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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #45 LOTRO Adventures Part 3

Posted by Limitations Sunday February 12 2012 at 10:27PM
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Let me begin by saying I have been way to much time spending LOTRO lately. I've been neglecting my other games, on the bright side I am enjoying myself as well. I currently started a new Warden on LOTRO. It is a very unique class, and I can't seem to get enough of it. Typically I wouldn't spend this much time on a mmorpg as I do this game, and I'm not gonna repeat myself in this blog, but you all get the picture. So, what is the definition of a warden? Taken from the LOTRO Wiki Wardens are primarily tanks. They can also supply interrupts, moderate ranged DPS, and DoTs. Switching between roles effectively can take a short while due to the nature of the gambit system, which builds recent moves upon one another. So, basically what it is saying it's a Jack of all trades. It does a little bit of everything. I really enjoy these types of classes, I like being able to do everything and not be restricted to one type. I.E Tank, DPS, Healer, etc etc.

What is the Gambit System? I would confused you by trying to explain it myself, but here is the LOTRO wiki skill list/gambit list of a Warden I enjoy reading it, and I enjoy the Gambit system a lot. It brings a little extra excitement into the game. So, we have a class that is a Jack of all trades, has a unique system added too it, what else is there? Well, the Warden isn't a free to play class, it comes with the Mines Of Moria expansion, which also includes the Runekeeper class. By the way, My warden is a little Hobbit, which is awesome of course. I should really re-name these blogs into LOTRO impressions, because I'm not really talking about adventures, in a way I am, and a way i'm not, but anyways. I've noticed a lot of free to play players have their reservations to the system of free to play, but I want to clarify this once again. With time, and effort you can unlock everything within the game. You don't have to spend a time, you CAN unlock everything.

I had a free to play player ask me what I should unlock with TP first, TP= Turbine Points. Well, if your new and free, you should unlock the Gold cap. That is very important, and also the mount skill. Those two you will need. As you progress farther into the game, you should and will have enough TP to unlock some quests packs. If you did everything you could do to get TP. There is lots of ways of getting them. Quests, Deeds, Etc. Do not fear, TP will always be earned. I am certain by the time you get to where the free to play areas stop, you will have have unlocked more for sure. My Warden is currently in the Lone lands area, soloing everything like a boss. I have some really sick gear for my level, so i'm doing good at the moment. Having some tough issues with higher level quests, but that's because they are about two or three levels higher than me. Yes, there are quests my level, a lot of them but I like to pretend I have big balls, and attempt suicidal things.

Starting over has been refreshing for me, I haven't been bored of LOTRO, but it is helping me remember how much fun the lower levels were. That does sound odd saying, but the lower levels are really easy to enjoy, and have fun with it. Take my word for it. The last thing I have to say here is that, if you wanna game with me I am on the Brandywine server, and I am willing to help anyone level, or answer any questions they might have about the game. My Warden's name is Believer. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or PM me in-game. Let's keep the comments clean please. Cheers!

Blog #44 LOTRO Adventures Part 2

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 8 2012 at 3:52PM
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To continue from my last blog post about LOTRO, I will go into a little more detail about my adventures and how the game fairs for me. I told you I have played for two years, and pretty much have been around the block once or twice. I told you the community has a big part to deal with the game, a huge part in face, so what else gives me the joy of playing this game? Let's go into a little more detail. This is will probably be a huge wall of text, so i'll try to break it up into smaller pieces so it won't hurt the eyes for the readers. 

Enviroment: This also goes with the community. It has a very nice enviroment community and game wise. I can literally just walk around the town, or the area I am in, and find something interesting to do. The detail is wonderful, and it's always nice to delve into the LOTRO story line. I've always found the story to be fascinating. I've read all the books over and over again, and other things as well. Meeting new people, as well as my Kin, whom is awesome by the way. So, the enviroment is pretty awesome, you can really get into the game that way.

Gameplay: To get into a little more detail. I mostly play my burglar like I said, but I also play a Rune Keeper, and a Warden. If you are a free to play player, you can unlock the two classes buy purchasing them. They are extremely fun. Some of the quests I have done are really fun. There are the book quests, that continue a nice story line for you to follow. There are quests that have to have a group to complete. Even if the quests I can solo, I have had to have a solid group to complete. Raids/Instances are fun as well. Some are very unique, and that require some effort, and some planning ahead. My kin and I have spent at least an hour telling each other how to work this thing out as quickly, and without deaths. No one wants to die right?

I've had fun leveling actually, each and every one of my characters. Going into different story lines and such. Meeting random people to quest with has been a breeze, not many people are complete jerks in the game. Even with the free to play players, most of them are really nice. Finding a nice kin is really important, to me at least. Mine has really helped me progress and complete a lot of good things. (Along with some nice equipment of course).  You got to find your place in this game. You will enjoy it so much more if you do. The right race, class, kin, whatever it takes. You will enjoy it more. 

I also encourage you to try out every class, at least till level 15, find the right one and go with it. I actually did that, I tried out of every class until I made my burglar and It hit me,and I said to myself I would keep this class, and of course I did. So we got some of the basics of the gameplay down, let us move on now.

Actual Adventures: I've been to the Shire, Rivendell, and other places. They all are awesome in their own unique way. Exploring them has been a blast. Nerd Alert. You meet Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Aragorn and the list can go on, and it makes a good impact in the game. The game follows the story line, it's not just some random stuff. It's good stuff. It makes the game that much more enjoyable. Adventuring in the actual sense is very enjoyable, aside from questing. When i'm tired of the grind, which rarely happens. I travel around, do some crafting, and make do with my time. I don't just log out, and be nored, I find something else to do in the game and have some fun that way.

Questing in the game is cool as well, i've touched on this a little bit, but not a whole lot. I can give a little more detail, because I can talk about this a lot. The easiest way to sum it all up for me, is that... The are at times very difficult. I'm a mix of solo and group play. In this game I have asked for help more than any other mmo. I die a lot, not because i'm bad at my class, or the game, it's just that some require help. Of course, I can solo a lot of them, but the ones later in the game. You will ask for help, I can tell you that. Questing is not that boring to me. I enjoy it. Some of you I know go... "Questing? Eff that crap". Yeah, I feel you in that sense, but for me I enjoy it.

In general, after two years I am still enjoying the game. I am still progressing. I will post more about my adventures. Go into detail about my characters, Legendary Items, Instances, and more in depth stuff. I hope you have enjoyed this read, and I hope I haven't hurt your eyes too much. 

Blog #43 LOTRO Adventures

Posted by Limitations Tuesday February 7 2012 at 12:04AM
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If you've read my previous blog post, I have been posted on my side mmorpg Mythos. So, I thought I would do a few blogs about my most played, and main MMORPG. Lord Of The Rings Online. I have played this game for over two years, and found myself cherishing every moment I have played. LOTRO is Free to Play, you can upgrade to VIP(Subscription), and also Premium, (One time payment through the LOTRO store). One of then eat things in LOTRO that I have found the most admiring of the game was the Story Line, and the Questing. I've played a lot of mmorpgs in my time of gaming, and I've always found the quests dull, and I don't eve read the texts it's like... Oh, quest? Accept. With Lotro, I read the quest text and immerse myself into the game. So, it really never too boring to the point where I fill the grind of questing kick in. (Of course, there is some grind like in all mmorpgs). For the most part, well 99% of the game I have literally enjoyed playing, that 1% percent being the grind, but you can't have it all right? 

I currently play a Hobbit Burglar and enjoying myself far too much. I've always enjoyed the sneaky classes. Going around in stealth, preying on your next victim, or trying to sneak your way out of some mobs. All fun and games I say. Back to the questing, I enjoy it because they are some what challenging, so what easy, and a mix. There are of course quests that want you to go from point A to point B, but who cares? Every game has that type of quests. I've played this game for 10 hours once, and I quested, and quested, did some instances, and found myself still enjoying it, even after that long of a time. I eventually passed out, and when I awoke I logged back in. So, when reading this, you might ask yourself, what keeps you wanting to play this long? Well, to tell you the truth, it's all about the community. LOTRO has a very nice, calm community, well... On my server at least. Which is Brandywine. My kin has kept me going for the two years. (Yes, I have been with the same Kinship for two years), if you do not know what A kinship is, think of it as a guild. I have met some awesome people, and some close friends in this Kin. That plays probably the biggest role in why I play LOTRO so much.

The community in general is extremely relaxed, and helpful. When I first started playing, I always found myself asking questions about the Free to Play system, questing, items, etc. The community seemed to always have an answer, and the correct one at that. Of course, here and there you will have your trolls, jerks, and people who don't even care. Every game has them, we just move along. It's really easy to find groups for the harder quest, the popular for my server is rather big, in the lower and higher levels. It's never hard to get some help. It always been a big factor when I try to find a good game is the community, and this struck gold for me. The only other game that came close to the nice/warm factor of the community is City Of Heroes. It's very soothing to have a community this nice to play with. That's that about the community for now.

The gameplay I have been amazed with so far, is awesome. I don't find myself bored while grind, well... Until a certain point. I like the way it all works out, the death system is even cool. I don't like dying of course. I found myself when I grouped for instances, or hard quests, coordination was involved. We couldn't go all Leeroy Jenkins style, and boss it out, we would all die, and have to do it all over again. In a random group, I found myself taking the leader role, telling everyone what to do, and where to go, it took about 15 minutes of planning, but it was well worth it, we got it done, smooth and clean. The game has a lot to offer, early, and later in the game. You will truly find yourself entertained. I have found myself entertained like I said before for two years. If you have any questions about the Free to Play system, here is the official website for all the information you need. For people who do not think you can earn everything through the game. It would be a hard and long process, but you CAN do it. A buddy of mine has unlocked the expansions, Moria, and all the quests packs, and mounts, and the gold cap by getting everything through the game. Yes, he does have a life. 

If you wish to game with me, or even ask questions, feel free to add me on the Brandywine Server, IGN: Araragi, Chauster, or Believer. One of those three I am constantly online with. Also post a comment if you have any questions, or just a comment. Keep them clean of flame please. Like to keep this blog as clean as possible. Thanks!

Blog #42 Adventures in Mythos!

Posted by Limitations Friday February 3 2012 at 3:46PM
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I'll continue where I left off in the last post about Mythos. I continued to play after I posted that, and a lot more today, and I must say i'm really getting into it now. I find myself being sucked in by the quests, and doing dungeons. I met some very nice people in chat, and found myself learning more about the game from the community... Imagine that? I've actually had a challenge in some quests soloing, where it took some strategy and thinking to actually pull it off. Of course, it's still in open beta, and I have run into some bugs now, that really haven't affected my game play, but still a small annoyance none the less. One of them is the small delay in damage, it's either a bug or lag, but it hasn't crashed, or gotten me killed yet, so it's not really a bother. It's the most high graphic game, and it limits itself with classes, and such, but it makes up for it in the fun factor. Like I stated, I REALLY enjoy the game. I haven't grouped up yet, but I'm about to after I post this, har har. We'll see what it is like being in a dungeon with people. 

People continually whine about the Stamina system... I'm going to go into a little more detail about this system, so hopefully in clears up a little bit. This system is implemented for kids, not adults. It does restrict gameplay, but not as what you think. I played for about 9 hours yesterday, and went down to about 1700 Stamina (From 2000), when I logged off, and logged back in this morning I was back at 2000. I'm sure they will keep the limit at 2000, or even I will complain to them. Even if they down the limit to about 1000, it will be enough to cover itself till it resets again. Stamina is used to go into dungeons, and if you DIE in a dungeon, and have to re-enter it does not cost more stamina to re-enter. Your fine, so that's a huge plus for me, and other players. So, once again... Stop whining about a system that will probably NEVER effect you, in any way shape or form.

I wouldn't say it's a pet peeve, but one thing I find really interesting and funny in the game is that a lot of my good items, drop from regular mobs, or treasure chests. My weapon has been dropped from a boss though, and it is friggin sick. When I get a new piece of armor, a weapon, or anything I ENJOY getting it. It's not like Meh... I'll just sell it, i've used math, and statistics to help me out on what should I use, and what will benefit me more. My character is completely pimped out for his level. Which is great. I currently play a Gadgateer and actually having a lot of fun with him. I plan on trying out the other classes, but for right now i'm enjoying it. If your going to play, really look into the classes before you play, and figure out what you think you would enjoy the most. That's why I picked what I did, but I do intend on making the other classes.

I'll continue to post on my adventures in Mythos, about adventures, dungeons, items, and other classes. I hope you guys enjoy the read, and I'd really like to keep the comments clean of any Hate on the game. Let's keep it civil please, also feel free to ask any questions you have about Mythos!

Blog #41 Mythos First Impressions

Posted by Limitations Thursday February 2 2012 at 11:14PM
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Sooo.... Mythos Open beta was just released today, and I really didn't touch it the first time it was released. Yes, it has be re-released under the company T3. We'll get to that later. So, I've been bored recently with some other games, and had some spare time, so I said why the hell not. I was a huge Diablo II fan, I played it throughout my teenage years, so about 4 years, from 16-20. It reminds me a lot of the Diablo Series, which is great, since I loved it. So, I guess I could go through the good and the bad so far...

I've played for about 8-9 hours so far, and I'm actually impressed. I really thought I wouldn't like it, but so far I've really enjoyed myself. I haven't had any trouble finding quests, going into dungeons, I really haven't made any friends, it is only the first day now. They are having a lot of techical issues, with getting the game to Launch, but I think it's to be expected from T3(We'll get there shortly). I didn't touch the game when it was first release, so I have no idea what it was like back then sadly, I regret not playing it before, because I am really enjoying myself. The quests are really simple to understand, and grasp unto. I enjoy the combat, it reminds me exactly of Diablo series, like I said before many times, is fantastic. I don't think every Diablo fan will like it, and I'm sure MANY people won't like this game, which is fine. Personal opinion, I'm enjoying it, and I hope it won't die off. 

So, i've been talking about this T3 company a little bit, and I'll give you a little bit of background. They have revived Mythos, along with HellGate London. Sadly, with T3 taking over Hellgate, the game has going into the gutter. it can be saved, (others say it can't), it's a great game, bad company. I don't mean to make it out to be like OMG T3 is so terrible. They are really not, they seem like decent people, I've talked to their CS department about a purchase, and I was happy to see the response I had received from them. So, they did a really crappy job with hellgate, so people will say, and even I said it in the beginning, was... Wow, this seems like a decent game, but T3 has taken over. I have only had one techical issue, which was resolved within 10 minutes, of lurking around the forums, and since then I really haven't encountered any problems with game crashing, server booting me, or anything. 

Stamina System... So, a lot of people are hating on this system, and they have some good arguements, but here is what I think of that system. They limit the time played... YES, they do, but it's only for diehard, hardcore, omfg players who don't have lives... Maybe, that's an extreme, but here's a little detail of what it is. It does limit your time, but you would literally have to play for hours, and hours on end for it to dry out. It is a system MEANT for kids, not adults. I can see it working, because when I was a teenager I spent 10-12 hours A DAY on Diablo II... Which was still not a waste of time, but for parents it may seem like it. So, do I think the system is needed? No, I really don't. I think it should be removed, but I doubt it will be. Nevertheless the Stamina system will not effect me, and it shouldn't effect most people.

The gameplay is really smooth, i'm still getting used to the item, leveling and other aspects of the game. I'm quickly picking up the game as I go. I think the game has some really good potential to be really fun, and popular. It won't appeal to a large audience, it will appeal to a smaller audience, like myself, and others who find this type of game fun. Will it be my main MMORPG? No, it will be the game I play on a daily bases, login for a hour or two, and log off. I won't play it for hours on end. That way, I can still learn the game, and it won't burn out, to the point so I don't play it anymore. I really think i'll enjoy it in the future, but only time will tell where it goes.

This is my opinion of the game, I hope you all read and hopefully try the game out. If you don't like, that's cool. If you do, more power to you it really seems like a great game. Please do not comment hateful things about the game, I really would hate to see that kind of the thing here.