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Author: Limitations

We, The Illuminati[P1]

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 4 2015 at 12:48AM
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Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it. - John Lennon

I’ve talked about this game before, I’m going to go through a short introduction to this game, and then get into the meat of it all. I hope you are ready for the modern adventure of secrets, and a lot of weird, weird people. First of all, let’s cover the basics here. The Secret World is a MMORPG made by Funcom. They have made games like, Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, and Asheron’s Call. The game is set in the Modern era, it’s not a fantasy MMORPG, or Sci-fi. It’s modern, with areas like New York, Tokyo, and London! It’s very different from what I have played in the past, which makes it great. It’s basically a breath of fresh air. It’s also a Buy to Play game, with a cash shop.

The game is focused on Three factions. Illuminati, The Dragon, and Templar. They all fight the forces of darkness, but as you can already tell by the title, I have selected… Illuminati as my faction. I have always liked Illuminati, even with books by Dan Brown, and movies/documentaries about them, it has intrigued me beyond measures. (Yes, that much). I sort of love just how modern the game is, you’ll see people with smartphones, cars, motorcycles, etc. I said it before, a breath of fresh air in my gaming world!

The game is really hard, there are missions that require investigations, research, and sometimes Google. (I cheat, so what). That’s the beauty of it though, it requires effort, thought, and time. You don’t feel like your time is wasted while questing. A lot of games that I feel my time is wasted questing, because they really don’t mean anything you know? Sure, there is Lore and everything, but this game takes storytelling to a whole new level of awesomeness. It’s something you can really get behind, and just mold into it. You feel like you are going through the pain of the characters in the game. Oh, did I mention… It’s all voiced. Yes, the quests, and the storylines are all voiced. It’s really amazing. It’s really that and other things that make you delve into the story.

Of course, with every game there is some downsides. I’m trying to not make the first have rose tinted glasses on the whole time. (Sorry Funcom). So what are they exactly? My only downsides I have right now are legitly two things. Since it is a type of harder MMORPG, the community is smaller than others, but there is hope on this downside… The community is just helpful, and amazing. Sure, you get your trolls and jerks, but people are extremely helpful, and kind. You have a question? Boom, ask away and receive help. I’ve been needing help somewhat a lot recently, and people have answered all my questions with mature answers.

The other downside? This one is more personal preference, than anything really. Difficulty. Yes, I mentioned it before the game is sometimes rather difficult, but there is always clues in the game, and sometimes you just have to look around, and read. It has become frustrating a couple of times, when you think you have what you need, or you think you have the correct information, and then it fails… It’s heartbreaking at times. Yet, of course we have the amazing power of Google and other helpful sites, but that’s cheating… Yeah, I cheat, but not all the time I swear! That being said, it can be frustrating at times, but it’s fun using brain power, and hidden things in the game.

During these posts, I will try to refrain from spoilers for the people who are currently playing the game, and wish not to. If I have to post a spoiler, I will alert you before hand, of course! It’s going to be an odd, weird, and bumpy ride through the game The Secret World! I will try to have a… Illuminati like quote at the start of each post to make it more immersive. Thank you for the first read, it’s been a pleasure writing for you, and I hope you will keep reading this series as it develops!

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