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Playing in the MUD!

I am Lianca, this is my blog. I am an avid player of Achaea, but I'd not call myself a gamer. The internet kind of scares me. Learn from my adventures, my mistakes and triumphs, perhaps even roll a newbie and join me in Achaea!

Author: Lianca

Achaean classes and factions part 4, Chaos.

Posted by Lianca Sunday September 16 2012 at 10:25PM
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The last of the major factions and heavily aligned classes in Achaea, a top MUD from Iron Realms Entertainment is the one I'll be discussing a bit today, that of Chaos and the Occultist class.

The Chaos faction has undergone plenty of changes over the years, with different Divine acting as Patron and bringing with it their own spin on things. First with Eris we had this rather convoluted, deceptive and frivolous Chaos, that brough apple green puppies, animated treekin and a pyramid temple with tiers of Confusia and Bureaucracy to name a few. But eventually Eris left to better things and a group known as the Revolutionaries of Chaos fought and battled to restore the canonical original God of Chaos, Babel who now oversees Ashtan and many of the Huses within. His take on Chaos is a different one, being the God of Oblivion his ethos states that Creation is a mortal thing with an end date, that all will fall into the Void and so people can live as they wish unbound by morality/duty/honour because it's irrelevant anyway! This can be a hard line to walk and play, but it is a rich and rewarding one.

While the Occultist class is mostly based in Ashtan the current City of Freedom, Occultists subscribe to a life without moral constraint, they can live where they choose so long as the individual can live with the consequences of their actions, only one Oath matters to them and that is the one made to the House. From this bastion of excellence they have produced some of Achaea's most eminent scholars, debators, combatants, ritualists, thieves and more. Playing a member of the Occultists House is often considered to be one of the harder paths for a new character, they are demanding, unflinching in the quest for quality and don't offer much in the way of second chances, but it promotes an atmosphere of close family, trust and great achievement. Many go onto be religious figures, city leaders and characters of influence with the lessons taught.

From a past of tribulation, persecution and torture, the Occultists have developed a culture of high secrecy, this extends not only to their business, but their skills also. Rogue characters, people who practice Occultism outside of the House, are looked upon with disgust and derision.

By utilising the skills of Occultism, Domination and Tarot, a player can warp the very fabric of Creation, manipulate the aura of others to cause harm and bargain with karma or gold with the Chaos Lords for entities to assist them.

Much like a Priests Devotion, or a Necromancers Essence, karma is a commodity which must be gathered, and it powers a great deal of Occultism and all of the Domination abilities. Flouting these powers to oppose those who seek to further the goals of Chaos can result in loss of access to karmic abilities, so should you consider starting a 'Good' Occultist, be aware!

Hopefully this has given you a bit of insight into the world of Achaea and maybe even piqued your interest. If you want to join the Templars in Shallam in their Holy crusade against the unholy Occultists then join us and play! If you want to be a secretive, cowled ritualist, possibly ensuring the eventual downfall of everything we're waiting to meet you. Achaea, like all of IRE's MUDs is free to play and requires no download. What's stopping you?