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Author: Limitations

Blog #45 LOTRO Adventures Part 3

Posted by Limitations Sunday February 12 2012 at 11:27PM
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Let me begin by saying I have been way to much time spending LOTRO lately. I've been neglecting my other games, on the bright side I am enjoying myself as well. I currently started a new Warden on LOTRO. It is a very unique class, and I can't seem to get enough of it. Typically I wouldn't spend this much time on a mmorpg as I do this game, and I'm not gonna repeat myself in this blog, but you all get the picture. So, what is the definition of a warden? Taken from the LOTRO Wiki Wardens are primarily tanks. They can also supply interrupts, moderate ranged DPS, and DoTs. Switching between roles effectively can take a short while due to the nature of the gambit system, which builds recent moves upon one another. So, basically what it is saying it's a Jack of all trades. It does a little bit of everything. I really enjoy these types of classes, I like being able to do everything and not be restricted to one type. I.E Tank, DPS, Healer, etc etc.

What is the Gambit System? I would confused you by trying to explain it myself, but here is the LOTRO wiki skill list/gambit list of a Warden I enjoy reading it, and I enjoy the Gambit system a lot. It brings a little extra excitement into the game. So, we have a class that is a Jack of all trades, has a unique system added too it, what else is there? Well, the Warden isn't a free to play class, it comes with the Mines Of Moria expansion, which also includes the Runekeeper class. By the way, My warden is a little Hobbit, which is awesome of course. I should really re-name these blogs into LOTRO impressions, because I'm not really talking about adventures, in a way I am, and a way i'm not, but anyways. I've noticed a lot of free to play players have their reservations to the system of free to play, but I want to clarify this once again. With time, and effort you can unlock everything within the game. You don't have to spend a time, you CAN unlock everything.

I had a free to play player ask me what I should unlock with TP first, TP= Turbine Points. Well, if your new and free, you should unlock the Gold cap. That is very important, and also the mount skill. Those two you will need. As you progress farther into the game, you should and will have enough TP to unlock some quests packs. If you did everything you could do to get TP. There is lots of ways of getting them. Quests, Deeds, Etc. Do not fear, TP will always be earned. I am certain by the time you get to where the free to play areas stop, you will have have unlocked more for sure. My Warden is currently in the Lone lands area, soloing everything like a boss. I have some really sick gear for my level, so i'm doing good at the moment. Having some tough issues with higher level quests, but that's because they are about two or three levels higher than me. Yes, there are quests my level, a lot of them but I like to pretend I have big balls, and attempt suicidal things.

Starting over has been refreshing for me, I haven't been bored of LOTRO, but it is helping me remember how much fun the lower levels were. That does sound odd saying, but the lower levels are really easy to enjoy, and have fun with it. Take my word for it. The last thing I have to say here is that, if you wanna game with me I am on the Brandywine server, and I am willing to help anyone level, or answer any questions they might have about the game. My Warden's name is Believer. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or PM me in-game. Let's keep the comments clean please. Cheers!