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Playing in the MUD!

I am Lianca, this is my blog. I am an avid player of Achaea, but I'd not call myself a gamer. The internet kind of scares me. Learn from my adventures, my mistakes and triumphs, perhaps even roll a newbie and join me in Achaea!

Author: Lianca

Does it always have to be Roleplay versus Pvp?

Posted by Lianca Sunday May 6 2012 at 11:30PM
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A lot of the time people talk about Roleplay and Pvp as if they are two very seperate things, and they can be. The lolcombatant is a stereotype that has no In Character persona, and woe betide the foolish roleplayer who seeks to engage him in verbal assault. Then there are the ritualists, novice helpers and roleplayers, who like family, designing and books. These people don't even know which end of a sword to stab with, right?

Well, these stereotypes may well be true in some games, but it is far from the case in Achaea, the popular MUD from Iron Realms Entertainment.

There are some great factional groups in Achaea that blend roleplay and combat. The character I play is a known as a Nihilist, a member of the Divine Order of Lord Babel. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Ashtan newspaper.

As an example, what follows is a recent edition of the 'Bastion Bugle' hopefully showing a bit of how combat, roleplay, serious business and fun can all be incorporated, and that one doesn't have to be shoehorned into the 'craimoar' or 'paperwork' role.



590AF edition of the Bastion Bugle:

The editor and all at the Bugle wish to start this edition with a thank You and a welcome.

First of all, a big thank You to Lord Matsuhama, Who has served the Bastion for many years and for Whose guidance and support we are all most grateful.

But the Eternal Warrior's attention has been drawn from our realm and we would like to extend a warm welcome back to Lord Babel. His Hand has seen many changes throughout our beloved city already, and we give thanks to the Lord of Oblivion for His continued support and guidance for the years to come.

Ashtan has for years been termed the City of Freedom, monikered such for being the first city to overthrow it's monarchy. With Sarranda's recent incursion and attempt at dominion, we earned that name again. We espouse freedom, of choice, of voice, of action. Let us leave Order for the Good, and Tyrannical ruling for the Mhaldorians. Our roots are in Chaos. Let us embrace all the freedom that it offers.

Stand strong Bastion.


Ashtani fight for...Well...Freedom!

Early Mayan 591, the illustrious Overseer called Ashtan to arms, not to fight for the Bastion but on a mission of freedom. Facing down multitudes of Templar guards and the choking embrace of the likes of Elysia's own champion, Darroth Vallah, the stalwart fighters for freedom made it deep into the heart of the Citadel, where our great Patron's High Priest arrived to show us the way.

Pointing out a room below the feet of our fearsome warriors he directed us to an iron box, whereupon our own Ambassador, Mathonwy Corso, donned once more the weight of responsibility and freed the lock. Releasing upon Creation once more a creature of immense power that the Shallamese had for centuries kept captive, bound in it's prison with little but it's own torturous pain for company.

Cheers of support and rallying cries rung out as the Marvinogian burst free and laid waste to Shallam and Shallamese alike. We Ashtani do not just value our own freedom, but, on that day willingly stood together to secure such for the creature also.

Questions remain though, dear readers...

What did the Shallamese keep the Marvinogian for? A creature of Chaos such as it should surely have been destroyed. Perhaps they sought to one day master its power?


What sort of 'Good' person allows such torture to go on, beneath their feet, capturing, imprisoning and failing to even offer basic healing to a beast they housed for centuries at the behest of a dead God.

Fighters for freedom, you did a great thing that day, the realm stands in awe of your benevolence and bravery, freeing the captive and exposing yet another lie from the cold, crystal heart of the emerald east.


A-Team crushes the Isolationists!

The 24th Sarapin 590. The cold winds of winter that are usually only punctuated the scream of Mhaldorian sacrifice saw the opening game of the season for Ashtan's favourite game Raidball! Despite the winter chill, Ashtan's team Captain and Overseer led the Bastion's A-Team on the road south and through the mountains for an away game against Cyrene's home team.

Both teams setup on each side of the valley, Exelethril stepping up as Captain for the Isolationists. Hassan's undying love for Grandue leads him to a fast demise, the first point scored for Ashtan, and spurring Ithilien's gathering of a rather out-of-practice squad to rush across the field, hoping sheer force will decimate the small away team.

Swift response from Major Lichlord sends the Domina and Korthos out of play before Captain Rozzan drops to the Isolationists numbers. The rest of the Cyrenian band (and a few of the Bastion's own) are quickly decimated with the ever crowdpleasing rays.

Ashtan capitulates on the fleeing of the Cyrene team, Finchy finding himself another victim to love, while Niks is chased into the sewers. Clearly out of bounds, the leeches punish him for poor sportsmanship, stealing a point from the Captain Rozzan who gave chase.

Points were scored on both sides, but the Bastion team withdrew, clearly victorious despite the penalties to Sohl for tackling his own teammates. We say he was just being nice and trying to give the overwhelmed Isolationists a chance.

Team listings:

Bastion Capt: Tanris Rozzan,
Akia, Dunn, Flair, Grandue, Jarrod, Lianca, Sohl, Sothantos and Taraus.

Isolationists Capt: Exelethril Ithilien
Aerek, Akaya, Daslin, Elowin, Faustine, Fendo, Finchy, Friztic, Hassan, Korthos, Melodie, Raenar, Rygart, Silvarien and Varys.
*Odhrin Rian was temporarily traded from the Jewel for the months engagement.


Bugle food review.

Just a short hop from the arena and market district, near Ashtan's very own Loving Hearts Orphanage sits Cinnabeth's Creperie.

Now, don't be fooled into thinking it's just an alliterative bakery, Cinnabeth is a wonder with the whisk, the best of the boulangers. This dedicated reporter of delectables stopped in to test the treats, and frame an opinion on fillings for your particular palates.

The ladyfingers are sweet and moist, the amaretto chocolate crepe rich and decadent, the suzette a full desert for anyone. But this culinary communique must place the Crepe de Vermiis upon an iced pedestal for all. Tart raspberries, thick whipped cream, crunchy almonds all serve to make this the creme de la crepes, and reporters choice!

So, stop on by, wave hello to Tomas, and partake of the wonder that Cinnabeth plies as her trade (it's not work she's actually magic.)

P. B. Enjay


Young soldiers, survive!

So, you have enlisted as a soldier of the Bastion, eager to do your part and join in the fray, seeking glory for yourself. But, what exactly do you need? What is it you are expected to do once the meteors start to fall and the totem transfixes your attention? Hopefully we at the Bugle can answer this for you, with a short guide to survival for the young soldier.

Equipment and supplies we will cover shortly, but the most important job you can do is to pay attention. Work out who is leading the party, if you do not know, ASK. Follow their instructions, whether it be calling out the next victim, to preparing yourself for movement, or the ever important Summon Spark call.

Sitting silent, not doing anything out of embarresment or ignorance is wasting your time and that of others, should you have a question or be unsure, speak up, if we are mired in combat and do not hear the first time, ask again. You may die, and frustration finds us all at times, but through practice and concentration you will learn.

Know your defences and your skills, some will come at a huge cost to mana, others may slow you down. Tattoos can give an invaluable boost to defense, the shield, the mindseye, the cloak, the boar, the moss and of course the starburst, have these. On offense the tentacle tattoo will drag your enemies from the sky, and a touch of the web tattoo will bind your target up tight. Have inks and don't be caught unawares.

The mass salve, levitation, and venom (or their transmutation couterparts) are just some of the supplies you will want to have on hand, a stock of the curatives are also vital to your survival. If you are unsure speak up, ask the City, or your House mates for assistance in getting prepared and the usage of these.

Many classes will need additional supplies, meteor arrows, bombs and venoms. For the Jester or Occultist, tarot cards, already inscribed will be necessary, for the jester and shaman commodities are handy, inks for the runewarden, crystals for the magi are just some of the useful items.

Our first forays into combat and raiding can be confusing, a myriad of actions going on at once while we stand there with a dumb look upon our faces till we die. But soon you will know what to look out for, the call of the party leader, your route to escape to safety, even your awareness of your own state will become more apparent.

Enlisting is the first step, soldier. Participate, do not be afraid of death, and good luck.


Do you fancy yourself a journalist, got something interesting to report, or an event or shop you want to advertise?

Contact Lianca, Editor-in-chief of the Bastion Bugle to get your voice heard in our next edition!


                                           ------------------------   End  ------------------------


So, one can be a writer, a ritualist, a priest and a combatant, a raider and destroyer of cities if you want. There is no one or the other in Achaea. Perhaps you want to get away from the voicechatting PVP and flex those creative muscles, or maybe you want to be a Champion of Good, discoursing on Light whilst smiting the evil and chaotic heretics. If so, why not come and give Achaea a try?