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Author: Limitations

Blog #67 Return to Eorzea Part II

Posted by Limitations Wednesday January 1 2014 at 2:40AM
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It's been awhile, longer than it should be then. Anyways, I have been having a blast since having my account back. Already have a Paladin, and my tanking skills have increased ten fold! I guess, in this game I like tanking more than any other role. One of the things that have me amiss though, is that this game gets a lot of hate. I know why of course, I read them and all of them have valid points. Economy, Housing, End-game, etc. Now I can nit pick if I wanted to, like anyone could, but i'd rather not focus on the negativity right now. 2.1 Implemented a lot of cool stuff, and I believe SE will continue to add good content to the game. I have not hit end game yet, but I will tell you all about it when I do. My Free Company, does a lot of End-game stuff, so I get to hear it a lot of VOIP. I mean, nothing that people have nit picked about have come to my level yet, but I enjoy crafting, and leveling, and doing dungeons, and overall happy with the game play as it stands. The game is pretty perfect for me. The design is flawed, and not perfect, nor any game design will be perfect, but this game does it really well for me. I find myself enjoying the story line, the questing, crafting, tanking, and enjoying myself with the FC. That's is what really keeps me going a lot of the time. My Free Company, is always active 30-50 people online at all times, so we are always up to something. It is one of the few things that keep me coming back. I've stated in the past that community is a big part for me in any MMO. So i'm overjoyed when the game I love has such a great community with it. The server in general is really nice, don't get me wrong. We have very few trolls, and such like that. As I talk to them, and their experiences with end-game, compared to other games, it's true they say it is lacking, but it's fun! As long as it's fun for me, I will continue to play it, that would be anybody I guess. My FC pushes me to do crafts, and level up other classes for specific skills, teaching me to be the best paladin in the Duty Finder, which is always good. I'd rather have someone trying to push me to get where I need to be, and get better, than no one at all. So, life is good there.

My favorite instance so far would have to be Manor. Extremely fun, easy going, and it requires some skill to not be able to wipe. (Unless you have an amazing tank like me) Hazah. Tanking is very different in this game, and I've had a lot of my FC tanks tell me what to do, and go on runs with me. I never expected it to be so complicated, and have math with it. The more you know right? I'm a Paladin, so tanking is a little different then most classes it would seem. I've died my fair share of times, only because I don't know exactly what I am doing, or I don't know my own limits. Either way, I am learning new things, and going by it, and improving from it. So it's defiantly fun to learn all of this, because I am in a way challenged. In WoW, or other games, tanking was pretty straight forward, in this game it is really different. (I'm not saying tanking is easy in WoW). With that, I am leveling other classes to have their benefits as well. Example would be Protect, Cure, Stone Skin, Etc. There is a lot of things that I hope to improve in time. I hope 2014 brings an expansion to the game. I would really look forward to that. I know they stated big content updates every three months, and I hope they keep to their word on that. The game has a lot of potential to be added on. More story lines, more everything. I think it can be very expansive, and I hope SE realizes the potential it has for that. I would hate to see, after Extreme titan, it would be SUPER DUPER TITAN! That would be plain silly, and over used. I am hoping for unique content to come out down the road. I am excited to see what 2014 will have in store for FFXIV.

I don't see this game going free to play anytime soon. The game is thriving, and a lot of people are playing it, and I have high hopes for it. I don't mind paying a Sun for it, and you know for once... I hope this game stays with a Sub, and doesn't go free to play. I think it will be just fine, even when ESO, and Wildstar come out. I sound like the biggest fanboi out there right now, and I apologize for that, I am a fan on this game, a big fan. That doesn't mean I love every aspect of the game. I would change some things if I could. We will see what happens down the road. The game is challenging to me, and I am truly having a blast playing it. 

I've been testing the live stream on twitch, and everything seems good. Sound, and video quality are pretty swell, and I have shut down most of the lag spikes that happen. So, hopefully by tomorrow night I will be streaming so FFXIV. Until next time! Cheers!