typical "Themepark" MMO stuff you could say. I would like to add that Instant Adventures made the game a lot more fun for me to be honest. 

One of my favorite Raids the game had to offer was the 20 man, Infernal Dawn. Just because I had some awesome fun with it. I suggest looking up a YouTube video on it, to see what I mean! I did it as all three roles. I think the most fun I had with it though was DPS, I don't know why. Usually I don't like end-game dps, but hell I had fun with it. 

I would like to think Rift has some sustain. It has held me long enough to play through the "End Game", and so on. It's far from the perfect game indeed, but it's lasted this long with me, and I continue to play it. Now with every game comes the boredom factor. I think rift does an excellent job defeating that factor, with all the classes/souls you can play. In my book that adds a lot of value, and does a lot for the game's sustain. With all the stuff you can do with classes, and the fact the game has a holy trinity, you can do a lot with that. Sure, it's the same old thing, Healer, DPS, Tank, but I mean rogue healing, that's kinda cool right? I know I keep going back to that, but I think that's just a neat thing. You know? There is defiantly some things I would love to change with Rift's PvP, and PvE. I mean, I think everyone would, in any game.

Will Rift last the next couple of years, and with all the new MMOs releasing? I think it can, and i'll tell you why. Well, first thing is The game is truly free to play. I think that will make the game last as long as it's profitable even past then, with all the updates Trion has done over the past, they do have the intention of keeping it running. I believe if they keep coming out with great updates, and even down the road an Expasion like Storm Legion, the game could last a lot more than I think. It is defiantly one of the best free to play games on the market in terms of content, and things like that. Trion does have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to keep it up to par with the latest and greatest so to speak. I think the best thing Trion could do to this game, is add more classes, races, etc. I.E with an Expansion of some sort. 

Playing a lot of subscription, and free to play games, with Rift keeping my attention for a long time, it is indeed a fun game. The best MMO on the market? No, I don't think there is one. It is one really fun game though, and I will continue to play it. My list of playable MMOs is a short and sweet one, and I am happy to be able to add Rift to that list. I still play it, and I still level some alts, while doing some end-game content with my mains.

I really don't know how to end this review, but I guess I can do it with a grading score. I would defiantly give Rift a 7.5/10. If the community wasn't so bad, it would be higher. If you have any questions about my review, or wanna discuss it, leave a comment below, or tweet at me, @SirIsaacJewton. Cheers!

Journey Into Tyria [P1]

Posted by Limitations Monday March 24 2014 at 2:39AM
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So it begins....

I'm going to give you a little background on my Guild wars play through. I bought all the guild wars expansions, I was in love with the first one. I mean, really in love. I don't play it anymore, well because a lot of people moved on, to different games, and eventually Guild Wars 2. I have questioned Guild Wars 2 for a long time, a really long time. People have raved about it, and people have hated on it, just like any other game really. I've listened to countless YouTube reviews, countless articles on the game, and really I have never given the game a real good shot.

Why? Well, I mean other games just came along, and the whole living story thing erk'd me a little bit. I never really gave it a shot because well... I was afraid I wasted my money, and didn't touch it. Installed it, ran it once, and then had to go away for awhile, and never touched it. Shame on me I guess. So, you know... I still read the forums, and the updates, and Reddit here and there, and still the game interests me. A lot more people speak highly about it, than they do poorly. Which is always a good thing in my opinion. So, with playing the original Guild Wars, and all the expansions, so let's have ourselves another adventure here shall we? God, I have to much time on my hands lately.

So, I know about the living story, and the whole no holy trinity sort of deal. I've done my research. I've done my reading, and now I just need to get down to the game, and what it can offer me, and hopefully I will enjoy it. I mean hey, no subscription, sweet deal. I mean, I already bought it, nothing left to lose here. So, i've heard the combat is extremely well made, and the story line is iffy, some say it's cheesy, and some really like it, and I like story lines. They make me slow down the game, and really enjoy it for what it is. So, we got a game with good combat, and a story line, sounds good so far. I know i'm really late even starting this game, so I feel like i'm going to be at a disadvantage. Also, I know Guild Wars 2 is known for it's amazing PvP, i'm defiantly going to need to check that out! I'm more of a PvEr, so let's hope that works out for me to.

To be perfectly honest, I mean most games I have sort of an idea of what I am getting into, even through the YouTube videos, I still feel like I am going in blind, and even with playing the original Guild Wars. It makes me a little giddy here. I shouldn't really admit that, but here I am admitting it... I have problems, let's move on with it then. So, right now i'm expecting amazing PvP, and somewhat good PvE content. So two really good things to expect. Check! So for once, i'm asking you, the readers for some advice! What am I to expect when it comes to Guild Wars 2? Is there certain things I need to do? What classes/weapons do you think are really good? And what do you all think of the PvP/PvE content. Going in blind, I might be a little more interactive with you all. I know a lot of people have strong opinions of the game, so both are welcome. If you dislike the game, tell me why! Don't give me some silly reason though. If you really enjoy the game, please tell me why. I would love to know why, and what to expect down the road.

Also, I heard they are going to be updating the game with some really cool stuff in April, I haven't heard or read on it much, but I will and see what they are going to do with the game. I think it was stuff that wasn't along with the living story? I may be wrong. I mean, usually I am wrong, so it's nothing new there. Ha. So, once again, tell me what you go. I'd love to here, you can even tweet at me, @SirIsaacJewton. I've love to hear you all! Till next time. Cheers! 

Warlords Of Draenor [P2]

Posted by Limitations Sunday March 23 2014 at 1:01AM
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So, more and more buzz is coming around for the newest expansion for World Of Warcraft. I am truly excited for this, because of reasons I have told you before. So, I have been playing more and more lately. Rather than any other game I should say, it reflects on my twitter as well. The game is down right still fun to me, in many ways. 10-19 WSG's are hilarious. Well I should say the 15-19 bracket, the 10-14 bracket is just... You get nothing done apparently haha. Switching to Horde has also brought a new light into the game. Different zones, quests, and etc. Well, for me at least. I finally decided to make a priest, a class I haven't leveled to 90, and chose to go Holy spec. Just to try it out, and I like it so far. I'm taking more of a scenic route this play around, not choosing to go through dungeons to skip to this level, or because I hate this zone. I've done that countless times with countless alts, and I think this change of pace will be good for me.

As much as it erks me to say this, I'm finding World Of Warcraft to be better than many of the brand new games out, and coming out. The game has shown it's age, but with the upcoming expansion, models are being upgraded, and the game is getting features that most people want to see in newer games, so i'm glad to see that, I really am. I'm being sold on this more and more, but how the game grows back on me, quicker than any other game. Probably because it's polished, and Blizzard, even though many people would agree fully on this... They know what they are doing, to some extent haha. Leveling a class I never went max with, is actually really fun. Going through the spells, I actually don't know about. I mean, I know the Monk, DK, Paladin, Warrior spell pages like the back of my hand. So playing a Priest is really different for more, not in the role aspect of things. I mean, I play a damn good Monk healer, and a Paladin healer. I actually do not play a lot of DPS classes in World Of Warcraft, or speccs I should say. Not because of que times, or anything like that. I think the only DPS class I truly played was a Feral Druid, and that was mainly for PvP.

It's been a very interesting ride back so far. I've been reading up on what the expansion will bring, and we all know, and i've told you all in the past, it brings the basics of what an expansion is. New areas, raids, dungeons, that kind of content. I'm hoping it will be more like Mists and Burning Crusade. I didn't really care for Wrath, or Cata to be perfectly honest. I mean I played their content, but I sort of tuned them out you know? I know when the level cap raises to 100, I will take a few of my 90s, and get them to the max level again, but I don't plan on racing to it, and being the fastest in my guild, or what not. I think that is just silly. I'm taking the scenic route, like I am doing with horde, and seeing how that goes. I've rushed a lot of in most games. I sort of blame Heirlooms for that, but... I can't live without em, because i'm a sad person like that. I love my heirlooms.

Pre-orders are up for the newest expansion, and it brings along with a free level 90 boost. I'm not shocked, or upset about this at all. I have pre-ordered it, but I haven't used the free boost. I probably won't unless down the line they release a new class, and BAM i'll use it on that... Then level that new class the old fashion way. I honestly don't care about boosts, it doesn't effect my game play. I did however get my awesome Hearthsteed mount. Which is aweesomeeeee. It's just so pretty, and It's a free cool mount, what's not to love?

One of the MANY things I haven't done in World Of Warcraft, but have been offered many times is mount runs. You know, hopefully this boss will drop a certain mount. I've been doing them more and more, and have gotten some, and frustrated because some didn't drop. It's exciting, and i'm working on some cool mounts that I personally want. It's something to do to pass the time, when i'm done pvping, or doing late game content. I've also done some pet battles, and pet quests. I like to think of it like Pokemon. My favorite pet is one that Blizzard gives you for doing some many Random Dungeons. It's the Pug! It's just one of the small things I love about the game. Plus, pugs are cute and awesome.

I think the release date for the expansion was on, or before December 20th. So I have a lot of time to do what I want, play all I want, until it comes out, and i'm sure Blizzard will have some huge patches in the meantime, and along with the Diablo 3 expansion coming out on Tuesday, I will have so much to do, it won't be funny. Blizzard is making me spend my good earned money a lot recently. Which is fine, good entertainment for me. I'm getting my value's worth, so it's okay! Till next time! Cheers!

Taking A Break

Posted by Limitations Monday March 10 2014 at 5:54PM
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So, I decided earlier today that I am going to take a break from blogging. I know I have a lot of free time now, because of my work schedule, and things like that. I think this break will be about a month or so, maybe less. Just depends on how I will on this whole situation. When I come back I will post a lot of content, and hopefully be back on track for weekly posts. I know I kept saying I would post weekly, and sometimes that hasn't happened. Not because i'm busy, or lacking things to write about, I just don't feel right when I post. I think my content is pretty good, I write a lot, and it's been really good for me just to talk stuff out, you know? Of course i'm still going to be playing SWTOR, and World Of Warcraft. By the time I come back, I will be doing a re-review of ESO. I think my other review was lacking on some facts, pros and cons. It was lacking for sure, so i'm going to do some re-reviewing of that for sure. Sorry about that. It will be much more detailed, and more talking about the game, instead of the business model. I think I focused on that to much, even though it was a big part of it.

So, like I said in a month I will be posting more. I've got my own personal reasons why i'm stopping, and you all aren't my therapist, so I will spare you the silly details. I promise you when I come back, it'll be back with weekly content, and it'll be awesome. My hardware came in, (Finally) for streaming, and youtube content. My internet was upgraded so I could stream without my internet getting torn to shreds. So that'll be cool to stream and do some YouTube videos. See you all sooner or later! Cheers!

May The Force Be With Us [P1]

Posted by Limitations Saturday March 8 2014 at 8:07PM
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Uh oh, we are back. Star wars? Again? Well, my job only requires me to work so much out of the week, so I have more time to play more games. Along with World Of Warcraft, for the time being until the expansion comes out. I've chosen to have more content for you to read, so I'm back to playing SWTOR. If you read the previous blogs I have written, you can tell I wrote a lot about the game, and enjoyed my time. So, let's return to the game, and do a different story line, and enjoy it! So, the biggest debate I had with the game so far, is of course, choosing a faction, and a class.

I did a lot of research, and read some polls about what story line people like the best, and also what romance was the best. Ooh, la la. So, after awhile reading, I came to my decision. Last time I played a Jedi Knight, this time I'm playing a Smuggler! Why must you ask? I think I'm because I don't feel the need to get light points all the time. I can do what my character feels like doing, even it's bad, or bad in some people's eyes. So I think it will be very interesting, and a new story line for me to follow. 

So, I think it's safe to say it will be a new journey for me. I mean, same areas to quest in, but new choices for me to chose, and a whole new story line for me to venture into. Last time I chose a tanking class, or spec you could say, and now i'm venturing into a DPS class. Sure, longer que times and such, but hey... Time to take it easy and blast some people in the face. Who doesn't like wielding two blasters and shooting someone? Ok, maybe that is murder but hey... My guy likes it. You may find this odd, and if you do, I don't actually blame you, I like to role play with my character when it comes to questing. Really getting into the story, and try to feel it out, and be like well "What would a smuggler do?" Not, as I would do as me. I think I could explain that better but... I'm lazy. That brings out the true nerd in me, but if it brings more fun... Why the hell not? Right? I'm here to have fun, in way shape or form. I think that's how most people should play anyway.

Whatever brings you fun, do it, and don't feel judged if you do. I also switched servers, and having done so, has opened me up to a brand new community, and with the area I am in (Taris), It's been a lot of fun, a lot of open conversations, and very few bad people. As in ragers, or things like that. It's been a very enjoyable experience, and i'm digging the feeling and vibes. I have yet to join a guild, but I am looking, i'm more focused on what I want, and filling my needs. Safe to say it's going really well. So, since being back it's been refreshing, and yes... I am subbed to it. I am not playing as free to play. I have even spent some money for some things that make my game play much more easy, and fun. Rocket boots anyone? Hell yes. It's just one of those things that gets me to places quicker, defiantly in flash points. I have dabbled in the latest expansion, which brings space pvp. It's really fun, it's a good distraction from the day ol grind, which is good. Ultimately it's really fun, and a good addition to the game.

Housing was recently announced, and to me it's really cool. I'm not big into housing, but a big addition like that is always welcomed in my book. It also tells me they are dedicated to bringing good content into the game. I'm always okay with that! I'm looking forward to what else the devs bring into the game. So, as I always say, over and over, and I hate to do... I am excited for the future for SWTOR. I hope other players are as well. Adventuring as a Smuggler is a rather fun adventure, having a lot of flirt options is always fun hehe. My guy is light side right now, but I do often pick the dark side when I think the quest needs it, or I get more personal gain out of it. I also take what my companion would do into consideration. Important to me, that they are happy to... I didn't say that. Let's forget I said that. To much nerdy in this post already. Oh god, kill it.

Along with the World Of Warcraft posts, I will be posting SWTOR as well. Bringing much more to the table with my blog. Been slacking off lately. Once again, it's because I am lazy, and I'm just playing to much really. That's fair though right? I wouldn't have anything to write about if I didn't play. Maybe I play to much, and don't write enough. Who knows? I'll keep it coming though, I promise. I'll try to keep it equal on what I write, I hope to do so at least. I'm not biased I swear. On a side note, I will be posting the last blog post for the Final Fantasy series sometime tomorrow or Monday. So, you have something else to look forward to! Hooray. Cheers!