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I write about everything that goes with MMORPGs

Author: Limitations

Let's Talk: The Fading Genre

Posted by Limitations Thursday November 3 2016 at 12:10AM
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It’s a shame that I have to talk about this. We have this great genre of MMORPGs and it’s just slowly fading away. Before you get your pitchforks out though, let me say this: It’s still a popular genre in the sense of a few games we could mention. World of Warcraft, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online and some others. In my opinion we have five popular MMORPGs out of hundreds out there. It’s becoming a dull market and for years we have had copy cat games and blunders. I’m not saying I’m getting bored with the genre but it just seems like it’s been stalling for awhile now.

Free to play has taken over with many MMORPGs that came out pay to play going to the free to play or buy to play route. Was that the start of the downfall? Many people tend to think so. Many people prefer the sub model, because you don’t have the toxicity of a free to play community. The game’s population might not be the highest but generally you have a more mature audience. Some games like FFXIV and WoW have a lot of servers and some games like ESO have the megaserver tech. I prefer the megaserver tech, while others would prefer the abudance of servers. I’ll do either though. There are a lot of things that go into a MMORPG before we even think about playing them

Graphics is one of them. Thankfully I am not one of those people who will play a game just on graphics. Community and core gameplay mean the most to me. There are some out there that will just look at the graphics and go “Nope, not pretty enough” and pass on by. I think LOTRO is one of those that people just don’t play because of how outdated it looks, even though it has some really good gameplay, some may say even the best. Granted I think LOTRO looks just perfectly fine.

We also look at the company who is making them. We have people that will not even touch a game by Daybreak. Am I one of those people? I’m sort of so-so on that. I will be very hesistant but I will still try the game. If Blizzard puts out a new game, you will see me first in line to try it out. Daybreak seems to be like the EA of MMORPGs. We also take into account if this is the company’s first project? Who is it run by? Sort of like Crowfall. Artcraft is a new company but has a lot of experience behind it, but it’s also the company’s first game. Will it be a blunder? I don’t know, I did not buy into the kickstarter nor have I purchased any sort of Early Access. I’m sort of waiting to see this one out, probably after it’s final release, or soft launch they are calling it…


We go into other things the game has to offer. Combat, crafting, does it have X or Y. We have become very picky and somewhat needy. When a subscription is needed, how much content are they putting out to warrant that subscription. How is the playerbase? How is the balance of the game? I know a few MMORPGs that have terrible balancing problems… I’m looking at you Neverwinter. We have a lot of factors to account for before we either purchase the game or even download the game if it’s free to play. Granted we aren’t losing much besides time and HD space when trying out a free to play game.

There is a reason why I say the genre is fading is because it’s still ran by the same powerhouses it’s always been ran by. Is that a terrible thing? No, because those games are fun, but I always wish for something new and exciting. Don’t we all at times? What happens when we are waiting for the new and shiny thing? It’s a little thing called patience or the pool of Early Access games.

Oh, Early Access how much I love and hate thee. If you were to go to Steam and go to the Early Access store and search by “MMO, and Massively Multiplayer” You find a lot of survival games and not so MMORPGs. You have some that are doing extremely well like Gloria Victis, which I am currently writing a couple of articles on, so stay tuned for that!

You are sort of confused when you head over to that store page though… Have we forgotten what the term MMORPG means? Are we just going with MMO from now on? What’s the deal? Someone for the love of that is all good and merciful tell me what is going on, please! It just seems to me we have forgotten where our roots came from… Better question is: Will we ever find our roots again? Only time will tell. Somehow I doubt it though, sorry guys and gals…

It seems like games with 20-40 man servers have taken over the MMORPG market and we have totally forgotten how much “Massively” is. Do you believe it’s over 100 people in a zone, or thousands in a server? Is massive to you 30-40 man servers? I’d like for you all to tell me your opinions on this. I’m very curious. So please, leave a comment below or tweet at me your replies. I’d love to hear from you all about it. I’m more of a “I’d like to see more than a thousand people online” type of massive person. I may be in the wrong, but who knows? I certainly don’t.

What would it take to bring back the glory days? Is that impossible? Do we just have to deal with what we have now and take it day by day? We have a couple of games that are on the horizon that could redefine the genre. Crowfall, Pantheon, Revelation, and maybe even Star Citizen? Just a couple of big ones that I could think of off the top of my head. Do I believe in any of them? Er I don’t think so right now. I have no serious opinion of SC, Revelation looks okay. I don’t know much of Pantheon as of right now to be perfectly honest, and I already spoke about Crowfall.

Gloria Victis is one of the games that I feel that could be huge once it exits Early Access, I’ve been in close contact with Black Eye Games for some time now.

Are there any games that you are excited for or that you think could redefine everything we know?

Do you think we are just lost right now and sooner or later we will find our way back? Are you perfectly content with where we are now? Please, let me know in the comment section below!

I honestly hope for a wide opinion on this matter, so I’m excited to see your comments below.

I’m content with the game’s I play right now. I really am, but I just feel like the genre has lost it’s true meaning and we are just going off of spinoffs. We have lost that massive feeling. Survival genre has taken over, which some of them are extremely good *Cough The Black Death Cough*

The MOBA genre has taken over and it seems like a lot of the pvpers are just playing those type of games, you know? Maybe I am wrong and hopefully I am. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strong Overwatch addiction and I haven’t pvp’d in a MMORPG in a couple of days… Don’t shoot me please thanks.

It’s been such an exciting journey with so many games that I have played, loved, disliked and sometimes just downright hated. I won’t name those I hated though, I don’t want pitchforks at my doorstep.

Final question for you guys before I wrap up this post: How do we reinvent the wheel so to speak? Does it start with questing? Combat? What things can we do to spice up the genre or maybe to some people save the genre? Let me know! Do you think the genre is fading or needs saving? Maybe I am all wrong about this and someone can enlighten me.


Again thank you all for the continued support of reading the blogs and tweeting to me. It means a lot to me. See you next time! You can catch my adventures over at and follow me on twitter @SirIsaacJewton Thanks again! Cheers!


Video Games... Saved My Life

Posted by Limitations Saturday July 9 2016 at 11:58PM
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This blog will be on a more personal level than the others… I’d really like to expound on this post on how video games, and especially MMORPGs have legitimately saved my life. For those of you who don’t know, I have Bipolar Disorder 2. If you don’t know what bipolar disorder is, to sum it up for you… I have really good days, and extremely bad days. I take medication for it. 3 different pills, each once a day. I was diagnosed when I was 18, which was 6 years ago. A lot of things alongside my medication has helped me deal with this on a day to day basis. This biggest factor though has been video games/MMORPGs. Now, for those of you reading this… I don’t want sympathy, or anything like that… This is more of me just sharing my story. Hang tight, grab some popcorn, and let’s do this…

I believe this biggest reason it helps me is I am more social on video games than I am in real life. Streaming has sort of helped me come out of my anxiety bubble just a tad. I know people will say “Well duh, it’s easier to talk to someone over a keyboard, or voice chat than it is online” True story. I don’t get out a lot though, and this is my way of making good friends, and guilds/communities alike have done so much for me in the way of socializing and making friends. Hell, some of my best friends I have are ones that I haven’t even met! I know I am not the only one like this, but honestly, without mmorpgs, my social life would suck so much. Is that bad? Depends on who you are talking to, but I am very happy with how my situation is, and how I fix/mend that situation. I had the weakest type of skin before going online, playing shooters and mobas. Every little thing said negatively about me hurt me the most. You could've told me I stunk, and I would have taken that to heart and felt so bad about it for days…

How funny it is… Mobas have toughened my skin up, and even has helped me take situations in real life better when someone is mocking me at work. (Customers). I just take it all in stride now, because I can’t count how many times I have been mocked in League of Legends or Dota 2. I know it’s very different from being named called online than in real life, but I found the principle to be the same. Whether I just ignore it, act passive aggressive back, or whatever it may be. It has help me just resolve this issue at hand, and move along with things. It’s been a great help, but also a great burden playing those games. Which I haven’t touched a moba in months because of this issue that arose. Although it has helped me deal with situations of being mocked and made fun… League of Legends and Dota 2 did not help my bad days. They just made them worse with frustrating games, balance issues, and other things that would just make my day worse, and in turn would make me feel like crap, and sometimes more angry… Now obviously I don’t want that to happen, and I tried to get better and being more calm, and things of that nature which eventually did work, but not all the way which I was hoping it would…

Like I previously mentioned, I have not touched a moba in a while, and thanks to Overwatch, I don’t feel the need to play League of Legends or Dota 2. If I am being frank with you all, it’s been nice to not be frustrated at a game anymore like I have been with those two games I have mentioned. Yes, Overwatch can be frustrating at times, but it’s not as bad as LoL or Dota 2. My friends would notice my attitude go downwards if I was doing poorly in a game of League or was being trolled by someone. It’s a real thing, and it affected my mood at a lot, more than I would like to admit really. Some people might say “Well, you just should have just quit earlier”. Granted you are probably correct, but here’s the thing… The game made me forget about all my problems in my mind… It gave me some sort of clarity when I played, and I didn’t think about all the problems that I had today, or how I didn’t feel good emotionally or mentally, it was just peace… Luckily over the past couple of months that peace has transitioned to other, less frustrating games. I need that, I thrive on that daily. Videos games keep my head in a clear state of mind because I am focusing in on that, and leaving all my troubles behind… If that doesn’t make sense to you, well… I don’t know what else to tell you! Maybe I can rephrase it for you, if you just ask, who knows…

What I just mentioned is the second most helpful things video games have given me: An Out.

I leave all my troubles and worries behind and they allow my crazy, never stopping mind to relax, focus and have peace… That is what my medicine helps me out with as well, and it just makes it that much better that my out, also gives me that clarity. Amazing eh? Defiantly! Another person’s out may be music, or playing an instrument, or walking. Mine? Video games. At least it’s not drugs or alcohol, which I always remind my Girlfriend… Ha. Some people may say I play too many video games, and I spend way too much time on them, but if they really knew why I play so much, I think that would give them a different perspective on the situation. If not, well I can’t help them there… I sometimes really have to explain to a lot of people why it helps, and why I play so much. Usually it ends with me saying “I really don’t want to end up stir crazy, and do something I would regret”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never been a violent person, and I have never had any violent outbreaks, it’s more of me having a mental breakdown, and having a ton of panic attacks.

We don’t want any more of those, no thank you. It’s been a pretty good year so far, a lot of great games have come out, and some of them have kept my attention throughout. (The Division, and Overwatch) and with some really great communities in game’s like Gloria Victis and my Guild in Elder Scrolls Online, it’s been a very stress free compared to the past few. Writing about these games as well has been such a huge help as well. Sometimes video games aren’t doing the trick, and I take a pause and say to myself “When was the last time I wrote a blog, or a poem?” and usually that takes my mind of stuff. I’m reenacting all the stuff I did in the video game, and it’s keeping my mind focused on that, and not on the real world… Along with me wanting to make better, longer blogs that has also helped a lot, and when I see the viewer count go up and up on my blogs as time goes by, it’s also a big inspiration for me to keep going and keep writing.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you guys and girls read my babble, and keep reading them. It brings joy to my heart and soul that you all do. To you, those viewer counts may seem a tad low or whatever, but to me it means the whole world and then some. Let’s get back to the subject shall we? I know I can go on and on with random babble. We all know that…

Guildies and people I have met online through video games and sometimes social media have also been my best outlet for talking things out. Oh, I’ve had a rough day, I know that my guildies will help talk it through me and such, and knowing that has brought great peace to my mind. It’s like a free therapist, and yes sometimes I feel bad for talking to them all the time about my problems, but they also reassure me it’s not big deal, and they know how I am… It’s my family, away from family if that makes sense… Probably not. Do you guys have that someone, or a group you talk to about your problems? I think we all should in some sense. Whether it’d be a pet, an actual person, or whatever. Yes, I do talk to my cats sometimes about my problems, but I don’t think they really care, they just want me to pet them… Isn’t that every cat though?

Escape is what really matters in the end though. Escape from reality, from my problems, mental or emotional, whatever they may be, it’s an escape. It’s the best escape I have ever had, and probably ever will be. Again a lot of people don’t understand, but it’s better than drugs right? It’s not an addiction, it’s another type of medication I take daily, to help me cope with all the on-going issues. Remember, I don’t want your sympathy or anything like that, this is just me telling my story. Every single one of us has issues, have problems and we all need an out, an escape… Mine is video games...

Again, thank you all for the views and reading this. You have all been so awesome to me, and I hope that continues! Thank you. If you would like to add to this discussion, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton. You can catch my adventures at as well. Cheers!

Whoops, Hype Killed The Game

Posted by Limitations Tuesday May 31 2016 at 5:41PM
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What was the last game you were extremely hyped for? Did it live up to the hype? If so, how? If not, how as well? Do you follow hype? In my experiences hype is a bad thing. We get all excited over promises and then when it’s not delivered we tear the game apart for not delivering on what was told, and sometimes it kills the game. Kills maybe an overkill word to use but eh, I will use that term for now. Whether it be friends hyping a game, major websites, or developer themselves, most of them seem to over hype the game, and we get super duper excited over it, and when the game is finally released we are left like… “Wait, what happened, where is X and Y?” I’m sure it has happened to all of us at one time or another…

I’ve fallen victim to hype as well, don’t you worry more times than once as well. Single player and MMORPG. I think I’m going to go through the stages of hype, at least for me, and we will talk about the games that have been involved along the way. I think it’ll be easier for all of us to follow along and truly understand what I am trying to convey to you all. Let’s talk about the first step shall we?

1. Excitement: It all happens to us, we get excited and we count down the days till the game comes out/launches. We hope there isn’t any delays, and we hope when the time comes launch will be smooth. We mark our calendars and X out the days until the day or launch finally arrives. We monitor the forums/reddit/websites for more information until the game comes out, and we tweet out the excitement and do all the stuff we can to show our excitement to the devs and hope they hear us. We make sure we have our pre-orders ready, and if money willing we buy the “Deluxe/Special” editions of the games, and we buy the season passes, if we are truly committed to the future of the game. The last game I was excited for was Overwatch.

2. Hope: This is where a lot of my problems stem from, aside from excitement. All of these hopes and dreams that this will be the game for me, the only game for me, and I will stop having to go back and forth between games to find some sort of fun. It never really works out that way, and that’s how I get burned most of the time. There is a ton of Kickstarters out there today that are giving us gamers a lot of hope, but we still have to wait for the delivery part, and sometimes these games give us false hope, and we are left with nothing. Years ago, every new game that has immense hype around it, was dubbed “WoW killer” did it ever happen? Depends on who you talk to, but to me, that never happened…  Now we are in the world of Early Access, and Kickstarters. Each one promising something new and innovative. I don’t know what is worse, proclaiming to be new and innovative, or proclaiming to be a “WoW killer”. You decide I guess…

I’ve been a huge supporter of Wildstar since it’s inception and rocky launch, and it’s rocky path so far… I’ve had a lot of hope, and it has dwindled in the past couple of months. Not because I believe the game will die anytime soon, what I had left in the game, just has dwindled. Guild has left, IRL friends have left, I alone in the game again, and even though I know the game isn’t truly empty, to me it has become a barren wasteland of what could have been an amazing game… I will of course keep my tabs on it throughout Steam launch, but I can’t find myself to login into the game anymore and have fun… Will that feeling ever come back? I highly doubt it, because everyone that I have played with has left and don’t have any plans on returning to the game, sad, but true… Even hope can be dwindled to nothing given time.

Do I have hope for some upcoming games? Indeed I do. How much? A lot for this one. What is the name you ask? Well, I won’t tell you all just yet. I don’t want to spoil the upcoming blog entry I have for it. I’ve spoken with the dev crew, and will have an interview with them as well in the first blog entry. Which I am super stoked and hyped about… See what I did there?! Anyways, the point being I do have hope for future and current games. Despite what happened to Wildstar, that won’t hinder future and other current release to have hope from me.

3. Dreams: We often pair hopes and dreams together, but for the sake of this entry I am doing them separately. Dreams are more like this for me in the gaming genre… “Man, I hope this game has this coming in future updates, a man can dream right?” It could be anything we are talking about update wise… New raids, new zones, level cap increased, etc etc. This one could also come post launch, but for the sake of argument, I am leaving it in the hype section as well, because when I am hyped for something, I think about this. We listen on what the developers have in store for us post launch, and we get more hyped with what they are saying. Whether it be the first content update, or a year one plan, whatever it is, we get stoked for it.

4. Launch: The day finally arrives for launch, in this instance we will talk about MMORPG launches. Now, most launches in my history of gaming haven’t gone so smoothly, and we are talking about the first day and the days following for launch. Let’s say the first week… The worst I can remember in recent years was the FFXIV 2.0 Launch, and Wildstar launch. Both plagued with login issues, login queues, and crashes. I will say that Wildstar’s was the worst, because once you got inside the game, you would have multiple game issues, including: Optimization, insane lag, and of course plagued with bugs. Optimization was by far the worst, and even though it’s gotten way better in time, we needed that on launch to keep people playing. FFXIV was plagued with login issues, and once you got in-game you were praying that you weren’t kicked, and had to wait all over again. I don’t know if it was like that for PS4 and the like, but for PC, it was a terrible time, but we were so excited to play, we just kept trying to login and hope it would stick.

One of the better launches recently and least stressful for me was: Overwatch. No login issues, got into multiple games quickly, and didn’t disconnect once, and still haven’t. Of course, it’s Blizzard and they have the money to add servers, and fix issues quickly, but even Blizzard has had rocky launches. When the Hearthstone expansion, Whispers Of The Old Gods came out, it was laggy, and some people couldn’t login, and once you were able to login, you couldn’t buy packs, or open the packs you pre-ordered, that was a mess that was at least sorted out within a couple hours. Let’s get back on track, we are on launch week, and all the hype, all the hope is now real and the game is live, but was it up to par, and was it what we were expecting? If the game had an open beta, we played it, if the game had a closed beta we hoped to get in a play a portion of the game. Here we are though, launch… Did it live up to the hype? We play and play and hope it does, and we take days off work, or we skip class to play the game we are talking about. I’m going to talk about two games here, again we will talk about Wildstar, and then we will talk about The Division. Now to be completely honest, Wildstar wasn’t on my radar as much as other games have been, but when launch came, I watched all the previews, and all the youtube videos, and got hyped. The game looked to good to be true for me, there was no real performance hitches in the videos, and everything looked smooth from what I saw…

Of course, we now know the game didn’t play as smoothly as the videos looked, and the game was plagued with issues, and some of those issues still are there today, but what was the main issues that were with the game? Performance was the biggest factor for me, and I am sure a lot of other people. AMD people were screwed, and the people with Nvidia cards, and higher up cards, still have unstable fps, and most of the time you couldn’t hit 30 FPS, even when you were alone in a zone. A game with fast combat, a lot of dodging mechanics, and the game didn’t run well, well that spelled disaster for Wildstar, and for Carbine studios, and when the plague hit, it hit where it hurts, and people left in drones… A few hardcore people stayed, but even they dwindled, and when the servers were merged, the PvP players didn’t have much left to do, and with all the staff reductions, people were becoming doomsayers, and the pve players were left wondering and still are wondering if they will get any new PvE content.   

I noticed, I skipped straight into launch, without talking about closed or open beta. I did that on purpose, just for the sake of time and formatting, you guys are already looking at a lot of text, didn’t want to strain your eyes more! Let’s move on to The Division, a game that I am still playing every day since launch, and I did buy the Gold Edition, because I was so hyped and stoked for this game. Even due to the bugs, and somewhat rampant hacking, (I haven’t ran into any hackers in my hundreds of hours of gameplay) they are annoying, but I can get by them because the game is so much fun to play. Update 1.1 came out, and soon update 1.2 adding new stuff, it’s going to be more fun. Launch didn’t come without a hitch though, login error codes were rampant, and when you were able to login, you had to wait to use the in-game computer by loads of other players hoping you could move on, and some people blocking the entrance/exit to the area… Seriously? WTF!?

A lot of people, and when I say a lot of people, i mean A LOT OF FRIGGIN people, slammed The Division, and sadly if you look on Steam Reviews, it currently sitting at an unfavorable review. Which will probably deter a lot of new and potential customers, but meh, I am still having a blast of a time with my friends, going into the DZ, killing other groups of players for sport. (I don’t kill solo players, unless they shoot first.) Of course, the game isn’t perfect, no game is, but it’s kept me going since launch, and I haven’t missed a beat yet with the game. That brings me to my next and final point… Post Launch....

5. Post Launch: Well, we’ve made it this far, we’ve followed the game since the beginning, and we’ve played the game, and we need to decide after the initial launch if the hype was worth it all. In many cases in the past for me, hype hasn’t been worth it, with a few select few that have sustained the hype. In the era of kick-starters and early access, we want all the features we were promised. When we don’t get what were promised and hyped for we take to the forums, multiple websites, and the Reddits to show our hatred and dislike for what was there and wasn’t there. It seems to me in this world, first impressions mean everything, and if the majority of the players are out and about crying instead of playing, the future of your product looks very grim. Now, that isn’t always the case, but with what I have experienced in the past, every game that fails to deliver on said promises, tend to have a grim future, or die off quickly. I hate to go back to Wildstar, but it seems to be the best way to describe what happens when things don’t go exactly to plan, and how games buckle and die off pretty quickly. The many people that played during launch, and had those terrible first impressions, most likely never step foot back into the game. Do I blame them? No, but I do wish they gave the game a second chance.

We sort of have this effect going around where we talk about what we dislike about the game, rather than what we like about the game. I’ve fallen victim to that as well. Sometimes I talk about what I dislike about the game, before I even mention what I do like about the game… If I go and read some reviews about a game that I haven’t heard before, and think I would like but all I see is negativity before positivity, chances are I won’t try the game, especially when it comes with a hefty price tag. Free to play games are different, because I can just try for myself to see if I like it with the only downside being I wasted my time I didn’t like it.

The post launch effect it has only some games nowadays is pretty terrible. We, the gamers can make or break a game in a heartbeat if we really wanted to. We can all rally and hype a game up, and hope it succeeds after launch, and when it fails to deliver, we crush it until it has nothing left to give. We seem to sometimes forget we have that type of power, but with multiple forums, social media and the like, we can tell our opinions whenever we like, however we like to. Just look what happened to The Division, rampant bugs, and hackers took over the game for awhile, and just look at the Steam reviews.

If you have stayed along for the ride this long, I would like to thank you for reading. I know this one isn’t the best of my work, and is a little confusing, but I just wanted to talk about how hype can make or break a game, literally. Do you agree or disagree with me? Are there any games you are hyped for this year, or the next? Please let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton

You can also catch my adventures over at my stream


The Future!

Posted by Limitations Thursday May 5 2016 at 2:14AM
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Yo! It’s that time again… I’ve been thinking a lot recently how I have let myself down and more importantly you all down. I think I am taking on way too much, or thinking I am. Too many unfinished articles, and too much to do, at least in my head. So, what remedies do I need to take to resolve this issue? Well, I thought long and hard about it, and I am going to do this… There will be only one game being reviewed at a time, instead of me playing multiple games, and writing multiple articles and trying to get it all done at once, it hasn’t happened yet, and will probably never happen knowing me. Yes, I suck, go ahead and say it (please don’t) and I am going to make longer posts and shorter series. Instead of having 7 posts about a series, it will longer ones condensed into 3 post, if that makes sense. It’ll kind of make me feel like I am doing less work, but in reality it’ll be the same length… I think that will work better for me and for you. I’ll have to work on sizing and spacing to make it not seem so much like a wall of text… Still working on that stuff.

Since there has been no set schedule for streaming yet, since my now full-time job is taking a lot of that time up, I will be setting days where I stream myself playing the game, and making review content, so you can sort of see what goes down through my perspective. You will see my play the game, then I will explain what I do for the writing part and I will talk out what I am talking about, and why I think it will be more relevant to the post. I think that’ll be a cool thing to do, and hopefully people will watch that, but honestly I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t…

I’m going to set myself a schedule for each post and a date for when to post it, and then I will give myself time to write each longer post, and set them apart decently enough to where, you can read the first part, and then not get lost in the second part because I took so long and you forgot. Pacing myself and allowing myself to less constricted is a thing I definitely need. It’s funny you know, I’m not getting paid for this, nor do I have any deadlines, but I set myself for that kind of failure you know? It’s funny and sad at the same time, you can laugh if you want, I won’t judge. I take this thing seriously, and maybe too seriously at times and it allows myself to fail and feel worse about myself, so I think with these set changes it will help me just relax and take this casually, and not as hardcore as my mind is…

I have done so many “series” and just have let them out to dry really… World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, The Division, The Repopulation, and many others. That is why I have been thinking about all these things to do, so I am not overwhelmed, and have all these unfinished projects. It’s a sad reality when I look into my Google Drive folders… I will not start another “series” until the previous one is fully complete, whether it would be 3 post, or 6 posts, it needs to be fully complete before I start a new one, so no confusions happen, there isn’t people asking me “When you going to finish X, and why haven’t you done Y in awhile” instead it will just be one at a time until completion, and no messy endings or anything. Since doing this, I have come up with a little time-line to show you all what is to come next.

The next “series” that will come to “The Gaming Gospel” will be Black Desert Online, and I have tweeted it out, that I will be doing a very in-depth review of the game. There has been some back and forths about the game, and it’s my time now to go in-depth and give you my opinions on the game from start to finish. Since I am a tad late, and there has been some content updates to the game, I will just go from a new character, till well, you’ll see… Since it will be in-depth, I will be covering all the aspects I find in the game, and that are out there, which is a lot, so be prepared for a lot of text and a lot of talking on the streams. I’ve been putting this one off for awhile, and letting everything settle before I march into the game…After that we will be doing a game near and dear to my heart, and I will announce that when I finish Black Desert Online.

I think in closing all of this will bring content back to the Gospel in a timely manner, and allow me to do what I want as well, without getting overly stressed. I know I will probably get made fun of because of how serious I take this blog, but this is what I do you know? I play vidya games and talk about it, and I love doing it. Two of my favorite things combined, what more could I possibly ask for you know? In closing, I just want to thank you for all the views over the years, it has truly kept me going. I look forward to this new chapter of the blog, and I think will overall work out for the better. I also wanted to put this out there…

I have noticed there are “Contributors” on the blogs now, maybe it’s been there for awhile, but I was wondering if anyone would like to join the Gaming Gospel. It’d be something fun, we could collaborate and such, and it would be a cool thing. I just thought about it recently as well, and I thought I’d be pretty open to it, since I see a lot of nice/cool bloggers on the site nowadays.

As for Black Desert Online, to the people that read this, which server would you recommend the most for me to play on? Any particular guilds I should look for on said server? Let me know, I would love some more input before I delve into the vast world that is BDO. Any advice/input is welcome, thanks! As always, if you want to talk about this blog, or anything gaming related, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton, you can also catch my gaming adventures and see how the blog is put together over at Cheers!

The Division[P1]

Posted by Limitations Tuesday March 29 2016 at 4:02PM
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It’s great to be back. For the return, I thought we review a game that I have already put over 50 hours into, and those 50 hours have been pure fun. You can already tell the game if you have read the title, but the game we will be reviewing is Tom Clancy’s: The Division. A 3rd person “MMOFPS” I will use the term MMO lightly though for this review. If you play it, and would like to call it a full fledge MMORPG, be my guest. All in perspective I guess. I stated in a previous post that I was not interested in getting this game at all, but as time came closer to the release, it came to my attention that it could possibly scratch that itch. I ended up purchasing the “Gold Edition” just because I really thought it would scratch that itch, and I think so far my purchase has well paid off.

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Destiny and other MMOFPS (Technically TPS) out there. I can see why a lot of people would draw from there, and so will I since I played both a lot, and I mean a lot. Before I begin, I would like to state that I play The Division on the PC, and not on consoles. I have found very few graphical bugs/errors, and overall really enjoy my performance. I get constant 60 fps, even when there is a lot of fighting, nading, and explosions going around. Overall, really really happy with the performance so far. There are a lot of audio errors that I get though, only when I alt-tab, and alt-tab back into the game. It’s an odd thing, and the general fix is to play it in “fake” full screen mode. Fixed that issue straight up. I don’t know if other PC players have audio issues, with lagging audio, or audio not even appearing for the mission. Audio even overlaps when I find an audio-recording or something like that. Not the worst thing to happen, like I said, I found the fix for it, so all good!

Let’s start off with the good for a change! For this, I’ll just do an numerical order. The order does not mean what I like the most or anything like that. It really just is whatever pops in my head first. So, let’s begin on what we love/like about The Division:

1. Gameplay: I love shooters. I always have and always will. This game is no different. I love how the game looks, feels, and plays out. The quests are pretty generic, find this, rescue this person, and kill people. The game plays in a modern world feel, so that is different about the quests really. Every MMO has these types of quests, and this is no different. Do I wish for something new and innovative with questing? Sure, but I’m not getting it here and I am okay with that. The game just flows smoothly. The animations are really nice, sound effects are great. It just adds to the atmosphere to the game, which I get to later in the post. Hit markers seem to be on point at least for me. I did all the quests on normal for starters, and replayed them on Hard afterwards. Hard isn’t like to much of a step further in difficulty. It’s really when you get to challenging at least for me it steps it up a notch

2. Performance: I talked about this in the beginning, but I would really like to go into detail about this a little more. I honestly didn’t suspect the game to run as well as it does. Everything thing is pretty much maxed out. It runs at a constant 60 FPS. Animations are all smooth. The only hinder in performance I see as of right now is when you go to “Appearance” you can get a greyed out model of yourself, and sometimes it doesn’t angle you correctly. You sort of just have to move around to fix that. Not sure if intentional, or an actual bug. The angle, not the greyed out appearance. There are a few kinks that need to worked out. Some due with the crouching/cover mechanic. Sometimes doesn’t always do what I tell it to do, or will go to the wrong cover site. It’s slightly annoying, more troublesome in Challenging mode, because it often gets me killed, but thank goodness for revives right? Overall, I am in love with the performance in the game. I have yet to try it on a machine worse than mine, which I will eventually get to and post the results in a future post. We’ll just have to wait and see for that one.

3. Atmosphere: For those of you who don’t know, The Division plays in modern setting of New York. To sum the plot up, during Black Friday in New York, a disease was transmitted and all hell broke loose. I will not spoil the story for you or anything like that. What Ubisoft did really well is creating an atmosphere and telling a unique story. I’ve found cellphone recordings of people talking about eating dogs because they are hungry, or why a certain person did this, or that. I really loved the Missing Persons quest in the game. Each one had some sort of unique background to it, and most of them were pleasant to do. I really, really love the Atmosphere and vibe the game gives. It makes me scared to go out next Black Friday I will tell you what though! Please, no diseases.

We’ll keep each list small for now, so I can have more content for the next post. Don’t want to give it all away right now. I know, I know I am selfish, but I hope you can forgive me. So, let’s go into the things I dislike about the game! Shall we begin? This list will probably feature more bugs than features, but I’ll leave the key dislike last, since I am selfish.

1. Bugs: There are some I have already talked about like the audio bug, which I found a fix for. There is the cover bug which I already talked about as well, but let’s talk about the more bigger ones that impact my game play more than those two. Let’s start off with the Daily Mission bug. There are some daily missions that will not start. No matter how many times you reset it, change the difficulty it will not start. This is definitely a very annoying one because I can’t get my Phoenix credits to make my gear. It just doesn’t happen to me. I was trying to find a group for one last night, and not even five different groups could get it start. Most annoying thing in my life. I just said screw it, and went to bed.

I don’t know if it’s just PC players that experience it, or if console players experience this bug as well. If you play game on console, and experience this bug, let me know in the comments below. I’m really too lazy to google if it’s PC only, ha.

There is also a reloading issue I have found with one of my shotguns, it tells me I have more rounds than I do. It got me killed one time in a challenging mission because I thought I had reloaded enough to kill him, apparently not. RIP. That issue only happens with shotguns as well. It’s a curious bug that’s for sure.

2. Community: This goes along with the next part as well. There is a lot of Chinese spam in the PC chat, it’s really annoying when you are doing a mission and all you see in chat are Chinese symbols. Usually I don’t care as much because of the ignore feature, but when you are looking for specifics when doing a daily mission and all you see is spam, and your LFG chat is being taken away by that spam, it gets annoying as hell. All you can really do is ignore it with the ignore function, or pretend it’s not there. Both of them work, but it gets old and annoying quick. Speaking about chat, there is more of a troll community than a helpful community. I haven’t dared asked for help, I have just googled most of my questions or have used Reddit. There have been people that have asked questions and got them answered, but I feel like that was a one and a million thing. I know that’s a horrible outlook on it, but eh that is just how I feel about it. That brings us to the third and final point of dislikes for this post…

3. The Dark Zone: Ah yes, open pvp, who doesn’t love that? DZ has a love hate relationship with me right now. I love the aspect of it, but then again we have the community that we have right now… Groups taking down solo players, trolls taking out newer players, and camping spawns. There have been complaints about hackers, but personally I haven’t ran into any hackers yet. I don’t know what would be more annoying though a hacker or a group of people just killing randomly. The loot system within the DZ isn’t the greatest. I rarely have found upgrades, and I am just happy when I kill bosses for phoenix credit. I hope they continue to improve upon the Dark Zone and make it better. The first update did a lot of good I think, and I hope Ubi keeps on rolling with the good patches.

I hope you all don’t mind my babbling at times. There is a lot to talk about and my fingers can only go so long. I know, I suck at times just bare with me please. In the next post I will go through the various weapons in the game, and how I like them and sometimes dislike them. There is a lot of things The Division does right, and some stuff they do wrong. I’ll go into further details about them as time goes on, I promise! I will also be streaming my adventures as well.

I would like to say before I end this post I want to tell you all, if you are a PC player and want somebody to do runs with or The Dark zone with, hit me up on the game at IsaacJewton is my username on Ubisoft. I would love to play with you guys and even chat with you all about the game. Please feel free to add me, I won’t bite, or kill you I swear. Anyways, thank you as always for reading! If you have any questions or comments about this post or the game, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton

If you can catch my adventures on my twitch channel over at

Thanks again for your continuous support! Cheers!

It's A Rough Road[P11]

Posted by Limitations Monday February 29 2016 at 4:13PM
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It’s been a long time, so long time no write… It’s been a odd past month, and a rough one at that, so this name sort of fits it all, wouldn’t you say? Long story short, where I work was robbed, and it was not the best of times… Moving on though, to vidya games. Let’s do some major talking about them, shall we?

My main MMORPG lately has been: Wildstar. I did an extensive post on the official forums about the game, the community, and Carbine itself. I will post a link to that thread at the end of this post, so, check for that at the end if you want to check that at yourself. I’ve been talking to the people over at Carbine as well, and they are as chill as ever. It’s been a lot of fun leveling my Stalker, and I found an awesome guild to join, very friendly and helpful, and with news of the next drop, it’s even more exciting to get to. I stated before in a post, and over on Twitter that I have canceled every active sub (Except for Wildstar), and want that to continue. Just one open sub at all times, and not one more than that.

Even though I am in the Overwatch Beta, I find myself not wanting to play it, simply for that the fact that I don’t have friends in the Beta, and I figure the game would be more fun with friends, rather than Solo. I am the same with Heroes Of The Storm, I would much rather play with friends than solo que, but eh, what can you do right? I did not play The Division beta, the game doesn’t really appeal to me as much as I would have liked it to have, and I haven’t preordered it. I will maybe wait until post launch, or closer to launch to see if the game peaks my interest anymore, which it hasn’t done much of yet, sadly. The really interesting part is what I am going to tell you next....

Destiny, has gotten a real grip into me again, and along with Wildstar, it has become my most played game again. I dusted off the ol’ PS4 and dug deep into PvP for a couple days, and the delved into Strikes more. That just maybe how Destiny will work out for me, play it a lot of a month or two, then give it a break until the need comes back. I will be writing an in-depth return post about Destiny, I announced that on Twitter a while back, so stay tuned to that, not sure what I am going to name it though… This time around I have been more PvP focused, rather than Destiny PvE. Definitely a change of pace, but a good change of pace though. Those have been my core games as of right now, but I want to talk to you all about the future though, what’s going on in the year 2016, and beyond that I am “Hyped” for. I don’t usually talk about hype, but I think that should change in this post…

#1 Game I am hyped for: Gloria Victis.

I paid upwards around 70$ dollars for this game, even though it’s in Alpha, and it has a 10$ dollar entry fee for Alpha. I paid what I felt the game was worth, and I did the same thing with Path of Exile back when it was in Closed Beta. Even in an Alpha state, it is a sincerely fun game, and I can’t wait for EA to hit Steam for more players to join in on the fun. I have talked many times to the devs via Skype and they are so proud of what they have accomplished so far, and have high hopes for the future, so shoutout to Jog for being awesome, and making Gloria Victis an amazing game.

I will say it again, the 70$ was well worth it. I plan on giving them more money in the future as well, when EA launches, will probably do some GV giveaways when that comes to fruition as well

I’m super stoked for this game, and you all should be as well. Stay tuned for the In-depth blogs about this game coming very, very soon.

#2 The Repopulation/Fragmented

Talked about this a little bit in the past, and the game has since ceased alpha servers because of the Hero Engine drama, which I am super sad about, they are porting the game into Unreal Engine, and the game should look a lot better, and hopefully smoother than it did with the Hero Engine. Time will tell for this game, but I have very high hopes for this game, and for Above and Beyond. Show em up Joshua Halls, please! The game played very well during the time I played with it, and I don’t know if I can wait for the port to be completed. They are also releasing a spinoff game called “Fragmented” I also am hoping to be able to play the game, already signed up for it and everything. Let’s hope for a good future for the game

#3 Project Genom

I honestly just found about this game sadly over at the official Firefall forums, and was intrigued with the open world, sci-fi MMORPG Shooter. I love MMORPGs and I love shooters, so what’s not to love here? The game is available for purchase to play on the Alpha servers, and is slated to launch Early Access on Steam in May. Although the game is developed in Russia, and some of the in-game dialogue and voiceover work is in Russian, let’s hope they can do a lot of localization before Early Access launches. As of right now, the game is in a “Playable” state there isn’t much to do, but the developers have a lot of interesting ideas for the game, that I personally would like to see.

#4 Boundless (Oort Online)

I’ve already done some post on the game so far. (More to come soon). The game plays really well, and even with the steeper EA price, it’s a lot of fun to explore, build, and do pretty much anything you want in the game. Minecraft on crack, even in an alpha state as it is now. I still am playing the game, and working on my fourth base. I’ve re-done it so many times, but it’s getting there… Slowly but surely it’s gonna look marvelous. The game has a lot of unique ideas coming to fruition as well, so I am excited for the launch this year.

#5 Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade

Even though it’s fifth on the list, that doesn’t not mean I’m not as hyped for the game as I am GV. I bought this game as soon as it launched on Early Access, and went crazy on this game. I did watch some youtube videos, and some streams to see if the game was for me, but it looks amazing, plays very well, and they are adding patches to the game that are optimizing it, and added new maps and new additions to the game, that is shaping up to me a great, great MMOFPS. I hope they can reach higher goals than they have set for them right now, but 20 vs 20 is one hell of an adventure in itself, and I love playing the healer class!

There are some other mentions I could have made here obviously, but these are the five that I can see myself writing in the future for the blog. Each of these games I have listed will have a series about them, and Boundless has one going on currently. (Yes, I know it’s been awhile). I don’t have an order when they will come/which one will be first as of yet. I’ll let you guys know when I have a firm schedule on things. I said at the beginning though, it’s been a rough month, and I haven’t been really in the mood to write or stream anything. I guess that will happen from time to time. I will admit it happens more than I would like, but that is how my life is, and how my brain works… I don’t need any pity though, I promise!

In March I will be updating the blog more. I want to get back into really updating the blog weekly/bi-weekly with quality content. Streaming will come with it as well. I have been streaming Wildstar in the past few weeks, but not with a schedule. I have a schedule in mind actually, but need to try to implement with my actual job schedule, which is hard as heck. I wouldn’t say 2016 is hype year, but it’s looking really, really good so far. I hope the games I have listed can keep their promises and deliver the game I hope it to be.

Before I end this post, I want to deliver some brutal honesty to you guys… I have let myself down again with this blog. I want to deliver the quality content I promised you guys, with 3-5 pages worth of reading. Depression is no joke when it comes to me and my family. It cripples me like no other, and when I get hit like I have been, there is no motivation, it just seems there is no hope for me. Of course, it’s not true and I work as hard I can to break through the depression and find some sort of light in the darkness, even though it may be darker each time it comes along.

You guys reading the blog and watching the streams have been a true blessing for me, and I just want to thank you all for the continuous support I get. To other people it may not be a lot, but to me, it means the absolute world. I just wanted to say thank you, and the quality content I promised is coming to you in the Month of March! It’s going to be sweet, I promise! If you enjoyed this post, and want to talk about it, or any of the games I have listed, leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton! You can also catch me streaming my gaming adventures over at Thanks again for all the support, and I will catch you in the next post. Cheers!!

Let's Play: Boundless (Oort Online)[P2]

Posted by Limitations Friday January 15 2016 at 11:07PM
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We’re back! It’s been so much fun playing Boundless! I’m still building upon what I have been working on. Sorry, I haven’t been streaming the game. I’ll be back to the streaming schedule soon. Work, weather, and relationship has put a small damper on the stream. Anyways, I want to say props to the Boundless team for talking to me on twitter, and actually posting this blog on the official forums. I’d just like to say thanks for that, and here’s to the future. Since this isn’t the traditional MMORPG and there really isn’t any generic questing, or guidelines, (Carebears unite!)

You sort of just go on your own, figure it out, and go forth and beyond. Cool right?

It’s not for everyone that’s for sure. Some people, sometimes like myself like their hand held, and don’t like figuring too much out. I admit, I am sometimes like this. My hand wasn’t held in this game, but it wasn’t hard to figure things out, it was very much like trial and error for me. Oh, this doesn’t do anything, or this doesn’t make this, so what does? Lots of Googling was involved, so I guess that’s sort of cheating in a sense? I mean, I didn’t, not at all… It was just for what I could craft! I swear

My biggest concern for the game right now is the community. Granted, it’s early access and that puts a damper on the population of the game, because of how people perceive early access. I am hopeful for the game to have a bigger/big population. It’s a great game, and with it being EA and having a bigger than normal EA price tag, it’ll get there. I haven’t ran into anybody yet! I’ve come across buildings made by people, and they are so awesome, like I said before, some of the stuff I have seen in-game has just been insane! I’m extremely jealous of some people’s talents and skill. It really strives me to do better, plan, and then come up with some unique stuff like they have.

There is a lot of talk on the forums, and things like that. I sort of wish there was some sort of Global chat involved. At least then I could talk to some people, and you know interact somehow with people. Maybe there is, but I am missing it? I don’t think so though, but I think a global chat sort of system would work wonders for people like me. I don’t know how the majority of the Boundless community feel, but I would love to talk to other players on the server. I would love to draw some ideas from other people, and hopefully work together and such. Maybe even join a Guild on something! That would be awesome to do! Just talking about it makes me so excited. That’s awesome isn’t it?

There is just something about this game that screams unique, and more importantly fun. The fun factor is defiantly there, and it is just screaming at me. Saying, play me more, play me more. The chants are real yo. There is a different type of theorycrafting when it comes to this game. How tall do I wanna go, or how wide will the place be. What different types of blocks will I be using, etc, etc. I’ve started over twice, because well one, I accidently hit place my home here, when I decided to go traveling, and didn’t mean to, and another time because I really didn’t like the location I was at in the first place. I’m really careful now, when I go to the menus for teleportation. I’ve already misclicked once, and had to start over, I don’t want to do that again. I would ask for a redo button, but hell, it’s my own fault right?

The teleportation back home though is still a wondrous thing to have. Going out to explore, almost dying, and then be like, “Well, time to go back home” and bam you are there. It’s awesome. Got all the supplies you need to finish your building? Bam, go back home. I will abuse the heck out of the feature, because my sense of direction is terrible, and that goes for any game really.

In the last post, I posted some of the dislikes I had for the game, and on Twitter, the team over at Boundless said that they were working on almost all of them, and it was really great being able to interact with him, and hopefully I will be able to interact with them more over the course of this Let’s Play. Going back to the community thing, I’ve always talked about how communities can make or break the game for me. I’m really reserving that until I actually interact with some people inside the game, rather than on Twitter or on the official forums. It could be my server choice, or the time choice. I really don’t know yet. Also, if you are reading this Boundless, could you put your game for selection on Twitch, that would be awesome! I honestly don’t know when I put Boundless in my title that people can search for the actual game.

I have been tweaking the settings on my desktop, and I still have a big issue with being able to see through the actual world. I can walk on it, but it just looks empty. I still don’t know if that a graphical glitch with my settings or an actual game glitch. It’s not as annoying as I am making it out to be, but I just wish I could see more of the world, just not through it because of how gorgeous the game actually looks. Optimization will be key to this game, I can already assure you. The game is pretty well optimize, almost to where it’s better than some released games. I only have bigger issues when the game is on completely maxed settings in where I run into constant FPS lag. I’m pretty sure my new rig can handle the game at max settings, so I am led to believe it’s more of an optimization issue than anything else. Which can come in time.

I’ve praised a lot about the visuals of the game, because they are different. There are some games out there with kind of the same look, but doesn’t have the same feel of the game.I feel with their art/graphic style and how the game acts and plays already, there is limitless possibilities of what can be put into the game, and how it can be implemented. What I mean by that exactly is that, with how the game is about building, and mainly creation, it’s what the ideas of the community (hopefully) and developer’s imagination can come up with. That’s what I like about this game. In a sense it’s truly your imagination going wild, only to be limited to what’s actually inside the game currently. Hopefully with many, many updates to come before and post launch we can get more inside the game to make our imagination expand and make more awesome things. From what I have seen in-game, the player’s imaginations have already ran wild and have created some of the most beautiful things I have seen in any game really, and I have played a lot of games…

The last was a little more structured than this one, but I have praised the game so far more than critiqued, and that is generally really good right? Defiantely for a game that is in Early Access. Of course, there is a lot of room for improvements, some I have already talked about and such. I still have a lot to explore and learn about the game. Titans, guilds, beacons and more to learn about. Yes, we will talk about them when they come into effect. Right now, I am just admiring the sheer enjoyment the game gives. The biggest problem I really have, like I have talked about before is just not meeting anybody. I want to interact with other players, and it could just be the server I am on, I am not officially sure yet. Does it worry me? No. Why? Because of the amount of servers that are online, and that the game hasn’t officially released yet. I am sure eventually, I will run into other players, and maybe people reading this will want to join in, and have fun with me in-game. Who knows! I really do wish though, in the near future I will interact with other players, that being said though… I need to finish my damn place anyways. Distractions wouldn’t be helpful, haha. I have put so much time into this one building, and I was like… “Wait, there is a whole other part of the game, I haven’t explored yet…” Which is true… I want to adventure on and visit the world of Boundless, but like.. My house, my empire it needs to be built… I’m so conflicted… Journey into a vast world, or build my empire… Tell me, which one would you guys/gals choose? Seriously, I am conflicted.

Before I wrap this all up, I want to talk about what I would like to see in future updates, and additions before launch. Buckle up, yo.

-Consistency/Optimization: I would love to run the game on max settings, and be able to not see through the world, I honestly don’t think that it is an intended game feature, but I would love to see some more optimization done to the game, and consistency with the game world.

- Global chat: Talked about it before, but I think this feature would do wonders for the game, and to be able to communicate with people across the server would be wonderful. I just want to interact with people. It’s not a lot to ask I swear!

-More blocks: The game’s website talks about the infinite possibilities of what you can do, so we really need that. I talked about how our imaginations in this game are only hindered by what is in inside the game, so as the game expands, so does our imagination to what we can do inside the game does as well. So, Wonderstruck, let’s have those infinite possibilities shall we? Pretty please!

-Early Access/Price point: We all know how I feel about Early Access and how it has sort of taken over the MMORPG/Gaming market. Note, that this game does play a lot better than some of the other games out there in Early Access. If you go into Steam, Wonderstruck says this: “In Late 2016, we will launch a stable 1.0 version of the game for everyone”. I will hold you to that. Late 2016 is a pretty good estimate, I would say for how the game looks/feels/runs right now. In steam it also says they have been working on a voxel engine since 2013. Also on Steam, they already have a DLC added. Which is the Collector’s Edition which is a 19.99 upgrade to what you could have bought in the CE. I might purchase it down the road, who knows. Is it a money grab? Time will tell. I don’t think so. There isn’t a cash shop like some other EA games have, and continue to add to… You know what games I am talking about…

The price is still sitting at 34.99, and I hope they do have future sales on that. I would love to see more people playing this game. It’s not the most expensive EA game out there, but it’s not the cheapest either. We all know that. I do not know the launch price of the game, and I am not sure Wonderstruck does either. We will know hopefully later in the year, closer to launch.

-General Gameplay: I talked about character health regen in-game, which I really, really want! I believe there is a block in-game you can make called the healing block, which I have yet to find “Gleam”, dunno where to find it… The hookshot you can make in-game is a little wonky. I still haven’t gotten used to it, and it’s actually killed me rather than helped me. My own fault? Maybe, but I still find it a little wonky to use.

It’s honestly just small quality of life improvements that I feel that need to be made over time. I’m not saying they should fix them right now, all at once. No game, no how big of a studio could do that. All of these things that I am talking about I would like to see before 1.0 launch. Since they are setting a launch date late this year, they have some time to work on it. If you feel like I am asking too much of the game, or the developers, I apologize. I really think this game could thrive in the MMORPG market, because of how it feels, because of how it plays. This is the first MMORPG that I am taking this seriously, that is in Early Access.

-Communication: They are talkative on the forums, and they have a devlog already on the website. They show screenshots, videos, and devposts. They are pretty talkative, but we have seen time and time again communication goes down the drain. We know what usually happens when the communications ceases… Let’s not talk about that though. I would like to see the communication keep up, and even do more Q&As, and etc. Hint hint Wonderstruck!

Well, that’s a wrap for this one! Man, we have talked a lot already, and it’s only been two posts! Fantastic isn’t it?  Well, I hope you give part two a nice read! If you would like to check out Boundless, please visit their website at: I’m really digging this game, and I am looking to the future, and looking forward to writing part 3. Part 3 will include pictures this time, I promise. I’m getting help implementing screenies into the blog… I know I’m dumb, don’t judge me.

If you would like to talk about this post, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton and you can find my adventures in Boundless live at cheers!

Let's Play: Boundless (Oort Online)

Posted by Limitations Tuesday January 5 2016 at 12:51AM
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Welcome! This series will feature the game Boundless, which used to be called Oort Online. It is currently in early access on steam and on their website It is a voxel online mmorpg. Yes, we all know how I feel about Early Access games, but let me start by saying, this game is different. Even though it’s not feature complete, and still in the early stages of development, it is a lot of fun. Yes, it’s a pretty steep price for Early Access, at least to my standards starting at 35$.

This is defiantly different than what I am used to playing. Since it’s a voxel like game, it plays similar to Minecraft, Landmark, and Trove. (Three different “Voxel” games.) Landmark has ceased development it seems, and now focusing on EQNext, and Trove wasn’t much my cup of tea. I played the holy hell out of Minecraft though, so this isn’t my first “builder” type of game.

I purchased the game on steam for 34.99, and then proceeded to download it, and it was only about 300mb. I was actually shocked by this, I was expecting a larger downloaded, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. I quickly downloaded it, got the stream setup and was playing within about ten minutes. It’s not just one big megaserver, there are a ton of servers to choose from. Aus, EU, US East and US West. I didn’t know which one to pick, and unfortunately I had some trouble connecting to some of the servers. Once I found a server, my character was in and all I had was a lonely torch and myself…

I read a little about the game before purchasing, 35$ isn’t the cheapest Early Access game out there, but I’ve paid more for others, but still. Here’s the cool part about this, along with a PC release, it will also be on the PS4. I do not know if you own both if you will have to pay for both, or if both will work in conjunction. I own a PS4 myself, but I like the PC idea more. I like what Wonderstruck has in mind for the game, and the detail they said they are putting into the game. If you read the FAQ on the website, this game will not free to play. You pay once, and will have access to all the public servers, and there will be an optional subscription to own your own server!

Neat idea, I wonder how it will be implemented in the future though.

All really neat ideas right? Well, how is the actual game itself, that is what you all want to know right? Before I go back to my story about me being alone with the torch, I will go into some specifics. The game started me out on close to max settings. I toned them down because I don’t know if it was my fault or the game’s fault but I basically saw through the world. I toned the game down a tad, and it was perfectly fine afterwards, and I just went into a different part or the game. Even with the game toned down it look really well. The game has it’s own unique style of graphics, and while it may turn some off, I really like it. You don’t create your own character in a sense, you can change the appearance of your character to some premade ones, which I did. Alright, back to my torch story…

There I was alone with my torch, the world generated me into the night and I was scared. Well, not really but for the sake of story, let’s just pretend, alright? I was trying to figure out how to open my inventory, and eventually I learned that the TAB button on your keyboard does, along with the crafting. Now, here comes the really cool part of the game. If you have played any game like this, I.E Minecraft, you can sort of figure out how the crafting system works. Wood can break into sticks, sticks and something make a weapon, or hammer etc etc. That’s just how it played out for me, and then I set out on my adventure in Boundless! For the average player, it won’t hard to find out, and for people that have played these types of games before it won’t be hard either. I did run into a few annoying bugs here and there, one that actually killed me. Speaking of death, let’s talk about that, because I did die a few times to a couple of different things.

When you die, you drop everything you on the inventory. Now since I really haven’t ran into another person yet, I was able to find my spot of death, and retrieve everything that I dropped. Thankfully. I don’t know what I would have done if my stuff was either stolen, or vanished… I mean, I would just start over but that’s just a pain to do, you know? The game does have that type of death system, and I am assuming other players can pick your stuff up, I am not 100% sure on that, because I haven’t run into anybody! I think with all the servers are available, and it is still in Early Access that could be a problem in the future.

So far I have run into two types of creatures, one that is non-hostile, and one that is hostile. Oh, did I mention we do have health bars? Yeah, sorry, we have health bars. I was just sitting there, getting the materials I needed, and bam I was being shot at by some anteater looking thing, and I was appalled, and then I murdered the sucker… It didn’t drop any loot, or any that I could find. I don’t know if that is intentional, or I am just unlucky. I was exploring, and jumping from server to server, and eventually found the plot of land I was going to use for my fort, base, or whatever you want to call it.

One of the features that I loved about the game, is that you can set a home location. When you die, or get lost you can go into the settings, and then click home. You teleport back to where you last placed the home location. Cool eh? Seriously, this feature. You can also teleport to the “Capital” I haven’t done much of this yet, so I can really talk on this, but I’m assuming it’s a meeting place for players on the server? On the website it talks about Guilds, Economy, and Collaboration with other players. I can’t really talk about all of that right now, since I have only run into another player’s “Base” and not the actual player. Maybe on just on the wrong server?

The game on the website has prices list from “Free” to 5,000$. Now, we all know some games do this, but Wonderstruck says they want to have more control over the game doing it this way. We will see how this turns out when the game gets closer and closer to launch or 1.0. You can see all of what you get in the packages on their website:

You can find all about the game information, what it’s going to be like, who Wonderstruck is, on that website. I actually did a lot of reading on them, and I gotta say, I have some faith in them and in Boundless. The free part is listed on the website, is basically you have an entry to win if you tweet out the game or something like that.

Now since this is an Early Access game, and that is what you are paying for, some people don’t understand that, the game doesn’t have all the features in it, that it will at launch. I’m pretty sure on Steam and on the website, it says this in all caps lock or something like that. There is a lot of stuff to do in the game already building and crafting wise. I actually went and looked up the wiki on crafting so I know what I could do to heal myself. You don’t self regen as far as I can tell, and I am tired of being at such low health. Just waiting for one of those mobs to come around and kill me while I’m peacefully building. I won’t have it! Stupid anteater looking thing… All I was doing was building my first project, goodness… So, let’s go over at what I like and dislike so far about Boundless.


*Graphics: I love how they are different from what is out there right now, and the game plays really well. Even when I was on max settings I barely had any fps lag. I just toned it down due to a bug that seemed to fix it! It’s really just fun to look at. The whole world is just beautiful in a sense really. Although, they won’t be for everyone. Let’s just put it that way.

*Ease of use: I like how I went into the game, played around with all the settings I could. Granted I had some knowledge from these types of games, but I was able to move around, adventure and start crafting pretty much as soon as I got in. I’m all for challenges, but let’s not hit a wall as soon as I am teleported into the game world. The weapons don’t have durability as far I could tell.

*Functions: This sort of goes with ease of use, but whatever. The ability to teleport back to home destination, the capital and ease of use going from world to world is extremely nice. I’ve grown addicted to the fact that I can teleport home while trying to dig to the center of the earth. I don’t jump from server to server just yet, but that seems pretty valuable as well.

*Fun: This game is just pure fun. Building, exploring, finding something new and exciting. That is what I miss in some of the games that I play, the sense of adventure, going to a random corner of the earth and finding something unique. Yes, there are some annoying bugs, but even release games have them. I literally had so much fun getting some wood, sandstone, and other things to help complete my project. That is what I’m talking about ya’ll.


*Amount of Servers: Pretty much that says it all. I mean it’s great there is a ton of them, and maybe I don’t know how much of the world there actually is, but during EA phase, it seems to me that it would thin the players out more than help. Just my opinion. As a side note though, Wonderstruck told me that the reason for this was for a better overall experience for everyone involved.

*Bugs: This is one a little odd, because I am acknowledging that I am playing game that I paid for an alpha like state, so there will be bugs, and there will be game-breaking things. The bug that I captured on stream that was most annoying was two things. I teleported to the capital, and it killed me. Luckily I was able to obtain all my loot back, didn’t take me long. I teleported back to my home base, and I got stuck. Easily fixable by destroying the blocks around me, but a little worrisome and annoying. I give it a little slack for being EA, but I’m not going to give it much slack.

*Early Access: You guys all know that I strongly dislike how this type of model has gained so much popularity. Yes, I purchased the game, yes I like the game, but it doesn’t mean as a whole I dislike the model. It’s games like DayZ, Landmark, and Shroud of The Avatar  that burned me. Let’s hope this game Boundless, doesn’t burn me as well. Do you hear me Wonderstruck? Do. Not. Burn. Me.

I’m putting faith in you, because I like your game, and I like your name. See that? I rhymed. Mad skill.

*Some Game Mechanics:

This is more of me nitpicking then anything really. If I took damage from anything, there is no self regen. I’m still learning all the crafting recipes, and staying on low life isn’t my style really… I know that’s picking on the game, and I don’t know if this is intentional or not yet. I would like some self regen, even if it just a small amount over time or limited.

I also feel like I take to much damage from small falls. I was actually kind of shocked how much damage I took from a small jump I made. Maybe it was a bug and I shouldn’t have taken that much damage? I haven’t tried to really replicate it yet, but heh, I really don’t want to.

The mobs that I do kill don’t drop anything, I don’t know if I need like an item to get the items from them or what, or maybe I am just unlucky and don’t know what I am talking about, probably a combination of both really.

That takes care of that for now. The list for both sides will grow/decrease as time goes by and updates are pushed. I’m having fun finding out new places, and making my little keep into a larger keep. A lot of thought goes into this game, there isn’t mindless questing which is refreshing to say the least. You make the world, and you shape it to what you want to be. It’s glorious really. It’s an overall refreshing feeling. On the stream we ran into these huge buildings, and I was actually in awe of what was constructed. It was awesome to say the least. I mean, some people put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. I mean, a lot of hard work. It was amazing.

It wasn’t like an “Oh cool” moment it was like a “Holy #$&$” moment. That is how awesome it was. In the next post, I will be sure to include some screenies for you all to enjoy as well. I’m just really bad at actually posting screenies so everyone can see. Yeah, i’m that bad. Anyways, I have been talking to the people over Boundless via Twitter, and they are excited to see what I have written about the game, so I am hoping they give this post a good read, and you know take some notes.

By no means am I a game designer, but I am a player of their game. Feedback should be a very good thing, and detailed feedback at that. Most early access games have the claim of “Be apart of development, make your feedback known” well, if this is the case for Boundless, here’s the first part of my feedback. Extremely enjoyable game. I’m loving it so far, and have expressed that opinion on various social media websites. Now it’s my turn to take it to and tell you all about this neat game.

No, it’s not the traditional MMORPG. No it doesn’t have questing or whatever. It is massive, it is online, and to a degree it has roleplaying. So yes, it is a MMORPG. Am I saying go out and buy it right now? No, I’m not. Am I saying keep an eye on it and it’s development? Yes, that I am telling you. It has a very bright future, and this is just part one of my series on Boundless. I’m talking a lot about this game, and mostly positive things. It’s a very good sign, at least for me. I’m looking forward to playing Boundless more, and the continued updates to the game, and hopefully see launch sooner rather than later.

If you have any questions about this game, please leave a comment below or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton I will try my best to answer them the best I can. You can catch me streaming Boundless, and other games at

TESO: A Updated Perspective

Posted by Limitations Monday December 28 2015 at 1:14AM
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It’s been awhile since I last talked about The Elder Scrolls Online. It is the only MMORPG right now that I hold an active subscription for, even though the game did go buy to play. I’ve been playing the game on and off since launch basically and have had some ups and downs with the game, but it seems I have grown fond of the game, hence the active subscription and I have played pretty much every aspect of the game. The game has seen some very quality updates to the game. Imperial City, and Orsinuim. So, what have I been doing in the land of TESO? You’re about to find out…

I just finished my Dragon Knight playthrough to VR levels, and with the news of VR levels being removed, I am very, very happy about that. I was fond of VR levels at first, but as my second and third character got to them, the prospect of them being removed seemed very, very enjoyable. I am now theorycrafting for what I am going to do with my fourth VR character, which will be a Templar. I feel kinda ashamed, since I purchased the Imperial Edition of the game, every character I have made is Imperial. Don’t judge me. I’m currently figuring out what build he will be taking, what armor he will be using and what weapons he will be using. It is almost more enjoyable theorycrafting than actually playing… Well, maybe not to that extreme, but you get me point.

I can’t tell you how much fun and frustration I have had with my other three characters, and no they aren’t left in the dust, I still login to help my guildies with VR stuff on my Nightblade. Yes, Nightblade is still my favorite class, but we will see if Templar has anything to say about that. I really enjoyed the skillset Nightblade brings, and the versatility the class overall brings. It was a lot of fun leveling, questing with that guy. I feel like my Templar will be a tank/healer because I have not made a tanky character yet, more of my guys have been the sort of jack of all trades. I’m curious if I go that route how he will turn out. I put a lot of thought and really plan out all of my builds before I go adventuring in the lands of Tamriel.

I talked a lot about roleplaying in the game and how it had a presence for me in the game. It still does. I am currently in one very active RP guild in the game, and it really has made the fun factor in the game skyrocket. Now, roleplaying isn’t for everyone, but I really suggest you try it out. The atmosphere in which the game provides really adds a nice element for Roleplaying. When I am burned out of questing, or doing some crafting I roleplay more than usual, and have a ton of fun doing it. The people you roleplay with really impact the enjoyment factor the most. I have been lucky enough to find a mature roleplaying guild that takes it very seriously. (Yes, we are a bunch of nerds.) I roleplay as a character missing his memory, and my guildmates are trying to help me recover all the lost knowledge my character once had.

Being an ex-DM for a huge DnD group this is just awesome for me to have. I really, really enjoy all of what we do in the guild and it really makes me miss my D&D days. Moving on…

The game has won the MMORPG of the year award from this very site, which is awesome… Does the game in my opinion actually deserve the award? Yeah, I think it’s definitely the most improved of the bunch I have played in the year 2015, and like I said, I still hold an active subscription. FFXIV would be a very close second to the award, but since I have had more enjoyment with TESO, TESO gets the award for me as well. Spot on.

The game doesn’t come with it faults though. (Rose tinted glasses off). There are still some bug annoyances that I don’t know why still exist, and the game defiantly isn’t for everyone. Just like any other game though, right? There are still some issues with PvP, and VR levels and the game practically being 85% soloable. It is a solo players paradise in a sense, and for a person who likes to play in groups, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, if you got a few buddies you want to level with and enjoy the game with, you can do that. It is just that the game can be solo’d so easily. Most of the content is soloable, except for dungeons and such. Although, I have seen a DK solo a group dungeon before, it took him awhile but he did it…

The main problem I have with the game right now is VR levels, I won’t delve too much into it because they are being removed sometime next year, hopefully sooner rather than later. I used to enjoy them, but not so much after my third VR character. Heh, how times have changed really.

Once VR levels are removed and they implement something else, which I am very excited and nervous to see, I will update you on that. It’s a problem that’s being fixed at least, and hopefully for the better. I am honestly excited to see what they put in place of VR levels, so it’s a wait and see type of thing right now sadly… (I know there’s talk about what they are going to do, but nothing is final)

Since 85% of the game is infact soloable, how do we deal with the grind? What can we do to pass the time? There is multiple things to do in the game, and unfortunately all of it revolves around that grind. Whether it would be level the multiple guilds in the game, find all the skyshards, crafting or pvp. There is a ton of stuff to do in the game, so you don’t have to focus on the main storyline, or the quest storyline you are doing now. That’s why I joined a nice roleplaying guild, and two very populated trading guilds. I don’t do a lot of selling myself, I just do a ton of buying for making guild mates sets. Of course, there is a lot of grind leveling the undaunted guilds, fighter guilds and mages guild. Each of their storylines are fun, and it kind of gives you a break from the main storyline. Choices you make can impact how the story goes, and how it unfolds at the end.

With so much being soloable, it does not impact the gameplay experience for me one bit. I am more of a solo player than I would say a group based player. The solo adventure is just fine for me, and I am okay with admitting that. Group content however that I do is with my guild mates, and or the new LFR tool. (Mostly guildies though.) The group content can be hard depending on who you have for a leader, and how informed your party members are. Which is why getting into a nice guild helps here a lot. I like the group content in the game, and doing pvp with friends is a lot more enjoyable even if it’s a zergfest.

Even with all the time played and how many characters I have truly gone through, I still find new stuff to do and still find the game really enjoyable. So, why did I go on and off with it so much? I retained a sub even when I didn’t play the game for the better portion of when I didn’t play. I was found new and shiny things to go to, when they did come out, but I always came back to TESO when the shiny faded. It’s sort of become the new World of Warcraft to me, in a sense. I just hope it doesn’t become stale like World of Warcraft did. Let’s not jinx myself alright? You get my point!

Let’s be real here though… TESO is one hell of a game, and one hell of a MMORPG. It has a lot of good things, and a few negatives about the game. It’s not perfect, but no game is. It has immersion that I want and need in a game, along with excellent questing and multiple, multiple storylines. That is what I also love so much about this, the immersion factor. It’s just there and there is plenty of it. It keeps the boredom down, and the fun factor high. Always a plus, right?

For current and past players, what keeps you playing, and what has made you quit the game?

I would love to hear all of your opinions!

I think with the plans Zenimax has for the future of the game it looks really good, and I am excited to see what is in store. I know the Thieves Guild is coming, and I am super duper stoked for that!

Also for the removal of VR levels like I’ve stated a dozen times. I think I’ll finish the theorycrafting for my Templar tonight and continue the adventure in Tamriel. It’s gonna be another fun ride. If you want to discuss this blog, please leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton

You can also catch my adventures in Tamriel at

Can Wildstar Be Saved?

Posted by Limitations Monday December 21 2015 at 2:11AM
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Wildstar launched in 2014, and I have been keeping a very close eye on it ever since. Purchased the game since launch, and have had installed, and reinstalled many of times. It has sort of “relaunched” as free to play and has seen a good spike in population since, at least the PvE server, but what about the game as a whole? What is there to save? Is it worth saving? Does it have any sort of future? Let’s talk about it shall we? I’ve talked about Wildstar a lot this year, and since it’s been launched, but I really want to get into more technical stuff rather than gameplay. I want to ask the harsh question for last though: Does the game deserve to be saved? Harsh it may sound, and I’ll answer it at the end after I get all of my stuff out there… Sigh, it’s been a rough, rough year for Wildstar…

I really do love Wildstar, and I want to get that out there,and the title seems rather odd since I love the game with such a different passion. I’ve always said I like the Carbine team, and I like the game in general, but it’s just so hard to see a future for the game, even if you do love the game. What do I mean by future though? I want the game to see consist updates with decent content. Whether it would be PvP or PvE, and I know there will be some information about drop #7 in Jan, so I am excited to see that, but how small is the Wildstar team now? Do we even know?

Do we even want to know is the real question? Would that just justify all the doom and gloom knowing the truth?

There has been so much doom and gloom around this game since it’s inception really that it has really taken a toll on the people who haven’t even tried the game! All they here is what literally I am typing right now, doom and gloom. Am I adding to that? For right now yes, because I want to try to prove a point, a much needed point from me at least. Yes, I do feel bad for dishing out some doom and gloom out myself, but I will get to the good points, I swear to you, please keep reading.

I feel like for an outsider, and for the people currently playing the game, all we see is doom and gloom and with good reason. Sometimes there is no merit in games with doom and gloom, but it seems like this game, there is a lot of merit involved when you really think about it.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried this game over and over. It’s been installed on my computer ever since Free to Play launch though, because it has a very good cash shop. There is no need for really a subscription unless you want the perks listed for it, and the cash shop to me, is very, very balanced and non pay to win. When it comes to free to play games, even when they are switching from a sub, new players will look and judge off that cash shop. We all know it’s true, we all do it as well. From that perspective, it is a really nice balanced cash shop like I said. Some may have a different opinion though, but I like it, and I hope they do not add any pay to win elements in the future.

The core of the game though, as in graphics, gameplay, and other things are not for everyone. The graphics are very cartoony, and the gameplay is more action oriented than most other MMORPGs in the competition. Yes, it’s more dodge the red lines, and get out of the red circles, but it adds a good element to the game and makes the grinding much less well grindy. It’s definitely not for everyone though, and it shows. Housing is a great thing in the game, and even though I most of the time ignore housing features, it’s really a fun addition and much more laid back. Something to do while you need downtime from raiding or pvping. It’s just another fun addition to the game, which it needs. It’s relaxing, enjoyable for some, and with the graphics style really cool to look at. If you go on the forums, or even YouTube it, some people make the craziest, most awesome things in the game. I am sometimes jealous that they take all the time to do all that stuff, maybe I just need some more patience eh? Maybe I just need to get better at housing, probably both… Yeah, both.

A lot of people say that Wildstar should have launched as a free to play title in June of 2014, instead of a subscription based game. I was a firm believer of the subscription model for the game, which was probably a lot of false hope that it would retain that, but for the longevity of the game and probably for the better future of the game it switched to the free to play model. Thinking about it now, I don’t think it would work as a buy to play model like Elder Scrolls Online. The game was burning quickly, and free to play help kill the flames. The game is still however burning, but I think it will repair in time, if the time is given.

Plagued with optimization problems, server problems, and overall lack of population the game was rendered a do not enter zone by a lot of people and still is. Maybe it went after the wrong target audience, or maybe it was just poor management overall. Don’t worry Carbine, I still love you. A lot of core people who were with the game at the beginning are gone. Stephen Frost is now with Blizzard, and Tony Rey works for NCSoft (Publisher of Wildstar). A lot of core people left, and we are sort of wondering now, what next? There has been content made since some of the core people left, and overall it’s been very good. Even though drops were consistent as promised, we can all see clearly why they weren’t.

Those optimization problems are still there, but nowhere as bad as they were during launch. I can get 60FPS on max settings pretty much everywhere except Thayd (Major city in the game). Again, this is what it should have been at launch. I think the majority of us believe the game was rushed, and should have been more polished, but I think we can all blame NCSoft for that. I seriously would rather have a game that has more polish and optimization and waited a little longer, than have what we had a release. It was a crap show and we all know it, I will say it for us.

I feel like I’m just repeating myself from previous post, probably because I am. Sad isn’t it? Alas, there is hope… Is it just me though? That’s the real question. We all have hopes and dreams for various games, where they be single player games, FPS games, etc. Mine sort of stick with Wildstar and it’s really kind of hard to keep those hopes and dreams alive. Not because the gameplay is bad, or the core of the game is terrible. It just seems to me free to play wasn’t enough, damage has been sustained, and they are repairing very, very slowly.

I tweeted to Tony Rey is NCSoft had high hopes for the games, or something along the lines of that, and he replied that they did. Instead of shutting the game down completely, which NCSoft has a history of doing. (Poor TR) they did the free to play transition, which given their history of shutting down games that weren’t doing so hot, is giving me hope. Maybe they do see something in the game after all? They do have more a picture of the future than we the players do, they have a better roadmap, etc. I really want wish to see that roadmap, and see what NCSoft sees in the game. I can’t tell you how many Reddit post, or forums post about the game being dead, or how long does this game have to live. Doom and gloom people, doom and gloom. Like I said before, damage has been sustained but anything can be repaired right? Please tell me everything can be repaired, even if you don’t believe it, tell it to me for my sake please. (I may be a little over dramatic there…)

If Carbine came to me today and said “Hey, I know it looks bad, but trust us, we have a bright future ahead of us”. I would believe them, but I would be very hesitant about it. Just because I don’t want to get these high hopes about new content updates, and then only to have cash shop additions and that is it. None of us want that, we want solid content updates. New PvE, PvP content, we want it all dammit, give it to us! In January, we are supposed to get information about Drop #7 and they better “Wow” us dammit. I want to be amazed. I want to see post free to play content just be as good as pre free to play content. I know it’s not much to ask for, but…

Do I think the game can be saved? Yeah, I think it can be, but 2016 needs to be a extremely good year for Wildstar. Fresh content needs to be had, and needs to have a steady pace. Even if it’s in small batches or fewer big batches, no matter how it happens, it needs to happen. There are 365 days in the year, and every single day needs to be good for Wildstar to repair most of the damage. Maybe it will take longer than a year, that is when we really need NCSoft to say “Hey, we like the game, we have hopes for the game. If you don’t give up, we won’t”. Just because NCSoft has a history of shutting down games, makes new people and veteran people very hesitant of the future. I hate to admit it, but it’s true...

I will continue to play the game during the year of 2016, and hope that what I just said happens. If it doesn’t, well then the game’s future will be very bleak, and you might just say goodbye to the game. Is that harsh to say? Yes, of course it is. That means jobs lost, and a very awesome game gone. They need to step up their game, own their mistakes and just go with it. Just go with it. Own everything you have done Carbine, and just improve it. I know it’s hard to own up to mistakes, hell I’m the farthest from perfect, and I am flawed just like everyone else, and even I have a hard time owning up to my mistakes, but do it for the sake of the tight veteran community that you have, believers like me… We need hope. We have dreams for the game, and we need YOU to give us that hope to see them come to life.

What do you guys think? Can the game be saved? Does it deserve to be saved? Please, I’d love for you all to voice your opinions about the game, since I do have such an odd passion about it, good or bad. Just lemme know. If you would like to discuss this post, please leave a comment below, or tweet me @SirIsaacJewton.

P.S Yes, the game can be saved…