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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #27 I Say Pseudo Scientific Just To Sound Smart

Posted by Limitations Saturday March 20 2010 at 12:33AM
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I like to sound smart on the internet don't you? I mean, i guess we are all "different" people online. It could be games, or just talking to people on myspace. We try to impress people. Say things that probably will never happen, or hasn't happened. Everyone does it right? Hell, i do it all the time. Well, i don't lie, but i try to sound intelligent, too impress someone. I call it improvement... But as soon as i leave the computer i revert to what i am like in real life. Ever happen to you? Thought so. I tried to dig deeper into this subject, to find out why we do it, or... Why do we even bother? I found it like this... When you apply for a job, you make a resume, you try to stand out, make yourself known on that small sheet of paper, so they look at you more. Of course we do it, because we want what we want, and we will do anything to do get it. So, we lie about who we are, what we do, etc etc. I've met a person, who said he was a plastic surgeon(Which i find kind of funny), and he was really just a thirty five year old guy, living with his mom(Funny, and sad at the same time). So, he lied to impress people. It works the same with maturity. We say bigger words, we act tough, we act mature. Are we really mature though, or are we just putting on a mask? I act mature online, sure, because i want to have fun, i mean... I can also be silly, but mostly i am mature, until you piss me off, or i am hanging with some friends. I've met some very mature twelve year old kids in my time in mmorpgs, and they do it, because they want too impress people, and not be like others. Isn't that neat? I found that very cool, that he would want to be mature so he wouldn't be called out. I act differently online, for sure. In life, i'm a laid back, funny/serious guy. I swear a lot, and do other things. Online, i rarely swear, i try to remain calm at all times, and be mature, but like i said, i can be very silly. The biggest difference between life, and online, is probably the swearing. I curse so much in life, it's not even funny, but when i login into my game, i don't swear, unless you really, REALLY piss me off. Besides that, i am a mature and calm dude. Do i talk "intelligently"? Sure, i try to act as smart as i can, so i can impress people, and say i'm not dumb, or annoying. I hate being flamed, it's one thing i really do hate. I try to be the best i can be online, so i can stay away from the hatred.

I can probably guess, many of us have done this at least once. I mean, why not? It's the internet, we talk over monitors, these people will never see me, so why not be someone different? When i was younger, hell yeah, i thought that all the time, then i started thinking... Why do I? Is it just the fact that they can't see me? That they will never really know me in real life? What is it? Why can't i act like i am now, in real life. Damn, i wish i could, that we would be the best thing to ever happen to me, but there is a huge different. We can talk to anyone we want too online, but in real life... I get shy, nervous, whatever you wanna call it. Why? Because they can't see me online, it's a big different to me. Is that different, is that "noobish" Nah, it's just who i am. So, i've learned when i play online games, just to play as myself, as i am in real life. So, i can try to be more of who i am, and not what i want to be, or what i want people to see me as. I'd rather have people hate me, then lie to them. Because, one thing i hate just as much as being hated, is lying too people. It's cruel, and we shouldn't do it. I guess that point is... Be yourself, because as parent's always say... "People will love you for who you are on the inside" Haha, i don't know why i just made that point, but i find it very useful in my gaming ways. It took me a couple of years to realize this, but i think it came when the time i needed to know the most. After all the hatred i have received, and everything... I finally realize being myself, is way more important than lying to someone about who i am. Of course, i could go to someone and be like... "Hey, i am a doctor, and i'm sooo rich". Some people may believe me, and some people may not. Depending on how i make the story up. I could be like... "I'm 19, i live in ohio, and i write poetry" which is the truth. Some people may make fun of me, but at least i am not lying to myself, and that person.

I guess i make this point, because i don't want to see people hurt by their own lies. Yes, it may be their fault, but is it really? We all just want to be better people, and impress other people, or just want to be arrogant. Whatever the case may be, you should really consider being honest with yourself, and other people. I've learned in past experiences, when your caught in a lie... Hell is unleashed upon you... Just as my girl, she will tell you the wrath she has inflicted upon me for even the smallest lies... Haha. I hope you have received something after reading this. That is what i'm here for... Talk about experiences, gaming, and even some laughs, and some cheap shots at friends... Isn't that what we all want in life?

Thanks for reading! Cheers!