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Author: Limitations

It's A Rough Road [P1]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 18 2015 at 10:58PM
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I’ve been going at this whole writing thing for a long time, and it’s not easy all the time. I wish it was, I mean… I have all of this wonderful games to talk about, and I can never seem to click with any of them for a LONG period of time. I think my longest series was SWTOR, and Elder Scrolls Online. Destiny has been taking a slight recess for now, but I feel like my time here is just dwindling down to nothing. I’ve changed writing styles, I’ve played multiple games, and I am dedicating a lot of time to “The Secret World”. Don’t get me wrong, nothing will ever stop me from writing, it’s just that I wish I could do more.

I try to stream games as much as possible on my Twitch channel, and I may try to do some YouTube stuff in the future, but right now I am focusing on my writing. The thing is, I’ve covered some many games, and I’ve stuck to some, and others have just dwindled because of lack of interest. It’s not that MMOs are dead to me, it’s like nothing exciting has happened in awhile. “The Secret World” is doing a great job at keeping my interest peaked, and my gaming at full. What about the future though? Am I looking forward to anything? Well, yes I am, and I kind of want this game to take me to the next level of reviewing. As I’m typing this, I am watching fraps tutorials, and other video software to take me to the next level. I am not going to mention the name of the game yet, it’s going to be a secret until further notice.

I will answer some things about the game, and why I chose this game to elevate my reviewing to the next level, rather the current games. It only makes sense for me to explain. I tend to think TSW, will be my last fully written game. What does that mean exactly? Will I stop writing? Of course not, never. I just to want to branch out, and do some more types of review. Videos and such you know? It’s kind of why I named this post, “It’s A Rough Road”. It’s kind of like that from here. I’ve really got nowhere to go but up. I’m starting at writing, which I have been going on for years now, and finally deciding to take it more seriously, and move on up.

What does that exactly mean though? I don’t really feed the need to do videos, but I feel the want to do them which are two totally different things. I finally want to do them. Alas, I am scared of what’s to come. Will people like my voice? Will they like my style of commentary? It’s a whole different factors bundled into one giant thing. There lies the problem, pressure, fear, and whatever else comes with it. With that fear comes excitement of a whole new world you could say. I can talk and talk for hours about a video game I am playing, but what will the people think? I mean, hell… I am getting way to ahead of myself, will people even watch my content? Like I said, a ton of factors go into play, before I even think about doing all of this you know?

Another hint towards my first game that will have video content, it is a PC game, and it is an MMO. I will be sticking to that, because I don’t want to go away from the trend that I have going on for many years now. Though I have played single player games before, I don’t want my first game that has video to be a single player game, going away from what I’ve written all along. Another question arises… When will this happen? The game is currently in pre-alpha, and yes I purchased into pre-alpha. (The game looked surprising good, and promises a lot, and has a lot of good people behind it). I estimate the first written, and the first video will come out in about 4-6 months. Why such a long time you might ask?

I don’t want to devalue TSW. That is the last thing I want to happen to a game I am currently loving and playing. I’m giving TSW some value time before investing any time in another MMORPG. Of course, things may change or something, but I will always update you on if that happens! I will release the details before anything has been written or recorded. I have a lot of hopes and “dreams” about going into streaming or video content. I still have a LOT to think about on what I want to do first and everything. It’s overwhelming but we will get through it you know? We will see in due time of course. It’s going to be awesome though, I can promise you that