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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

A New Chapter

Posted by Limitations Monday January 19 2015 at 12:01AM
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I kinda don't know how to start this one, so if you don't mind some random babble, eventually it'll come around to a point, so bare with me please. 2014, was a kind of important year for me, personally, and gaming wise. Lots of games came out, lots of disappointments, but also a lot of joy. Before the year ended, I really thought about what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to shape up my MMO playing. I did the usual, and looked at what games were on EA (Early Access). I know right, gross. Upcoming pay to play MMORPGS, and even Free to play ones. Only a few caught my eye, but what about the ones I never gave a shot?

There was one that came to mind, and I think 2015 will be it's year to be played. "But Josh, you suck at sticking with one game". It's true, and a lot of you might say that, hell I even say that. So I want to balance between around three games. You all know Destiny, what about the other two? I've come to realize, MOBAs aren't really my thing anymore... I loved playing League of Legends, and I LOVE Dota 2... But it's becoming a bore to me, and I just watch the professionals play, rather than play myself. A spectator sport if you will now.

So, what's been going on now? I've pretty much deleted MOBA games from my life. We’ve narrowed it down to three games. One we know is Destiny. What about the other two though? I’ve been playing Hearthstone basically since Closed Beta and has become one of my favorite games of all time. Alright, so we got two games, but they aren’t real MMORPGs are they? No, sadly they are not. Back to my point about looking at upcoming games, and sure some of them caught my eye, but not enough as the game I’m about to talk about.

I’ve shown this game little love, even though I adore it so much, and with my neglect I have learned to appreciate it more and more. It’s not the biggest MMORPG, but popular enough to catch my attention more than once. Alright, so if it’s caught my attention more than once, why haven’t I played or talked about it before? I have, but again I have neglected it, but this time around… I’m giving it a better shot, 2015 will be this game’s year for me.

Why now, and what happened to the other games? I know, I’ve been jumbled and everything for the past couple of months, well the whole year really… Multiple adventures, a ton of games, and a ton of memories… But it’s not all for naught. I’ve came to make some great friends, who I talk to on a daily basis. Taking everything seriously has sort of matured my type of gaming. Yeah, I play Destiny, and Hearthstone but the MMORPG gamer in me as matured. I’ll talk on why The Secret World fills that void that has been missing later. Back to my other point, before I babble on more.

I’ve played various games in 2014, subbed to an endless supply of MMORPGs it seemed, a lot of them clicked with me, and a lot of them didn’t. It’s never money wasted though. To give you a list would be a long one, but I will give you a rundown of what I played. LOTRO, ESO, FFXIV, TOR, Neverwinter, and so on and so forth. Many games I talked about right here on this blog, and some I didn’t. (There is plenty more, and even one’s I am currently playing, but I left them out)

A lot of them fell with disappointment, but there was some that gave me a lot of happiness.

Alright, so what about the games you keep talking about? World Of Warcraft, yes I know the new expansion, and my problem with talking about it. I will finish the series of course, and give my final opinion on the expansion, and my experience as a whole, that I promise. Even though I switched servers, found a nice guild, and even switched factions… It wasn’t enough, but that will all be explained in the upcoming final posts. I believe there will be at least two more. (I have a lot of drafts, and such). It’s a sad story at the end, but you will all fully understand when I publish those. I promise you.

Why the drastic change, and why only three games? I need to limit myself really, when I play too many games, it just drains me to the point where I don’t play anything at all. Not even Hearthstone! That’s bad right? Least I think so. That’s why I have to limit myself to only three games. I don’t know if some of you do this or not, but it becomes overwhelming to the point of stressful, and gaming shouldn’t be stressful right? Well, depending on what type of games you are playing of course, but generally they shouldn’t.

Alright, final point of this post, before I go venture on into the The Secret World, so why this game, what makes it so important to dedicate a lot of time to it? As I told you before, my MMORPG gaming habits have matured in the sense, that the whole fantasy, or sci-fi doesn’t do it for me anymore. Whereas TSW is a Modern MMORPG. (I”ll get into this in a lot more detail in the first blog post). There will be huge upcoming news about the Cabal I will be running in the game! (Cabal means Guild). It’s seriously going to be one hell of a ride, and 2015 will definitely be it’s year for me, and I hope you all will join me along in this adventure as you have before.

In closing, I want to thank you for all for the amazing year I had in blogging, with all the readers and supporters, you have been amazing. I will keep doing this throughout 2015, sharing my adventures with all of you. There has been a lot of talk with myself and some of people who read my stuff, if I will ever take streaming really seriously. I truly intend to stream most of my The Secret World adventures on my twitch channel. (Details to come sooner, rather than later). Once again, I thank you all for reading. It’s been awesome, and will continue to be awesome. Cheers!