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Playing in the MUD!

I am Lianca, this is my blog. I am an avid player of Achaea, but I'd not call myself a gamer. The internet kind of scares me. Learn from my adventures, my mistakes and triumphs, perhaps even roll a newbie and join me in Achaea!

Author: Lianca

Using Psychology for Character Building

Posted by Lianca Sunday August 5 2012 at 2:05PM
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In our last article, we looked at how to build characters for our favourite games from existing archetypes. In today’s, we’ll offer an alternative character building exercise, using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator.

What is the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator? Some of you psychology types might know about this already. For those who don’t, the MBTI is a questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people make decisions and perceive the world, evaluating someone along four scales: introversion/extroversion, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judgment/perception.

Is your character an Extrovert or an Introvert? Do they thrive in groups of people, perhaps as a charming politician or a sociable warrior, or are they more comfortable alone pondering over archaic scrolls with a hot cup of tea?

Is your character more focused on Sensing or Intuition? Is your assassin or scholar good with hunches, or does he or she prefer to have solid, tangible evidence? In dealing with a report of suspected treason in his or her Guild, a sensory type might be meticulous and careful before leaping to conclusions, while an intuitive character might just know that Sir Grumpkins was always up to no good, and hunt down evidence to prove it.

Is your charter a Thinker or a Feeler? This one isn’t as obvious as you might think! Obviously, all characters think and feel. However, which one does he or she rely on when making decisions? A thinker relies on logic and truth, while a feeler comes to decisions by empathizing with the situation.

Is your character a Judging or Perceiving character? This last preference pair describes how your character lives his or her outer life, whether he or she focuses on taking in information (perceiving)  or making decisions (judging). A character who’s more of the former might delay on declaring war, deliberating and always leaving the final decision up to change, while a judging character prefers to have future choices finalized.

As you develop your MMORPG character, think of how he or she fits into these four categories! Everyone has traits from every type, but most people are stronger in one than the other.  Keeping their personalities consistent will make them seem much more real than otherwise. Does this mean that your character can't suddenly change or act inconsistently? Of course not! However, what it does mean is that if you have your quiet, shy farmboy suddenly become a charismatic war leader, you better have a good reason!

Have fun as you use the Myers-Briggs to help you develop your character for a top MUD or IRE roleplay game!