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Author: Limitations

Blog #69 Return To Eorzea Part IV

Posted by Limitations Monday January 27 2014 at 2:51AM
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The grim days have long been over with, and I have had some very enjoyable days. One of the things that keeps me going in the Story line. It has grasped me like every other Final Fantasy story, so it's really kicked in high gear for me to quest, and continue to play for the story. Unlocking new dungeons, etc. The world isn't as grim as I once looked at it to be. I'm going to be changing this blog series name after this post, so you will see something different next post. The game is still going strong, stronger than before. Everyone needs those grim times I guess. I've been actively participating in FC Dungeons, and things of that nature to get more involved in the game. There is a huge difference between Dungeon Finder, and playing with a few good friends. The game is really looking up for me. I'm continually logging on, and playing for multiple hours. I'm glad I went through the grim times, because I don't want to go back to previous MMOs. Not just because FFXIV is newer and shiny, it's because it's just a good MMO for me. I could go back to World Of Warcraft, enjoy my twink, and pvp for about two hours and log off, and probably never log back on. FFXIV is totally different, I have multiple reasons to log on, and probably will even when I hit end-game. Who knows? I was running a Dungeon for a bunch of my FC peeps, and we did brayflox. It has some interesting mechanics involved with the last boss, and I'm tanking it. (I love tanking in this game). The boss required a lot of movement, timing, and other things. I love being able to explain to people how this will work, what to do at this time, and at that time. Makes me feel like a true leader. Sure, we wiped one time, because our healer got destroyed from lack of attention, but we crushed the boss the next time, and had fun with it. I've ran that dungeon multiple times, and taught a lot of people about it, and it never gets old. The fact that the item I want didn't drop does get old though. QQ. 

I've been improving my tanking ability a lot recently, learning rotations, and things of that nature. How to maintain aggro, what to do when you lose aggro, and etc. I'm very good at doing one rotation, bad at another. So, i'm leaning towards the one i am good at, and when I am in a comfortable group, I try the other rotations. Eventually I hope to get both down. I'm just entering a new area as well, and a ton of quests have been opened to me, so I am super excited about that and the next part of the story line. I won't post any spoilers at all, but it's getting really interesting!

As for the stream, My internet has been jacked recently (Thank you AT&T), and due to that I haven't been able to test it out, and stream like I wanted to. Our power keeps getting knocked out due to the snow and stuff, so it's been rather frustrating for that. I want to stream the game pretty badly. If I wanted to do youtube videos, I would probably have to invest more money than I want to at the moment. Probably down the road I will, but as of right now, I am just going to stick to streaming the game as much as I can.

I've been writing here for a long time now, and having been able to finally settle down with one game, I haven't posted blogs like I usually do back in the day. I sort of have matured in a way that I just want to write about the game I am playing, and not rant and rave on issues that I think MMOs have. Sure it's fun to let some hate out, but i'll save it for the other people here on the forums! As I said though, I will be changing the name of the series in the next post. I don't like the name I have for it now, and I've already "Returned" to the game, so not much sense to continue with the name I have now. But I'm glad I continue to write here, and not move to some other website. I love writing about FFXIV a lot. I know I had a blast with SWTOR and writing that, but this seems much different, in a good way. I was set to post a full review of SWTOR, but I canned that idea, and just continued to write about FFXIV. I'm not into the whole "Rating" system. I don't like giving games 5/10, or 10/10 or whatever. I think it's rather misleading, I would much rather just tell you how it is then let numbers do it for me.

As I enter new areas and try the new dungeons, the game spark keeps getting bigger and bigger. Cutter's Cry was really interesting, and the last boss fight we wiped two times because I can't remember two things... It wasn't frustrating we found it rather funny I couldn't remember colors and what they meant. It goes to show you how much intelligence I really have. (Not a lot). As soon as AT&T fixes their stuff, I will be streaming, and hopefully under the name. That would be awesome if I could do that. But the adventures have been swell so far. Grim days are over, and it's time to focus on the story line, and continue the adventures of my Paladin. I'm only ten levels away from 50! So it's the home stretch for me, and it's going to get better and better from here, I assure you! Until next time! Cheers! writes:
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