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The Gaming Gospel

I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Blog #21 I Used To Have A Best Friend(But Then He Gave Me An STD)

Posted by Limitations Tuesday January 12 2010 at 11:43PM
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How do we find a purpose in our game? How do we define a game? There are so many parts of a mmorpg, how do we break it down, and find what is really the meaning of it all? Is there a meaning to a game, or is just another boring game, another boring day? Repetitive nature, brings out the worse in all of us. In and out of the game. It's a simple pattern. We wake up, take a shower, eat something, brush our teeth, go to work, play our game, sleep. Repeat. Boring eh? Well, i looked at it, in a game perspective, and said this. Log on, select character, find quests, find monster/find npc, complete quest, grind, repeat, repeat, repeat. You just want to pull your hair out sometimes and just quit, am i right? To be honest, i have done that many times, and trust me, it really, really hurts. Simply put, the pattern sucks? Is there a way to change the pattern? Certainly, but do we really want to screw up what we already have? Maybe not. I have tried so many different patterns lately, it's just hard to figure out something new, after the tenth time, or the tenth game you've tried this month. How long do we give a pattern, before we give up, and just give in to a boring life style? Usually, it takes me about two weeks, and i call it quits on the pattern, not the game, the pattern. I'll still play the game, it will just have less meaning than before. Which sucks, because i want my game to be fun, and mysterious. Why do i mysterious? I want to have suprises when i log on, something different, just not the same thing i did yesterday, or even the whole week, it's a horrible thing right? What can make a game so different than the others? Okay, yeah, games claim they are different, and sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. It just depends on how we look at it. "Oh, yeah, i tried that game. It's just a clone of WoW, don't waste your time" You don't know how much that pisses me off, when people say that. Yeah, wow is popular, why not copy off something that is huge? Duh, they want money. They just tweak it, so it's a "little" different than the last game you have played. Is it the same thing? Yes and No. Cloning is natural in my book. It's like having a hero, you want to become like that hero, so you follow in his/her footsteps, to become just like them. So, developers might thing. "WoW is huge in the mmog market, why not take some features from that, change it a little, and say we have something different? Hooray, we have our own mmorpgs, congratulations!!!!!"

I think about it in that way. Sure, i have played a mmorpgs that look alike, have the same features, have the same quests. The npc's are dull and boring. The quests, are "Kill ten goblins, return to john, receive a reward" Isn't that fun!? No, it's not. I'm tired of killing goblins, and their purple blood, and green faces. I get tired of seeing goblin corpses, it's kinda sad, you know? My favorite type of quests is this "Go to john, then go to jacob, then go to sarah, return back to john, go to town leader, meet up with john again, complete quest" Isn't it fun to run around town, following your mini map, to people that are close to each other. Do you feel the sarcasm in this? I sure do. I would love to see something new in quests, is there limits? I don't think so, i think quests could be a little more intelligent. Yeah, you can go and say, kill 10 monsters, but make it interesting. How? I really haven't thought that far, that is the developer's job, i'm just the complainer in this post, shoot me if you want. I'm not much of a thinker, i have the mentally of a three year old(Soon to be four year old, aren't you proud?). You know, i'm sure it is complicated coming up with quests, writing them out, figuring them out. Now that i think about, wouldn't it be awesome, if they have more puzzle quests? "Go to place, find out the codes, return back to npc" That would be kinda fun, something new. Atleast, you don't have to kill some mob, over and over again, and get sick of seeing their corpse all over the ground, and the guts and gore. (Well, the guts and gore part can stay in my book, that's always fun to watch" They could even put more interactive skills in, that would make the game more fun.

For example, i love the idea of chopping off heads, doesn't that sound fun kids? So, you can kill a mob, or get them down to 20% health, and have the option of chopping off their head. Amazing feature eh? Seeing a goblin's head pop off, and the gore comes out from their neck, sweet huh? It's like watching that scene in Lord Of The Rings, when aragorn chops off the orc's head, and see that little kid in the theater go "SAWEET". It's just like that, just more of it. Haha. I would love to see more tricked out commands. Back flips, side flips. Wouldn't that be cool in stealth mode? Charge towards a mob, do a backflip, initiate skill, stab them in the back, spam 1 and 2, and chop off their heads? Mmm, sounds like a plan to me. I would love to do that over and over, and even do that in PvP, just to piss some guy off, because he didn't see it coming, from behind. One of my favorite characters to play, are the stealth/rogue kind. Just feeling like a ninja has a sense of coolness behind it. Unless your a little kid, and spam "I AM NARUTO HEAR ME ROAR!!!" Then you just sound plain stupid, and everyone is like, wtf that is so 2009. (I feel kind of stupid, just saying that). So, i mean there is a bunch of ideas, i will probably never, ever see them come to life, but it would be cool to see them one day. I know, there are some games with the chopping off the head feature, but sometimes it feels so lame, when the gore doesn't come out of there necks, you know? Your like, wtf, i chopped off his head, and it justs falls to the ground, and nothing. Five seconds pass and the corpse disappears. It puts a frowny face, on my face.

If you read this, and want to comment. Put some of your own thoughts, what you would like to see. Comments are always welcome, and thanks again for reading! It does mean a lot to me. Cheers!

Blog #20 I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King

Posted by Limitations Monday January 11 2010 at 10:57PM
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How do we make ourselves known in our games? Do we want to be popular? A loner? What should we be? I've asked myself a bunch of times, and i never really get an answer. I usually become, who i am on accident. Usually i am the clown, or the so called "Joker". Which i don't mind at all, since i love making people laugh, i find pride and joy in it. I always wanted to be popular in a game, who wouldn't right? Well, lots of people don't want to be popular, but i am one of those people who would love to people popular, in a small sense though. In my current mmorpg, i am very popular in my guild, because i make people laugh, and i usually bring joy into the game. Once again, i don't mind that haha. I would love to known in a different way. PvE wise, PvP wise, whatever the case be, i try my best to reach that. Why do i want to be popular? I asked myself that, and the only reason i would want to be popular is for the friends. I love meeting people, and making some friends. Guildies, or just some random person doing a quest. Whatever it may be, i try to make the most out of the game as i can. I used to be a loner, and i never joined a party, i always solo'd the game, and played the classes that can solo most of the game. I would only party if the quest required it, or i was doing a raid, that would be my only reason to party. Yeah, sure i loved playing alone, but it does get old real quick. I hated it after awhile. So, i put some faith in meeting some people, joining a guild, and see if it picks up. After some bad guilds, i finally found a good guild, that had some very unique set of people... No joke, we had a ton of wierdo's. Haha. That guild actually saved me from quitting that game, believe it or not, like i said, i was a hardcore solo'r i loved playing alone, having some sort of solitude, besides the gold spammers. Heh. Do I still solo? Most of the time, depending who is on, and what the person/people are like. I would say about 60/40. (60 solo, 40 group).

I guess, you could say this post is about groups and soloing. Some people love this subject, some people turn it into a flame war, which actually disgust me, i'm not gonna lie to yah. I hate flaming in general, unless there is an actual cause for the flame. Besides that, i am going to share a story about, My friends and i conversation on this subject, which was very long, and confusing. I'll spare you the confusing part, and go with the serious nature of the convo. To begin with, my friend is a huge fan of parties. So, of course he is going to go with the grouping. I asked him, if he ever solo'd a game, almost completely. His response was swift and he said "I'd rather cut my own arm off" I of course asked why, and he responded "Soloing is like vomiting, you hate it, and it has a bad after taste". I didn't know games had a taste to be honest... It was kinda a wierd response, but i took it, and laughed my butt off. No joke, my butt is gone... I told him, yeah... Grouping is fun and all, but don't you like soloing/solitude? He actually replied no, and it kinda shocked me. I thought everyone liked solitude, i wanted to slap him across the face, and knock some sense into him, then again... He is very wierd, so i really can't say much there. Back to the point. During the conversation, we went into the game, to continue it, because AIM screwed up, and just pissed us off, so why not talk about the game, while actually playing it, smart idea right? Why didn't we think of that before? Because i have the mentality of three year old, i really can't help it sorry, gosh.

Inside the game, we continued the conversation with our guild. We got almost everyone's opinion on the subject, it soon turned into a full blown debate. We had guildies fighting, argueing, and even bashing each other. It was kind of hilarous, i was laughing the whole time, because it was never meant to be this big of a conversation. Some of the reaction's were this "Groups are for losers and fags" (Apologies for using the word fag). One was "Soloing is for wimps, only true people group". Our guild leader got involved after it turned into a flame war, and had some very interesting points. He debated by himself the pro's and con's of both sides. "I love to solo, and party. Soloing is a way to get away from the kids, and have some alone time. Get some skills, and learn to fight alone. Grouping is a good way to meet people, and prepare yourself for raids" I never thought of it that way. Prepping yourself for raids. It makes sense right? I remember my first raid, it was pathetic, i had no idea what to do, and i basically aggro'd every mob known to man, and i was a priest... (Doh). After the flame ended, we went back to our lives and played the game peacefully, i went back to soloing, and actually gained some solitude after that flame, and cooled down.

I guess it also depends on the game. Some games are group heavy, where the quests are hard, and require groups to complete, and some classes are weaker, so the more grouping, the more levels you get, and progress faster. Some games have very easy soloing classes. I played a game, and hit max level without grouping once, because the class never required members to help, or the quests didn't really involved parties. So, there is a lot of factors that play in. Whatever your play style is, what you like to do. Maybe your both, maybe your one or the other. Whatever makes the game more fun for you, nothing else matters correct? 

I apologize for this post not being good, or better than it could be. I am really tired, and i haven't posted in awhile. I promise the next post will be bigger and better than usual. Thank you all for reading, i hope you have enjoyed it! Cheers!