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Author: Limitations

Blog #42 Adventures in Mythos!

Posted by Limitations Friday February 3 2012 at 4:46PM
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I'll continue where I left off in the last post about Mythos. I continued to play after I posted that, and a lot more today, and I must say i'm really getting into it now. I find myself being sucked in by the quests, and doing dungeons. I met some very nice people in chat, and found myself learning more about the game from the community... Imagine that? I've actually had a challenge in some quests soloing, where it took some strategy and thinking to actually pull it off. Of course, it's still in open beta, and I have run into some bugs now, that really haven't affected my game play, but still a small annoyance none the less. One of them is the small delay in damage, it's either a bug or lag, but it hasn't crashed, or gotten me killed yet, so it's not really a bother. It's the most high graphic game, and it limits itself with classes, and such, but it makes up for it in the fun factor. Like I stated, I REALLY enjoy the game. I haven't grouped up yet, but I'm about to after I post this, har har. We'll see what it is like being in a dungeon with people. 

People continually whine about the Stamina system... I'm going to go into a little more detail about this system, so hopefully in clears up a little bit. This system is implemented for kids, not adults. It does restrict gameplay, but not as what you think. I played for about 9 hours yesterday, and went down to about 1700 Stamina (From 2000), when I logged off, and logged back in this morning I was back at 2000. I'm sure they will keep the limit at 2000, or even I will complain to them. Even if they down the limit to about 1000, it will be enough to cover itself till it resets again. Stamina is used to go into dungeons, and if you DIE in a dungeon, and have to re-enter it does not cost more stamina to re-enter. Your fine, so that's a huge plus for me, and other players. So, once again... Stop whining about a system that will probably NEVER effect you, in any way shape or form.

I wouldn't say it's a pet peeve, but one thing I find really interesting and funny in the game is that a lot of my good items, drop from regular mobs, or treasure chests. My weapon has been dropped from a boss though, and it is friggin sick. When I get a new piece of armor, a weapon, or anything I ENJOY getting it. It's not like Meh... I'll just sell it, i've used math, and statistics to help me out on what should I use, and what will benefit me more. My character is completely pimped out for his level. Which is great. I currently play a Gadgateer and actually having a lot of fun with him. I plan on trying out the other classes, but for right now i'm enjoying it. If your going to play, really look into the classes before you play, and figure out what you think you would enjoy the most. That's why I picked what I did, but I do intend on making the other classes.

I'll continue to post on my adventures in Mythos, about adventures, dungeons, items, and other classes. I hope you guys enjoy the read, and I'd really like to keep the comments clean of any Hate on the game. Let's keep it civil please, also feel free to ask any questions you have about Mythos!