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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #40 The Big Bad Wolf

Posted by Limitations Monday March 7 2011 at 3:08AM
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I really haven't posted in a very long time, even though i still visit the site every day, it's late... So, i thought I would start blogging again, and try to fit it into my normal routine. I've been playing a lot lately, and by that i mean... I think i may have a problem, haha. I love mmorpgs, ever since i was 13, i've been addicted to them. Not just the gaming part, i get into the lore, the atmosphere, and the community. I want to really focus on the community aspect. If you have ever read my past posts, you will see i talk about "rage" a lot. In the game's i have tried out, and tested for, one of the many things games have in common is... Trolls. However you want to put it, each and every game has one. Some are more severe than others, but the fact is, they exist, and they will always exist. I have no real problem with trolls, unless they really start to push my buttons. I do get bothered, when a new person to the game asks a question, and gets trolled, by the answer "Stfu noob, and google it". Yeah, good first impression for that person. Sure, most questions people ask can be answered by a little research, or reading. Some people, ask for quest help, when the answer is in the quest text. Some people hate reading that stuff, so they ask. I get both sides. People say in some games you need a tough skin to play games. I can agree to that to a certain degree, not everyone is going to be an angel to you. You are defiantly going to have those type of people, that really just wants to get under you're skin, and troll the crap out of you. Maybe, they just think it's funny, or maybe they are just plain dicks and want to make you feel some pain. When you read this, you could think i'm complaining about this subject, but I am really not. I know when i talk about these, and say... "Man, i wish people like that would just stop", and if i ever do say that, please just slap me over the head, and shoot my foot, because I should just keep wishing. In every game, like i said, there will be people who do that, and there will plenty where that came from. I would have to say though, there are more helpful people, than there are trolls. Which is always a good thing. I can recall the first time i ever got trolled, was in World Of Warcraft. I just bought the game, and got my account setup and everything. I was enjoying some stuff, and i was literally just asking some questions about my classes, and I asked a simple question about my spells, and the first response i got was... "Noob, stfu, go look at the website. n00b". My first reaction, was "Wow, is that kid for real?". Looking back, i actually laugh at it, but at the time, i was like it really affected me, maybe because i was young back then, but it was really just a simple question.

I try to be my best when it comes to helping people. So people often have legit questions, and want actual answer, not something like "Google it noob". I hate that response so much, i usually just think you actually wasted you're time replying with that? Irritates me to no end. I currently play LOTRO, and i am having a complete blast with it. Plenty of alts, found myself a nice kinship. I've noticed though, that the community is very helpful. It is by no means perfect, but it is very kind, and generous. Which is a huge plus when i go for a game, and if you do wonder, i am a Subscriber. Not a free player for lotro. I've played some games where the community shut me down completely, and i unistalled there. You could call me a dumbass for doing that, but if the community isn't right, i won't play it. It is a HUGE aspect for me, for what i look for in a mmorpg. I may just be talking a bit too much about this, but it's a blog, and i feel like i need to post about this, even though i've done it before... So, if you feel like I have wasted your time, i am sorry haha.

Though, in other news, and such. I will be doing some LOTRO blogs, showing you my journey from level 1-65. It'll be fun, i'll probably be streaming some of my gaming life, and show you my characters, kin, and such. That stuff will probably be starting this week. The stream i am currently working on, i'm upgrading my computer tomorrow, so i can stream LOTRO at max quality. I'll defiantly be posting that information when it's done. If you do have any questions about LOTRO, or if you want me to touch on anything in this blog, feel free to PM me, or leave a comment, but i like said, i will defiantly be doing some LOTRO posts, and some videos/streams will be coming shortly. I am having a blast with that game, it's a wonderful journey, and i am just gettin into it. I am still playing some heroes of newerth, and occasionally stream my games. That is always going well. Well, that's about it. It's 3 AM, and i need to sleep. If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to leave them. Cheers all!