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Playing in the MUD!

I am Lianca, this is my blog. I am an avid player of Achaea, but I'd not call myself a gamer. The internet kind of scares me. Learn from my adventures, my mistakes and triumphs, perhaps even roll a newbie and join me in Achaea!

Author: Lianca

Styles of Roleplay. Is it always planned versus unplanned?

Posted by Lianca Wednesday August 1 2012 at 2:33PM
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When you roleplay in your favourite MMORPG or top MUD, do you plan out what’s going to happen, or do you play it by ear? While most roleplay falls somewhere in between spontaneous and scripted, there are some distinctions between the two that can make a big difference in your roleplay style.

Although ‘planned versus unplanned’ might seem like opposites, it’s actually quite possible to have one within the other. You might have the overall structure of an event all written out, but within that framework, anything could happen. For example, you might have decided that the trolls are going to rise up against their dark elf overlords and overthrow them to form a rebel faction, but exactly how this happens can be left up in the air. Similarly, you could decide that you’re going to adopt another player’s character, but the relationship between them would develop through the actual roleplay.

Even though we’ve just explored how the two types can coexist, some approaches work better for certain situations. Generally, smaller, more personal situations involving fewer characters work best with a more organic approach, allowing for personality development and more legitimate, genuine relationship-building. Some examples of this are interactions between lovers, friends, mentors and proteges, and enemies or rivals. Planned roleplay is generally required for roleplay that follows ‘story arcs’, often involving a larger cast of characters and spanning across a longer period of time. An example of this kind of roleplay would be roleplay that affects things on an organizational or ‘game’ level, such as characters changing sides or conflict between two factions.

Remember, you don’t have to strictly fall into either camp. Planned roleplay doesn’t have to mean that every single thing is defined, and spontaneous roleplay doesn’t mean that you can’t have a general idea of where things are going. It’s important to strike a balance to maximize your roleplaying fun!

If any of the points in this post have interested you, perhaps you want to explore the spontaneous roleplay of the mentor protege bond or perhaps you want to get involved with planning a major event, all of these are possible in one of the top MUDs from Iron realms. Why not sign in and play for free today?!