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Author: Limitations

Blog #44 LOTRO Adventures Part 2

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 8 2012 at 4:52PM
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To continue from my last blog post about LOTRO, I will go into a little more detail about my adventures and how the game fairs for me. I told you I have played for two years, and pretty much have been around the block once or twice. I told you the community has a big part to deal with the game, a huge part in face, so what else gives me the joy of playing this game? Let's go into a little more detail. This is will probably be a huge wall of text, so i'll try to break it up into smaller pieces so it won't hurt the eyes for the readers. 

Enviroment: This also goes with the community. It has a very nice enviroment community and game wise. I can literally just walk around the town, or the area I am in, and find something interesting to do. The detail is wonderful, and it's always nice to delve into the LOTRO story line. I've always found the story to be fascinating. I've read all the books over and over again, and other things as well. Meeting new people, as well as my Kin, whom is awesome by the way. So, the enviroment is pretty awesome, you can really get into the game that way.

Gameplay: To get into a little more detail. I mostly play my burglar like I said, but I also play a Rune Keeper, and a Warden. If you are a free to play player, you can unlock the two classes buy purchasing them. They are extremely fun. Some of the quests I have done are really fun. There are the book quests, that continue a nice story line for you to follow. There are quests that have to have a group to complete. Even if the quests I can solo, I have had to have a solid group to complete. Raids/Instances are fun as well. Some are very unique, and that require some effort, and some planning ahead. My kin and I have spent at least an hour telling each other how to work this thing out as quickly, and without deaths. No one wants to die right?

I've had fun leveling actually, each and every one of my characters. Going into different story lines and such. Meeting random people to quest with has been a breeze, not many people are complete jerks in the game. Even with the free to play players, most of them are really nice. Finding a nice kin is really important, to me at least. Mine has really helped me progress and complete a lot of good things. (Along with some nice equipment of course).  You got to find your place in this game. You will enjoy it so much more if you do. The right race, class, kin, whatever it takes. You will enjoy it more. 

I also encourage you to try out every class, at least till level 15, find the right one and go with it. I actually did that, I tried out of every class until I made my burglar and It hit me,and I said to myself I would keep this class, and of course I did. So we got some of the basics of the gameplay down, let us move on now.

Actual Adventures: I've been to the Shire, Rivendell, and other places. They all are awesome in their own unique way. Exploring them has been a blast. Nerd Alert. You meet Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Aragorn and the list can go on, and it makes a good impact in the game. The game follows the story line, it's not just some random stuff. It's good stuff. It makes the game that much more enjoyable. Adventuring in the actual sense is very enjoyable, aside from questing. When i'm tired of the grind, which rarely happens. I travel around, do some crafting, and make do with my time. I don't just log out, and be nored, I find something else to do in the game and have some fun that way.

Questing in the game is cool as well, i've touched on this a little bit, but not a whole lot. I can give a little more detail, because I can talk about this a lot. The easiest way to sum it all up for me, is that... The are at times very difficult. I'm a mix of solo and group play. In this game I have asked for help more than any other mmo. I die a lot, not because i'm bad at my class, or the game, it's just that some require help. Of course, I can solo a lot of them, but the ones later in the game. You will ask for help, I can tell you that. Questing is not that boring to me. I enjoy it. Some of you I know go... "Questing? Eff that crap". Yeah, I feel you in that sense, but for me I enjoy it.

In general, after two years I am still enjoying the game. I am still progressing. I will post more about my adventures. Go into detail about my characters, Legendary Items, Instances, and more in depth stuff. I hope you have enjoyed this read, and I hope I haven't hurt your eyes too much.