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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #26 A Graceful Promise, A Tragic Lie(The End Of Me)

Posted by Limitations Saturday February 27 2010 at 1:34AM
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How often do we get lied to in our games? It could be by other players, or by the developers. Whatever the case may be, it shouldn't happen. It leads to hatred, and most importantly disappointment. I personally, hate being lied too. To be given such high hopes, and then being crushed by words. I take every lie personally, as a strike to the heart. When caught in a lie, of course the person(Or people), will try to defend themselves, trying to bargain, or give you a new date. Even if they say, it will be alright... Will it really be? I don't mind player's lying to me, because it's part of life, but it still hurts me. The thing that bugs me the most, is when developer's lie straight to our faces. It could be about the game before release, release date, features, patchs, expansions. Whatever it is... If they tell us one thing, and do another, is that considered a lie, is that just a "change". Deception and lies, is the cause of my lost hope in gaming. Yes, there is some honest people out there, but they still have their secrets, and deceptive ways. Free to play games, have a lot of lies with them. "Come play with us!! Completely free to play! *Cash Shop items will defiantly enhance your gameplay, and make you better*. They don't come out and say that, with a little time and research, you will clearly find that the case. Don't get me wrong, they need too make their money, and apparently that is a good way to do it, but what happens to your players, your community as soon as that is revealed? Some feel crushed, some feel happy, because they get the items, and they feel better than everyone else. Techically, they didn't lie, since the game is free to play, just the quality changes when you buy an item. Sucks eh? Well, thats business for you, and that is how they roll now. Well, we can still play the game right? I guess, it's better than nothing i guess. Hindered game-play is still game-play.

Pay to play games, i feel there is a totally different story, because there is more at risk. One small mistake, one small lie can feel like the end of it all for many players. This patch will bring so many fixes, and will bring so much more content into the game. The patch gets released on the set date, you download the patch, or whatever it is, and nothing seem's new at all. Every bug is still there, where is the content at? So, of course, what do the players do? Bring it to the forums! Vent your anger, try to get some well deserved answers out of the developers. They bring up an excuse, a deception, to try to lure you out of your anger, and focus on the next set date, which the promised you, that it will come that day, and you will be happy, and of course they apologize for this, and hope you happy gaming. We believe them, because we love the game, and we love the changes that the patch will bring. Of course, we are hurt, and angry, but we have something to look forward to, so it evens out after awhile, and we feel okay, and we go back into the game, and try to get our mind off it. Sucks does it not? Does it happen a lot? Sure it does, it takes one spark to start a fire. Don't get me wrong, not every company is like this, some of are honest, some are corrupt, just depends who it is. (I will not give out names, because i don't want to begin a flame war, i want this peaceful). I talked to this about a friend, and some people love their games, and love is the same as anything... In his case it was a relationship, you play your game, as in a relationship, you give it time, you play around with it, but when your lied too... The pain is the same feeling all around, i sort of agree with him too a point, when you are lied too, it's harmful.

It's difficult to handle a lie, but we get told, it will be okay, it will come soon, it will happen soon, whatever it may be. I know, this post can seem more... "Real life" then gaming, and i guess, it can be applied like that, however you apply it, you get the point. One of my all time favorite songs, is Where'd you go, by fort minor. I always apply that song about trust. Even though, it's meant to be about people, i listen to it, and apply to it to trust. "Where'd you go, i miss you so" You get my point.

I'm sorry for this post being a little... Personal/Emotional. I had to write, my friend just passed away. He commited suicide. Sorry for the sloppy post all. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Blog #25 Death Certificate For A Drama Queen

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 17 2010 at 9:36PM
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Drama queens. We love them, and we hate them. Which one are you? I personally love drama queens, well... The one's that are in mmorpgs at least. Just because, they always make me laugh, and smile, because they come up with the most goofiest things. The best one is the "WoW clone" debate. Example chat:

Player A: This is such, a WoW clone, i mean, just like at the graphics, and the races, and the monsters, and the UI!!

Player B: Nah, it's not, there is a lot of differences, from this and WoW.

Player A: WoW, is so much better than this, wow, this game sux, wtf.

Player B: Go play WoW then!

Player A: This game is free....

If i had a dollar, for each time, that coversation has popped up in my mmorpg, i would be one rich son of a bitch. I wish i was paid, to witness such conversations. It does get annoying, but not every discussion, is as plain as that one. There are some detailed ones, and there also those... That shouldn't be mentioned, because of how stupid they get. Have we ever been like this? I'm sure we have, i mean... When we first try a new game, we always compare to another game we have played. I do it all the time, luckily, i do not compare all my games to World Of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong, i have played WoW, and i did compare some to that game, but that stopped after awhile, because it was just plain stupid, and i do not like to think of myself as a stupid person, i am a retarted person, there is a major difference there. Mark my words on that one good people. What do you do when a Drama Queen, pops by? I simply ignore them, unless they are making a complete moron of themselves, and then i step in, and try to help there situation. Give them good examples on how not, or how they are, and maybe if i agree with them, they will eventually shut up, and think... "People agree... I WIN", and give it a rest. Sadly, that is not the case all the time, there has been so many times, where that plan has failed me, and i just fueled their fire, and they kept getting worse and worse. They are enjoyable and cute, and then at the same time, they are very annoying, and you just want to kill them, and end our misery.

I guess you could say, there are so many types of drama queens. I've witnessed so many of them, it's getting sad, but it's still fun to watch. You know, i like talking about another game while playing my mmorpg, but when it gets to comparing, then it gets violent. When you compare a game, all you will get is arguements, because there will always be disagreements, and people will like this more than that. It's just life, so you have to get used to it. I wish there were more ways to prevent such conversations, but there just isn't, so you have to ignore it, or join it. I usually join it, because it's a time waster, and i get some facts in. Sometimes it's a worth while debate, other times... It's just plain stupidity. We all love to argue to some extent, i know i do... My parents say i should be lawyer because i love to so much. (By the way, that is so true, it's not even funny). I control it though, because everyone would start to hate me, if i did it all the time. There is a time and place for everything, a time and place for offense and defense. We all have a choice, some of us just forget that, and go with our first intention, and fly with it, which usually ends up in pain, and anger. I mean... Drama queen's make us laugh, and smile, and other times, and for other people... They make us angry, and irritated. I don't know which one you are, but i hope you are the one that makes you laugh and smile. Because, they are just down right funny. Heh. Plus, we all have our drama queen moments. We all have been one, or almost been one. It could be in real-life, or online.

There isn't much to do about them. Just live it, and forget it. Who knows, maybe one day.... Nevermind, that is a dream that will never... EVER come true. Just because it's so far out there. You wanna know what it is? Maybe, one day there will be no drama queens. Told you so. I hope your laughing right now, because of what i just said. You might be calling me a hater right now... Sure, you can say that, but i'm not going to defend this, just because it sometimes annoys me. I'm sorry to say. If your a drama queen, and your offended by this... Well, your a drama queen, fair enough haha. Whatever the case may be, i have made my point, we all have seen this, and it does get annoying. I know this is a random topic, but i've just seen so much of it the past week, it's just got to the point, where i want to write about it, and pretty much get some stress out, because of all this.

Well, thanks for reading! Big suprise in next week's blog! Cheers!

Blog #24 The Philosophical Significance Of Shooting My Sister In The Face

Posted by Limitations Saturday February 13 2010 at 1:31AM
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Do we get tired of repeating yesterday? I know i do. We do that  in life, and in our mmorpgs. We do the same things, to make things happen, to make ends meet, to find some sort of enjoyment. What happens when the enjoyment ends? What happens when we become slaves to the weak? Do we fall to what we hate? Do we give up on what we desire. My desire in most games, is of course, to reach end-game, and do everything it has to offer. Do i ever meet that desire? Rarely, but when i get there, it seems to be worth it. Which i'm glad, because of course, i want it to be worth it, i don't want all my work to go to waste, and i don't want to be disappointed. The hardest part, is just getting there... Somehow i find myself always complaining, and wishing it was easier. I wish that quests we're different, and grinding didn't want to make me slit my throat. Of course, i have little tricks and tips to help me get through the time, but even those don't last forever, i wish they did, but thats never going to happen. We all get bored at some point, i don't care if your a hardcore gamer, you will get bored at some point, unless your not human, and your a robot, programmed to go on. (Wouldn't that be awesome?). Wishing is sort of a lost cause for me. I wish for a lot, but it's just false hope when it comes to games. I wish this would be implemented, but it seems when i wish something to happen, the exact opposite happens, and i'm left wondering, does that one player matter? Majority rules correct? Man, i hate when majority rules, it's the one thing that makes me feel extremely weak, and trust me... I hate feeling weak, i would rather kill myself than feel weak, it's just not my thing to be honest. I always hope, that tommorow will be a better day, that i will have a desire to play my game, with some positive energy, and not be so down on the game. If you are down on that game, your gonna be down, and that desire will go away, and there is nothing else left to feel. Only boredom, and sadness you will get. Unless, once again, your a robot, and you don't have emotions. Heh.

When we first step into a new game, it's sort of an energy high, we await too see what is new, and hope we will fall in love with it, and become our new love. It's sort of a good, and a bad thing. If we love it, great, we don't have to search anymore. If we hate it, we have wasted our time, and the search begins again. I wish i could have believed, that my first mmorpg, would be my only mmorpg, but of course, fate is twisted, and i got bored, and thus began my search for my one and only mmorpg. (I still haven't find it, i doubt i ever will). I search for war to be honest, i search for a game, that will give me hell and conflict. Because, i do want to challenge myself. I don't want to truly love a game all the way, i want my perfect mmorpg, to have flaws, that i will have to overcome, perfection will also get boring after awhile, i think we can all agree on that, if not... Well, you should stop reading then. Haha. We were born and raised too live, and make the best of our lives. Why live it in sadness, when we play a game? I remember, i played a game, just because i hated it so much. I know that's kind of harsh, but it made me get to max level, and experience some fun. I guess you could say it was one of those games, which sucked, until you hit that certain level, were all the goodies come in, and you finally have some fun, and get some kicks and giggles in. I wish it was like that, from start to finish. That would be amazing, and such a hope pleaser, but i don't think it will ever come. Harmony is what i want, where everything in the game, flows together, and have some peace. Where quests will flow, and fighting will be unique, where spamming is nothing, and aiming is everything.

I hope soon to find a home, and find peace in gaming. Where i will never waste my time, and actually enjoy every minute inside that game. Where i can meet some great people, have some unique systems, and just have it. Own some people, own some bosses, and just play with a sinister grin on my face. Will that day ever come? Probably not, but hope in the smallest form is still hope, and i will always have that small glimmer inside my head, inside my heads. I hope we all do, because it is something we need in this life... Hope, a small, but very powerful word, filled with meaning, and power. It's never too late for hope, there is always a start, and never a finish. Even death will not kill our hope. I think that is true for all of us, we will always rebound, and bounce back stronger and stronger everytime. Haha.

Well, thanks for reading! I'm cutting it short, because my bagel bites are ready! Cheers!

Blog #23 The Ballad Of Tommy Clayton & The Rawding Millionaires

Posted by Limitations Wednesday February 10 2010 at 10:42PM
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You know, one of the best parts of gaming, is for me... Actually leaving a game. For me, i can never fully beat an mmorpg. A lot of people have different opinions, and definitions of beating an mmorpg. I just don't think it's possible. If it is, i certaintly don't want to do it. I like to keep going, and let things never end, but everything must come to an end? Just life, and death it all has a beginning and an ending. It may quick and swift, or it could be long and overdue. Most of the time, mine are overdue. I love my games, don't get me wrong, but there is a point where it must end, and i must start again with a new game. It's the sad truth, but for some reason i like it when that day comes where i move on. I don't like spending the money buying the game, but usually it's worth it. My question to myself is, is a game really dead, when we quit, and erase it? I don't think so, i know it's silly, but we still have lingering memories, and it will carry unto the next game. We'll think to ourselves "Oh yeah, this game had it as well, but it was better..." Then we will regret quitting, because one thing wasn't better than the other. Haha, i do it all the time to be honest, it's a very bad habit. When i leave, the hardest thing to do for me at least, is not leave my characters, but to leave my friends, and people i have met in that game, that i have grown close to, and played with over my time. Goodbye is ever so haunting as i like to say. Goodbye is such a harsh word, i will say... See you later, until we meet again. Do we ever meet again? I don't know, i haven't been in that position yet, i hope to be in that position though, and hopefully soon!

Recently, i have been addicted to my PsP, and not my mmorpgs. *Gasp*. Hey, you gotta love classic final fantasy portable yo. Anyways, i like splitting my time from Pc, and platforms. Though, platforms will win hands down, no matter what. It was my first and true love when it came to video games, until i love again in an mmorpg, which i hope is not to long for me, because i am really get unpatient, and i would rather slit my throat and listen to Metallica. (That was harsh, but who cares?). Think to yourself, do we really quit a mmorpg? I mean, we can cancel our account, block it from our computer, but it will replay in our heads, of our favorite raids, our favorite moments, and then we will once again regret it, and go back... And sometimes fate will be cruel, and we will get extremely bored and unfulfilled. Haha. I try not to back down, and resist temptation, and try to play a game to the fullest extent, and when i get there, try to figure out what i am going to do next, stay or move on. Usually, it has been moving on, because i am very picky when it comes to endgame material(I think, i will make a blog on that soon enough). I have a collection of mmorpgs, along with a collection of memories from each one, good and bad, horrible and funny, sad and true. Will i ever forget them? My god, i hope i do someday, because some are just pathetic, and really nerdy. (When i did my leroy jenkins... Man, that still haunts my dreams). I have very few beautiful memories, where i was actually fun, and enjoying myself, and not pouting and complaining.

Tonight, i hope to dance with an mmorpg, and get to know it so well, i will stick with it, until it closes down. Because, that would be my dream, will that ever happen? I highly doubt it, but you never know... Hope is small, but it's still bright. I won't say it will happen, because i don't know if it ever will, maybe? Maybe not? Every mmorpg has a different galaxy, that needs to be explored, i don't plan on exploring them all, but at least most of em, i will. Meet some friends, make some enemies, beat some nerds, and geeks. Heh. Hopefully, i won't make them cry, i always feel bad, when i win, and they cry about it, really kills the buzz, and i'm like... "Wtf man". I really do hope, i find an enjoyable long-lasting mmorpg, that i can make my permeant game, until then, i'll stick to mine, and my psp, and see what happens in the near future, because like i said, i am really getting impatient, and i am somewhat of a patient man. I think, one step would be to make a mmorpg, with built in screamo music... Oh god, that would be like an heavenly gift from the developers. Ease my stress of grinding, and pvping. Well, i guess that is what Windows Media Players is for :).

Well, i hope you like this post. Feel free to comment, next post will be here soon! Haha, i'm on number 23! Epicsauce! Cheers!

Blog #22 YDG!?(Ya Dig!?)

Posted by Limitations Monday February 8 2010 at 12:40AM
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Who likes getting into arguements? *Raises Hand* Haha, it's the sad truth. I love arguements, but only a certain kind. Intelligent. Okay, so i really can't call an arguement intelligent, so, we will just call it a... "Heated" Conversation. I've been in so many conversations with people, with the reasoning... "If you don't like my game, screw off" or "My game is better than yours, bahaha". When they do that, i usually just imagine them in their underwear, and laugh hysterically, and have my family look at me, like... Wtf is wrong with you kid? I love that look, because i basically get it everyday, almost every hour. You can see how much i like having conversations with people. Heh. I will admit, i do regret my past conversations, were i was immature, and i said a lot of immature, and hurtful things to other people. That is why i changed my ways about discussing gaming. I usually save my conversations, and looking back, i said a lot of hurtful things, and i have apologized to most of the people i have been. (Some people have actually blocked me, so i can't apologize). I have posted a lot about watching what you say, you may just be talking to a kid, a teenager, or an eighty year old man.... I would hope not, but you never know eh? When i play counter-strike, i see a lot of people little kids play (9-12 age group). They have the whiny voices, and complain, and groan and moan. We all get annoyed with it correct? I mean it does get old after awhile, don't get me wrong, sometimes i lose my temper when they are on. It's human nature correct? I've seen so much negative attitude towards them for being little. I know when i was little, i was bullied in real life, every day, for about two years. I had my head split open. It was harsh, the online galaxy, was my escape from all that pain, and misfortune. I sort of put that in their perspective, what if it is they same for them? They get bullied at school, or even at home, and they come play the online games, for some sort of escape, and with the crap they get, do they really get an escape? No, not really. Now, i do realize, little kids sometimes should not be playing these types of games, because of their age, but still... They are human beings, no matter how small, or how young. We are human, we all have feelings.

When i was little, i didn't have a microphone, or anything like that, so no one ever heard my voice online. I typed differently though. My sentences used to be like this "U lyke me? I lyke u, lets go, and hav sum fun" Sometimes that can get annoying, but a lot of people text like that. They may think that is cool, or whatever. Let them, you can read, it may take some more time, it's not that hard to use the old noggin once and awhile. Haha. So, you may be reading this and saying... "They are just kids, so what, they won't remember this!" Haha... I wish it was that simple. I remember when i was bullied, i remember everyday of it, just like it was yesterday, and i have been diagnosed with clinical depression because of it. I'm not saying it could happen to each and everyone of them, but it did happen to me. You attack someone, they won't forget, they probably will try to repress and forget about it. When you insult someone, your attacking a person, not just a screen. I asked a ten year old kid, what happens when people trash talk him, what he feels. His exact words were "It hurts... I usually cry afterwards, i trash talk back, so maybe they will stop, and find me cool... It never works though". That made me so sad to read that, it broke my heart. I know how that exactly feels, it's the worse feeling in the world. We all have emotions, and feelings. You get to choose, if you help, or hurt someone. I hope you choose the help path, and choose not to hurt another person.

I would say all of us, act differently online, than in person. I know i do. I try to act intelligent online, but in real life, i am a crazy lunatic, clinically depressed, and three learning disabilites. Haha, that is different eh? It's the truth, all of that is. I know i am stressing a lot here, but i really want to stress, when you make fun of someone, it does affect them, lots of us, have weak skin, not tough skin. When i was 13, and got trashed talked, i would cry myself to sleep, because i felt like a complete waste of nothing, or whatever they called me. It hurt. A lot. The worst one i probably have ever received was "You should have been aborted". You should never say that to another person. We all have feelings, we all have emotions, we all feel pain. Think about that, next time you think of making fun of someone. Please, i plead of you all too do so. I know how it feels personally. The online world is tough, we could all use some clean fun.

Thanks for reading... I hope you all take this too heart. I really do.

-Da Kurlzz.