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Author: Limitations

Let's Talk: The Secret World

Posted by Limitations Thursday January 30 2014 at 12:40AM
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So we talked about Firefall last, and now I'm on the subject of The Secret World, a game developed by Funcom. The game is now Buy to play, no subscription needed, and with Issues, which are basically expansions, available to purchase, along with cosmetics and things of that nature. Why do I want to discuss this? This game has probably the best story, and questing I've seen in a long time. It's probably THE best feature of the game. It's high quality, the story is amazing, and some of the quests actually require thinking. A lot of it as well. (As well as some googling). A lot of negativity from the game comes from the lack luster combat, and the developers behind it. I have no problem with Funcom so far, the CS has treated me with the upmost respect, and has resolved my issues quickly. As for other people, I've heard some rather awful things, more than I would like to hear to be honest, but hey... Opinion is an opinion nonetheless. The game has some amazing features, and Funcom seems to be rather interested in expanding the game further and further, which is good for the current players, and future players. Nice updates, means gamers are happy. We want them happy correct? As long as it's good content I am happy with it. The last few issues have been wonderful, and it only seems to be getting better from here on out.

I'm not going into deep detail about why the game is as wonderful as I say it is, because there is a lot to it, I will have a little rundown though. The no class system is pretty well designed, you can max every weapon with time. Story of course, and questing. Very well written, and it's a beautiful game. They worked hard on this game, I can tell. There is a LOT that could be improved though, and this I will go into detail about. Because I want to express how I think things could be different. I will probably tweet this post to Funcom/TSW Devs in hopes that they will read it. One of the biggest things that bother me is the lackluster combat system. It's linear, and can be very boring. That changes when you are in dungeons, and fighting a boss mob for a quest, but in general I find it very boring, and tedious. There are of course situations where it's extremely fun, but not a lot... It's sad, because if this game had a better combat system, it would be my #1 MMO, that is the truth. Another thing that really bothers me about the game is the Dungeon finder. Maybe, i'm spoiled from WoW, or FFXIV finder, but I feel like the game's finder could be improved by a large portion. At least they have a system in place, but it's not as good as it should be.

I see more people spamming LFG for the first dungeon Polaris, then using the actual finder. Hint: There is a problem with that, at least for me. I still was able to find parties for it, but... Not as fast as I could like. So, I hope Funcom can look at this, and say hey, maybe we can find a better system for this, and eventually implement it into the game. That would be wonderful, again... It's not a big thing for me, but it could be improved. Another thing that really makes me pretty upset, and it's a real turn off, until I got past it. There is a huge spike in difficulty when you reach Savage Coast, compared to the first area. A lot of people, including me have died many, many times in Savage Coast because we weren't prepared skill wise, and item wise. Huge turn off, I doubt they will fix that because, it's been going on for so long, but I would love to see that being fixed, or tweaked in a way that the spike in difficulty isn't so HUGE. 

This is probably the biggest turn off for me, but you learn to deal with it slowly. Aggro. This game has a problem with aggro, the system to me is broken, and should be revamped, and taken a look at. Aggro is extremely difficult, even in the first area, terribly hard in Savage Coast. I mostly die to Aggro mobs, that aren't even in my area, and are off screen, and I can't take on two mobs, because of the difficulty spike. Not possible, unless I run away, which I ain't no bitch, but sometimes I am forced to be. I'm not an expert on this, I don't know how they designed their aggro system, but I wish they would take a look at it, and they would find some huge flaws in it. You learn to adapt to it though, and learn how to pull, but you shouldn't have to put a lot of practice into that. That gets boring, and turns people off. I maybe am being a little harsh on this subject, but it's just... Ugh, so difficult for me to get past.

The huge spike in difficulty, I don't think will be taken a look at, but it should be. I think they really should tone it down a notch, and not have people be smacked in the face with such force. Blue Mountains isn't as bad as Savage Coast, because you learn from it, but like... Whoa, huge turn off. Sorry Funcom, but please look at that. People have complained about it, and have been vocal about it on the forums. I'm sure they have seen it, and hopefully it makes them think about it. Please! Funcom! LOOK AT IT!

Though, as those flaws kick in, the game is beautiful, the stories, questing, and everything else really turns me on, and makes me play it more and more. It's a high quality game, that is only buy to play. You will find it on Steam for 29.99. For what the game offers, it is defiantly worth the money, and you will get more than your money's worth, I promise you that. It's defiantly worth testing it out. There are buddy keys you can get to try the game out, since there is no "Official" trial. People hand out buddy keys, and I will as well. Not that big of a deal for me. With the game getting frequent updates, Funcom seems invested in this game, which again... Is a really good sign for the future of this game. It deserves a lot of attention from them, and from future players. Right now, I am currently playing the game, and loving the story line, but I've talked about the drawbacks of the game... It's a slight killer, but not at all the way of me getting rid of the game entirely... Ahem, Guild Wars 2. That being said... Until next time ya'll! Cheers!