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Author: Limitations

Blog #68 Return To Eorzea Part III

Posted by Limitations Tuesday January 7 2014 at 7:28PM
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Times are becoming Grim in FFXIV. Not to say it's becoming lackluster or anything, but I can see many complaints are valid by many of the players. Having a great free company will only take you so far, I guess that applies to every MMO. I was recently trying to level up a alternative class (Coj), and I've done most of the beginner quests in the starting areas, so I was of course left with Fate grinding. Now from 1-15, it wasn't that bad at all, but now it's becoming so what aggravating, to the point that I gave up and logged off after awhile from boredom. I don't get bored easily nowadays, FFXIV usually gets my attention pretty well. I thought to myself the next time I logged on, when I do other classes, If I do them, am I going to be left with Fate grinding? Dungeons are good, I enjoy playing the tank role, and aggroing as many as the room has, and being able to tank it pretty fast, that's a good part for me, but now... I'm beginning to understand why people only play it for about a month or two. Now, I was pretty happy about 2.1, a lot of people were angry about prices of housing, but I believe they will be fixing that, but still... Kind of harsh the prices were. The economy in this game is far one of the worst i've seen, (At least on my server). I haven't really touched crafting at all, i've never been a huge crafting fan myself, but from what I have heard, it doesn't... Get you that far, and doesn't help you that much. Gear usually comes from later end-game dungeons, and coil runs, if I remember correctly.

As much as I love the Final Fantasy series, this game is lacking that feel of Final Fantasy. The classes are fine, the races are cool, but it's just missing that FF feeling, am I the only one to feel this way? I hope not. I didn't log in for about two days, without any desire. I felt that if I didn't log into a game that I am paying monthly for, and have the time to login and don't... Something is defiantly wrong here. I want to play the game every day if I'm paying for it. I don't think I am the only one who feels this way. I will continue to play the game, and hopefully the grim days will be over soon, or will start to come to good days. Not all the days have been like this, just recently. I feel this game is more like WoW, or some other MMO (I hate comparing everything to WoW), and not staying true to FF roots. Someone joked and said "We know SE has jumped the boat, when Cloud and Sephiroth enter the game). I lol'd so hard, I really hope it doesn't come to that. I'm confident that SE has the right intentions for the game, I just hope the implement it correctly, and not screw things over, and have FFXIV AAR, 3.0. You know what I mean? They took the time and effort to make a great MMO, Let's not screw it up now. If the gaming days continue like this, I will likely un-sub, and play something differently. (Maybe, Guild Wars 2, or SWTOR again). Until then I will play this game, I really don't want to go MMO hopping, because it usually makes me waste money resubbing to WoW and only hating it, and being bored and out some money.

I know i've sounded like a true fan boy of the game, and it's true, but I've learned that being a fan boy can be a huge let down when the grim days hit. So, I will see where the game goes from here, I will defiantly keep you all updated on what happens, if anything, like I said, I'd rather not MMO hop. If I do, I will likely, give Guild Wars 2 a huge try, even though I am practically begging for information about the game now. I will try the Official forums for some answers. Anyways, cheers for now! writes:
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