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Author: Limitations

Blog #41 Mythos First Impressions

Posted by Limitations Friday February 3 2012 at 12:14AM
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Sooo.... Mythos Open beta was just released today, and I really didn't touch it the first time it was released. Yes, it has be re-released under the company T3. We'll get to that later. So, I've been bored recently with some other games, and had some spare time, so I said why the hell not. I was a huge Diablo II fan, I played it throughout my teenage years, so about 4 years, from 16-20. It reminds me a lot of the Diablo Series, which is great, since I loved it. So, I guess I could go through the good and the bad so far...

I've played for about 8-9 hours so far, and I'm actually impressed. I really thought I wouldn't like it, but so far I've really enjoyed myself. I haven't had any trouble finding quests, going into dungeons, I really haven't made any friends, it is only the first day now. They are having a lot of techical issues, with getting the game to Launch, but I think it's to be expected from T3(We'll get there shortly). I didn't touch the game when it was first release, so I have no idea what it was like back then sadly, I regret not playing it before, because I am really enjoying myself. The quests are really simple to understand, and grasp unto. I enjoy the combat, it reminds me exactly of Diablo series, like I said before many times, is fantastic. I don't think every Diablo fan will like it, and I'm sure MANY people won't like this game, which is fine. Personal opinion, I'm enjoying it, and I hope it won't die off. 

So, i've been talking about this T3 company a little bit, and I'll give you a little bit of background. They have revived Mythos, along with HellGate London. Sadly, with T3 taking over Hellgate, the game has going into the gutter. it can be saved, (others say it can't), it's a great game, bad company. I don't mean to make it out to be like OMG T3 is so terrible. They are really not, they seem like decent people, I've talked to their CS department about a purchase, and I was happy to see the response I had received from them. So, they did a really crappy job with hellgate, so people will say, and even I said it in the beginning, was... Wow, this seems like a decent game, but T3 has taken over. I have only had one techical issue, which was resolved within 10 minutes, of lurking around the forums, and since then I really haven't encountered any problems with game crashing, server booting me, or anything. 

Stamina System... So, a lot of people are hating on this system, and they have some good arguements, but here is what I think of that system. They limit the time played... YES, they do, but it's only for diehard, hardcore, omfg players who don't have lives... Maybe, that's an extreme, but here's a little detail of what it is. It does limit your time, but you would literally have to play for hours, and hours on end for it to dry out. It is a system MEANT for kids, not adults. I can see it working, because when I was a teenager I spent 10-12 hours A DAY on Diablo II... Which was still not a waste of time, but for parents it may seem like it. So, do I think the system is needed? No, I really don't. I think it should be removed, but I doubt it will be. Nevertheless the Stamina system will not effect me, and it shouldn't effect most people.

The gameplay is really smooth, i'm still getting used to the item, leveling and other aspects of the game. I'm quickly picking up the game as I go. I think the game has some really good potential to be really fun, and popular. It won't appeal to a large audience, it will appeal to a smaller audience, like myself, and others who find this type of game fun. Will it be my main MMORPG? No, it will be the game I play on a daily bases, login for a hour or two, and log off. I won't play it for hours on end. That way, I can still learn the game, and it won't burn out, to the point so I don't play it anymore. I really think i'll enjoy it in the future, but only time will tell where it goes.

This is my opinion of the game, I hope you all read and hopefully try the game out. If you don't like, that's cool. If you do, more power to you it really seems like a great game. Please do not comment hateful things about the game, I really would hate to see that kind of the thing here.